Top 14 Jodhpur Attractions & Activities To Do

Jodhpur Attractions & Activities: When Rao Jodha built his castle in Mehrangarh Fort in Rajasthan, it was the headquarters of a Rajput empire. The city is a famous tourist attraction for both Indians and visitors from other countries. Every year, millions of travellers visit Rajasthan to see Indian architecture and see the surrounding desert plains. Jodhpur, an important cultural and historical city, is a must-see on the Indian subcontinent.


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Jodhpur has 14 tourist attractions and activities to do.

If you are planning a trip to Jodhpur, you should include the following top Jodhpur tourist attractions in your itinerary:


Fort Mehrangarh

Mehrangarh Fort in Jodhpur is a 15th-century Indian architectural masterpiece. This landmark, one of the most renowned attractions in Jodhpur, is sprawled across 1,200 acres and situated on a hilltop. It was commissioned by Rajput king Rao Jodha and is located around 122 metres above the lowlands below. Its different chambers and unique palaces are noted for their incredible carvings and embellishments. The museum housed here has a number of Rajput kingdom antiquities. You’ll need hours to investigate the full concept, as well as a guide to walk you through its history.

Top 14 Jodhpur attractions & activities to do


Toorji Ka Jhalra (Toorji’s Step Well) is a well in Rajasthan.

Toorji ka Jhalra, or the Torrji Step Well, is another noteworthy attraction in Jodhpur. The location is located inside the city limits and is easily accessible by public transportation. A Rajput queen consort built the step well in the 18th century. The magnificent red sandstone structure of the step well extends well below 200 metres underground. Originally, the well was a public gathering area for obtaining water and bathing. The shifting water levels necessitated the construction of steps when the water levels sank far below the Earth’s surface. After touring Mehrangarh fort, you may visit the well and enjoy the coolness of the clear water.

Top 14 Jodhpur attractions & activities to do


Museum of Umaid Bhawan

The Umaid Bhavan Palace in Jodhpur is now a hotel. However, a part of the hotel has been left accessible for guests to gaze at some of the rare antiques and collectibles of Rajasthan’s royal families. Maharaja Umaid Singh commissioned the palace’s construction in the twentieth century. The museum holds several royal artworks and private valuables. There is a vehicle museum that displays several collectible automobiles. The entrance costs are low, and you may wander about to take in the architecture. You may also stay at the hotel and appreciate its splendour to the fullest.


Top 14 Jodhpur attractions & activities to do



Thada, Jaswant

Jaswant Thada is located inside the municipal limits of Jodhpur and is one of the sites to visit in Jodhpur. The cenotaph was built in 1899 as a memorial to Maharaja Sardar Singh. The ornate architecture and carved windows of the location are particularly appealing to tourists and visitors. Within the marble walls of the crematorium, there is also a little lake. You may take a tour of the facility and marvel at the exhibition of Indian architecture. There are also various paintings of Rajput monarchs on the property. The location is conveniently accessible via public transportation throughout the city.


Top 14 Jodhpur attractions & activities to do


Jodhpur Attractions & Activities : Heritage Art School Umair

Umair Heritage Art School is a fascinating location to visit if you want to learn more about Indian art. The school teaches tourists how to create small paintings. There is also a large collection of Rajasthani paintings that are proudly exhibited on the walls of the establishment. These detailed paintings are also available for purchase if you wish to take them home as a keepsake. You may take painting classes here and learn about the history of Rajasthani art. The Umair Heritage Art School can teach art aficionados and historians a lot about Indian art.



Jodhpur Attractions & Activities : Ghanta Ghar

Ghanta Ghar in Jodhpur, Rajasthan, is a building built during British control in India. Maharaja Sardar Singh built the clock tower in the nineteenth century. The clock tower is available to the public, and you may climb to the top quarters to see the city below. It is situated to a market and offers panoramic views of the gorgeous stores and colourful merchandise. When you are shopping at Sardar market, you may see the clock tower. It’ll be just a few steps away from the main market.


Top 14 Jodhpur attractions & activities to do


Jodhpur Attractions & Activities : The Mandore Garden

Mandore Garden is merely a few minutes’ drive from Jodhpur’s main city. The abandoned was left behind in 1459 CE and is one among the best spots to see in Jodhpur. Before Rao Jodha relocated the Rajput monarchy to Mehrangarh fort for better safety, the garden housed the Rajput kingdom. The garden still has several well-preserved structures from the 6th century and is an excellent spot to visit if you wish to learn about the Rajput kingdom’s past. You may use private automobiles to go to the place for a low fee. We recommend that you spend some time here before departing Jodhpur to learn about the history of monarchs before they came to Jodhpur.


