Redevelopment of Mumbai’s BDD Chawl

One of Asia’s largest cluster redevelopment projects is the BDD chawl reconstruction in Mumbai. Which is being oversee by the state government.

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Chawls are what?

A chawl, which is common in Maharashtra, is a one- or two-room apartment with a long corridor & shared restrooms & toilets with other renters. The design places housing units on either side of the hallway and an enormous open courtyard in the centre.


Full form of BDD Chawl

The Bombay Development Directorate chawls in Mumbai are known by their full name, BDD chawls. The 207 BDD chawls were built by the British in the 1920s as affordable accommodation for mill and dock workers, as well as civic & other government personnel. The 207 ground-plus-three-storey structures that make up the 93 acre BDD Chawls include 16,557 flats that are each 160 square feet in size.


Redevelopment of BDD Chawl

The BDD Chawl Redevelopment Project in Mumbai has begun under the direction of the Maharashtra government. The government announce the rebuilding of Worli’s nearly century-old BDD chawls in phases during the foundation stone-laying event on August 1, 2021, which was attend by the then-chief minister Uddhav Thackeray and NCP leader Sharad Pawar. The nodal organization for the redevelopment project would be the Maharashtra Housing & Area Development Authority (MHADA).

Industry experts note that this BDD chawl redevelopment will be one of the largest cluster redevelopment projects manage by a state government in Asia. Tata Projects Limited, Capacitc’s Infraprojects Ltd. And Citic Group Consortium were award the Rs 11,744-crore contract for the BDD chawl redevelopment at Worli, Mumbai, to be complete in phases.


Plan for reconstruction of BDD Chawl, Worli

The renovation of the BDD Chawl will happen in two stages. 23 buildings in Plot B will be renovate in the first phase, while 19 buildings in Plot A will be renovate in the second phase. The plan BDD chawl redevelopment plan, which was approve by the MHADA planning authority cell. Calls for the construction of three 22-story structures with three basements and stilts to provide rehabilitation for the people. The Worli BDD Chawl Redevelopment Project was launch by MHADA with the demolition of the first structure. There are 42 buildings in all here. As soon as the demolition is over, work will begin on a new building there.

According to reports, qualified unit holders will reportedly receive free 500 square foot flats on an ownership basis under the BDD Chawl Worli Redevelopment Plan for the 195 chawls on the 34.05 hectares of public property in Worli. Slum residents will receive housing units measuring 269 square feet apiece as part of the Worli BDD Chawl Redevelopment. More than 1,700 families of retired police officers who are now residing in BDD chawls is also eligible for free housing under the rehabilitation plan.

These units will be distribute from the MHADA’s excess flats. And they will not affect the distribution of units in other categories. Additionally, starting of January 1, 2021. The Maharashtra government has expanded the eligibility of renters for free accommodation in the bdd chawl project. These units will be distribute from the MHADA’s excess flats. And they will not affect the distribution of units in other categories. Additionally, starting of January 1, 2021, the Maharashtra government has expanded the eligibility of renters for free accommodation in the bdd chawl project.


Reconstruction of BDD Chawl

A notification from the Maharashtra state government authorized MHADA to enter into new house-sale contracts with BDD chawl occupants. The new house-sale agreements will be sign by the BDD chawl redevelopment occupants who relocate to transit homes and whose names were drawn in the lottery. In February 2021, a lottery for 272 apartments at BDD Chawl was held. This action will aid in resolving the issue of renters opposing the redevelopment plan.

The housing units in Mumbai’s BDD chawls would be free for qualified residents, according to a Maharashtra cabinet announcement, but the state government would collect Rs 1,000 as the stamp duty & agreement fee per house. The residents of BDD chawls will benefit from this because, in Maharashtra, the stamp duty on real estate is 5 percent of the property’s worth.

The BDD chawl rehabilitation cluster in Sewri has been put on hold. Although it has begun in Worli, NM Joshi Marg, and Naigaon. According to an FPJ report, the housing redevelopment project for more than 960 households. Residing in 12 decaying structures in BDD Chawls at Sewri is still not underway. This is because, despite the fact that the Mumbai Port Trust is the land’s owner and is prepare to prolong the lease. The BDD chawl reconstruction project in this region has been put on hold due to a lack of centre approval to start the work.


Forms for BDD Chawl Redevelopment Eligibility

The MHADA website is available at, where you may obtain the BDD chawl redevelopment eligibility forms.


Sample apartment for the BDD chawl redevelopment

People can view and make educated decisions based on the sample apartments of the BDD chawl redevelopment. The 500 square foot house, which is a component of the BDD Chawl Redevelopment. Is three times larger than the existing BDD Chawl unit. Industry insiders estimate that each ready to move in apartment in the BDD chawl reconstruction project will cost about Rs 2 crore once it is complete.


Experts offer an alternative to Maha CM’s proposed BDD chawl rebuilding plan.

A group of 120 professionals, including architects, civil engineers, and urban planners. Have written to the Maharashtra chief minister opposing the reconstruction of the BDD Chawls as propose by MHADA. And offering six suggestions referred to as One Possible Alternative (OPA).

Indian Express claims that as part of the OPA, the letter proposed

  • In order to control densities and reduce the demand for physical and social infrastructure. No further residential apartments should be build on top of the existing rehab units.
  • Instead of the project 40-story skyscrapers, construction of 22-story structures will be use for rehabilitation.
  • A full-sized cricket/athletics field being add
  • According to the plan, a full-sized football field will be include.
  • Good sunshine and cross ventilation for each apartment; minimal roads & development between the rehabilitation buildings to provide for the most open area possible.
  • No private parking.


MHADA’s plan calls for a built-up area (BUA) of 2,367,000 square metres. But the OPA suggests a BUA of 1,022,000 square metres.

A civil engineer and architect, claims that the excessive density of the redevelopment. As propose by the MHADA will seriously harm the health and healthy development of the families who were rehabilitate from the old BDD Chawls. The impact on health & healthy living will is felt by the children from these families and the children of their children for the next 100 years that these buildings will exist. We have proposed ‘One Possible Alternative’ as a solution for this.



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