Study table design in your house that fit with Vastu Shastra.

Different study table designs are listed below for you to pick from, depending on your working style or whether or not it is Vastu Shastra-compliant.

Study table

People are actively looking for methods to make their home-office better productive and beautiful that now work from home (WFH) will be here to stay. Choosing the right study table that suits the sort of work you perform is a key element in making your home-office atmosphere organised and professional. At the same time, it should blend in with the rest of your home’s decor. Here are some common study table design ideas to get you started on your looking for the right practice table.


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Vastu Suggestions for Study Table Placement

One of the primary concerns for parents is their children’s safety. Placing the children’s study table in a fortunate location is one of the finest strategies to achieve this. Now, according to Vastu, what is the ideal direction for the practice table? Many elements influence the Vastu shastra for the study table. The following are the two most important components of the study table:

  • The proper positioning
  • The direction in which the student should focus his or her studies

If a person is headed in the right way, he or she will be successful in every profession. However, if the route is improper, it may have negative consequences.


A study table with a simple appearance

If you want to be as minimal as possible, opt for practice tables with basic and elegant designs. You may place them near the window so that you can work in natural light. These tables normally choose any type of furniture. Remember to pair it with comfortable seating.

If you have a limited area and want to keep it clutter-free, choose a little solid wood practice table desk that could also fit virtually anyplace. You may simply combine it with a relaxing wooden chair or an office chair, depending on your preference. A little bookcase constructed under the table may also be added to these tables.


Children’s study table

children Study table

If you’re searching for a study table for your kids, you won’t need to do more than play around with colours. You need to establish a calming environment for them to be able to stay focused and concentrate. To encourage them to sit at the desk and practice, you may add different elements including a little table plant or colourful accessories.


Bookshelf and study table

Study table

You may buy a handmade study table with a bookshelf if you want to keep your books and documents around the table without cluttering it. There are also a number of options available online and in stores that include bookcases.


Table to study on bed

If you prefer to work from your bed, there are a variety of practice table solutions available that can be set up anywhere and provide optimum comfort. Some high-end bed table designs have constructed chargers, adjustable tops, or other features which you may need. You can make your strategic initiatives on your budget and requirements.


Vastu-Compliant Study Table- Which Way Should I Face?

Apart from the direction in which the study table is positioned, the direction in which you are sitting is also important. The instructions have a massive effect on your study. So, here are a few things to remember when it comes to instructions.

  • If you’re a scientific student, the West is the finest path to take.
  • If you’re studying law, the greatest way to go is south.
  • If you are a Commerce or Arts student, the most beneficial path for you is East.
  • If you’re studying politics or administration, you’ll want to sit in the north.
  • For students pursuing MBA, IAS, and other such programmes, the North-East is the optimum path.

These are the main rules to follow if you wish to achieve quick academic achievement. If you want to advance and succeed in life, you must study Vastu Shastra. Let’s take a good look at the basic essentials you should maintain on the study desk.


Vastu study table

If you follow Vastu Shastra, it’s critical that you understand the tricks and tips of Vastu study table orientation in order to get the most of your home office.

  • Place the study table in your home’s north or east orientation.
  • While working or studying, the practice table should be oriented such that everyone sitting at it faces east or north.
  • Choose a practice table that is rectangle in form. The sides should not have a ratio greater than 1:2.
  • Never utilize a practice table that was chipped or broken.
  • If you’re purchasing a wooden table, be sure it’s solid and constructed of decent wood.
  • For optimism, place a bright bulb in the southeast corner of your practice table.
  • Maintain a clutter-free and spotless practice table. Having lots of items on your practice table might cause you to become focused.


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