Top 14 Jodhpur attractions & activities to do


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Jodhpur Attractions & Activities: Lake Balsamand

Balsamand Lake in Jodhpur is a 12th-century manmade lake. The ancient lake, which was formerly a reservoir for the inhabitants of Jodhpur, is now part of a historic resort. The lake is just 5 kilometres from Jodhpur along the Jodhpur-Mandore Road. The lake, built by Balak Rao Pratihar, is currently a popular tourist destination for visitors in and out of Jodhpur. This 1 km long lake is ideal for bird viewing and is also a popular picnic site. You may bring your children here for a brief outing without having to travel in the sun for extended periods of time. The lakefront is pleasant and ideal for viewing the sun set.


Top 14 Jodhpur attractions & activities to do


Jodhpur Attractions & Activities: Ranisar and Padamsar Lake

Ranisar and Padamsar are two lakes that lie adjacent to one another. The lake was built on the command of a Rajput queen approximately 500 years ago. Finding water in the arid plains was incredibly difficult at the time; these lakes gave respite to the inhabitants as well as water for household purposes. The lake is beautiful and peaceful, with no crowds or people nearby. You may go to the lake to take some wonderful shots and spend a few hours relaxing in the calm atmosphere. It’s also a nice place to go for a picnic with friends and family.


Top 14 Jodhpur attractions & activities to do



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Jodhpur Attractions & Activities: Kaylana Lake

Kaylana Lake in Jodhpur is a great area to spend time with your family away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Pratap Singh, the monarch at the time, built the artificial lake in 1872. In the past, the lake was an essential supply of drinking water for the residents of Jodhpur. You may go to the lake and enjoy a great picnic in the cold waters. Various migrating birds visit the area throughout the winter and are a sight to behold. After a long day in the city, you may take public transportation to the lake and relax by the water.

Top 14 Jodhpur attractions & activities to do


Jodhpur Attractions & Activities: Palace of Rai ka Baag

Rai Ka Bagh Palace in Jodhpur is a lovely garden place ideal for relaxing. Hadiji founded the garden in 1663, and it also houses the Raj Bagh Haveli. The Octagonal-shaped home is a superb example of Indian art and an ideal location for taking stunning still photographs for social media. The gardens are nicely maintain and have a wide range of plants that keep the area cool and shaded. The garden’s rock-carved features are likewise reminiscent of Rajasthani art.


Top 14 Jodhpur attractions & activities to do



Jodhpur Attractions & Activities: Camel Riding

A camel safari over the golden desert sands is an essential part of any visit to Jodhpur. You might look for camel ride adventures that will take you into the neighbouring endless desert sands. You may watch the spectacular sunset and take in the breathtaking scenery. Each participant will be given a camel, and a guide will accompany you across the deserts. Nature photographers would appreciate the journey for some great photos of the deserts away from the city. Camel rides will also be a memorable and enjoyable pastime for youngsters.

Top 14 Jodhpur attractions & activities to do


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Jodhpur Attractions & Activities: Shopping

Shopping in Jodhpur will be a memorable experience for both visitors and locals. Rajasthan, particularly Jodhpur, is well-known for its gorgeous handcrafted goods, which are reasonably price These handcrafted items are brightly coloured and use natural dyes. Sardar Bazar is a terrific destination to go on a shopping adventure. You may buy a selection of truly manufactured in Jodhpur shoes, garments, jewellery, and ceramics. Remember to buy some mementos for family and friends back home so they can enjoy Rajasthani art even if they are far away.


Top 14 Jodhpur attractions & activities to do



Jodhpur Attractions & Activities: Cuisine from the Area

Local cuisines in Jodhpur are a must-try and one of the best things to do in Jodhpur. You may get a wide range of dishes that contain both veggies and meat that will completely please your cravings. You may dine at fine dining establishments in Jodhpur or buy wonderful street cuisine from booths near tourist attractions. Laal maas, mohan thal, ghewar, mohan maas, mawa kachori, dal bati churma, and kabuli pulao are some of the dishes to taste in Jodhpur. Kesar Heritage Restaurant, Gypsy Vegetarian Restaurant, Dylan Cafe Restaurant, Gopal RoofTop Restaurant, Indique Restaurant & Bar, Bltreet Café, and Kalinga Restaurant are some places to eat in Jodhpur.


Top 14 Jodhpur attractions & activities to do



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