PVC False Ceilings: Benefits, Drawbacks, Styles, and Colors

PVC False Ceilings: Benefits, Drawbacks, Types, and Colors – False ceilings have long been thought to give a room an opulent appearance and are an alternative for making a space more vibrant.

PVC False Ceilings: Benefits, Drawbacks, Styles, and Colors

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PVC False Ceilings As a result of the increasing demand, a business owner can select from a variety of fake ceiling materials. A property owner may pick what he wants in his house based on the budget he has set aside and the restricted criteria he has. The plaster of Paris (POP) and gypsum fake ceilings must be carefully cared for, and correct handling is required. Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) fake ceilings are a popular choice since they are very easy to install and maintain.


PVC False Ceiling: But What’s It?

PVC False Ceilings panels are frequently utilized in the ceilings of residential and commercial buildings as a protective and cladding material. PVC is an extremely strong, yet lightweight, material that is factory-manufactured, resulting in a seamless finish that can be produced in a variety of styles, colors, sizes, and lengths.

PVC fake ceilings, like gypsum false ceilings, have a hollow core with a gleaming surface. PVC false ceilings are regarded the best since they are watertight and more effective. Furthermore, it is resistant to moisture in high-moisture environments such as balconies, baths, and basements.

PVC fake ceilings, which come in a variety of grades, are used in kitchens because they are very durable and easy to maintain. The kitchen is the only room in the house where the most heat is created, and PVC fake ceilings can readily resist this heat, making them suitable for usage.


PVC False Ceiling Benefits:-

  1. PVC False Ceiling has numerous advantages, including:
  2. They’re strong and long-lasting, and they can withstand a lot of wear and tear.
  3. Because they are not fragile, they are less likely to be damaged during handling and use.
  4. These ceilings are less expensive than any other form of traditional material.
  5. PVC fake ceilings are simple to install and do not generate a dusty environment during the process.
  6. Waterproof, termite-proof, and mildew- and mold-resistant, PVC ceilings are a great choice.


The Drawbacks of PVC False Ceilings:-

  1. PVC ceiling panels give the room a synthetic appearance.
  2. The most significant drawback is that the panel joints are apparent.
  3. Because PVC is a plastic, it is easily harmed by heat.
  4. Because heat-emitting lights must be avoided, we can utilize energy-efficient lighting in PVC ceilings.
  5. Additionally, they emit poisonous chlorine gas over time. Additionally, when this substance is burned, it is extremely hazardous.

PVC False Ceilings: Benefits, Drawbacks, Styles, and Colors

Source From:- Pinterest

Which is better, a PVC or a POP artificial ceiling?

  1. Fake ceilings made of PVC have limited design choices, however false ceilings made of POP are more adaptable and attractive
  2. PVC is sturdy and long-lasting, but POP is fire-resistant and ideal for kitchen usage.
  3. PVC is the most cost-effective material; nevertheless, POP ceilings provide excellent heat insulation.
  4. PVC fake ceilings are simple to install, whereas POP needs professional installation.
  5. PVC is waterproof and perfect for bathrooms and balconies, whereas POP is lightweight and long-lasting.
  6. PVC False Ceilings with Environmental Options
  7. As we become more environmentally conscious, there is the option of selecting eco-friendly PVC fake ceiling solutions for usage in one’s home. These PVC artificial ceilings are unquestionably recyclable. These environmentally friendly PVC sheets are lightweight, robust, and flexible, making them suitable for a variety of situations.


Color Combinations for PVC Ceilings:-

The right color combination is crucial to grasp, and if you’re seeking for some inspiration, go no further than the following fashionable ideas: Ceiling paint color that is lighter than the walls: Using a lighter fake ceiling paint color makes the walls appear taller and the area appear larger. If you like darker colors, navy blue, charcoal grey, brown, and black are excellent choices for the ceiling. However, this may give a visual aspect to the area while also making it appear smaller. White fake ceiling: White false ceilings are ideal for spaces with limited natural light. In darker and duller settings, white always reflects more light and brightness. Color-coordinated walls and ceilings: Your color choice will be critical here, as a light color will make the room look bright and spacious, while a dark color will provide cosines.


PVC Ceilings Come in a Variety of Types:-

There are many different types of PVC ceiling materials available on the market from which to create ceilings and walls. The PVC foam board is available in a variety of thicknesses and colours, both plain and printed. There are also PVC panels with wood and marble textures, as well as vinyl laminated sheets, available on the market. PVC tiles are available in 3D PVC wall panels, leather-like PVC panels, and embossed PVC ceiling panels, according to fashion.


PVC Ceiling Illuminating Concepts:-

Because PVC ceilings are comprised of plastic, they cannot withstand excessive heat and may be damaged. As a result, heat-emitting bulbs should not be used in these types of ceiling-mounted lights. Energy-efficient, low-voltage LED lights can also be used as an alternative. The prudent decision is to utilize appropriate and good lighting that will illuminate the home in style while maintaining a balance of contentment and beauty.


Several Important And essential Tips For PVC False Ceilings:-

PVC fake ceilings are already quite simple to install and maintain, and they don’t require any special care or paint. A moist towel and a mild detergent can be used to gently clean it down. Just be careful not to use a sharp brush on it, and you may even use a vacuum to clean the ceiling. PVC is mildew and mildew-resistant.



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