Purchase A Home Via The Builder’s Digital Platform?

We look at the numerous considerations to consider before purchasing a home through a builder’s digital platform.

Digitization is progressively engulfing the whole market. Online platforms have captured a substantial market share for white goods, clothing, and food; have you ever dream that one day a full house may be sold on a digital platform? Some developers have begun to offer their products via their digital platforms. Is it advantageous for you to purchase a home online? Let us look at the numerous variables to consider before purchasing a home through a builder’s digital platform.


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Developers’ key aspects of digital platforms

“Customers will appreciate the ease of seeing the property from the comfort of their own homes.” By employing contactless transaction infrastructure, online sales platforms enable the whole buying process to be completed online, including virtual meetings, online product experience and apartment selection, and digital documentation and payments. Furthermore, we have seen clients collaborate with their family across the globe to experience the virtual visit,”

Virtual experiences underpin digital platforms. You may virtually tour the property from your home or business. Prospective buyers may get a better look at the house thanks to the platforms. The experience is undeniably superior to a video. However, it may lack the visceral experience of visiting a home. Nonetheless, a digital platform can assist in sorting out genuine house purchasers from the crowd. Buyers proceed with the transaction once they have made up their minds following the virtual experience. The entire home-buying process is almost paperless thanks to digital platforms. This is a new procedure for property purchasers, and with large transaction amounts, it may be tough for them to entirely separate from the age-old physical transaction process.


purchase a home via the builder's digital platform


Legal issues when purchasing a home through a digital platform

“Although digital platforms have made it simpler for developers to contact a greater percentage of house purchasers, physical interactions remain a hurdle, especially for verification of land title, project permission, and the phases of development,” Even in court, documented evidence relies heavily on physically executed documents/agreements. Furthermore, despite the rapid rise of the internet, a large portion of the Indian populace remains unfamiliar with or uncomfortable with digital transactions. Even the registration of a builder-buyer agreement, conveyance deed, or other legal document must be physically perform before the relevant sub-registrar.”

Experts predict that in most circumstances, buyers would find it more convenient to shortlist houses online and preview them before seeing them in person. A unified digital platform that facilitates quick home loan approval and the submission of an online house purchase application can save time and bring transparency to the whole procedure.


Should you buy a home using the builder’s digital platform?

The answer is both ‘Yes’ and ‘No.’ When you buy an online home from a certain developer, you forego the opportunity to look at other developers’ properties that may be available for purchase offline. However, if you are a brand loyalist or have already opted to purchase from a certain developer via their digital platform, do not lose time and proceed.

There is no other product category in which people are willing to incur practically lifetime debt in order to possess something. Customers must be inform about digital transactions, even if digital literacy and dependence have expanded in recent years.


Things to consider when purchasing a property through a digital platform

Several developers are releasing digital platforms. As a result, you must exercise caution while purchasing a home through such services. Experts recommend the following considerations when purchasing a home through a digital platform:

Choose houses built by reputable developers who have a track record of prompt delivery, customer happiness, and transparency.

While the platforms may provide appropriate information, check websites such as RERA, competent authority, and so on independently. The project’s status may not be easily known to customers online. As a result, a physical visit is require.

It is crucial to contrast the buyer agreement offered by the builder with the model buyer agreement that has been discloseto RERA. Insist on changes that adhere to the standard format if there are any differences.


purchase a home via the builder's digital platform



Be informe of all expenses related to buying a unit in a specific project.

Make sure your device is protected with antivirus software, your passwords are safe. And avoid utilising public Wi-Fi while conducting online transactions since it might result in the leakage of personal information.

When you purchase a home through a developer’s digital platform, you must have faith in that developer. It can be beneficial to employ both online and offline methods, i.e. An online platform for shortlisting and speedier processing and an offline platform for doing in-depth due diligence.



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