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Everyone has a dream of owning a home, for many, it’s one of the luxuries beyond control. Purchasing a house is however a tedious task. Real estate in Mumbai With the ever-evolving real estate industry and changes in rates of different types of properties, property tax rules and many other changes in the real estate industry make it difficult to purchase a property.


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When you finally find a property where you would like to invest, you will need to take care of some important pointers before you finalize the deal.

Since you’re investing a huge amount of your hard-earned money, it’s really important to understand that when it comes to the real estate industry, documents matter most.

Documents are the most important criteria to consider before making one closer step towards fulfilling your dream.

When investing in property, whether it’s agricultural land or a ready-to-move apartment or an underbuilding flat, property records are considered a vital part of your investment.

Be prepared with several important documents, as a lot of paperwork is involved in the whole process of buying a property.

Homebuyers are signing a huge heap of records before the deal is closed.

The loan process you are applying to purchase your dream home on its own can add up to many or more pages. New Property and Project in Navi Mumbai a large number of these documents are for the benefit of the lending professional.

They will stay away from any possible future arguments. Such documents will need to be kept for future reference and for your own report, or if you need to document a legal case against the provider, the community of representation experts, or contract workers.

You don’t really need to have original documents, but at any rate, you’ve been trying to have duplicates of fully executed documents with the signature of everyone involved in this purchasing process.


Before buying a property carefully check for the following important documents:

Sale Deed:

Sale Deed is the final procurement process for your property. These documents set out the terms and conditions under which all other transactions remaining are to be made.

It is a legal document with evidence that the sale of a property was in the purchaser’s favor. 1 bhk flat in navi Mumbai the deed of sale is one of the most important documents a person may possess when it comes to buying a property.

This record should be original because it signifies land title possession.

The selling deed must be registered in the Sub-Registrar of the district where the property is located. For a homebuyer, the joy of owning their dream home is followed by the selling deed being completed and registered.

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Mother Deed:

If you buy a resale property this document is needed. This is the parent archive directly from the outset, following the proprietorship.

There are situations in which the owner may take some extortion action by attempting unlawfully to assume responsibility for the land, which will certainly affect your investment.


RERA mandates:

RERA allows developers of real estate to enroll their upcoming projects with the power provided for under the Act. A buyer who wants to buy a property in a company under RERA is required to check whether the property has been enlisted under RERA with the authority.

The data available on RERA’s official web portal for each state also provides the subtleties of any evidence/protest bodies documented by the engineer against the developer of the venture, assuming any and thus, Gives a valuable understanding of the developer’s and the project’s credibility, and allows the buyer to settle on an informed decision.


Completion/Occupancy document:

Occupancy Certificate (OC) is issued by local government only after proper inspection and after the residents have confirmed that it is free.

On completion of the project, municipal authorities apply the Completion Certificate (CC) to the owner.

Such documents are necessary documents that must be sent to the homebuyers by the developer of the property and should be included in the list of important documents when buying a property.


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Non-objection certificates:

It is essential to solicit the developer to produce copies from different NOCs that must be acquired from different divisions, for example, the Sewage Board, Pollution Board, Environment Department, The structures the ‘ implication of protest ‘ for building construction.


Conversion certificate:

For huge parcels of land available in several parts of Mumbai, it is mandatory to receive a conversion certificate from the legal entity for the house.

The requisite documents needed for obtaining a conversion certificate are location chart, land sketch, land tribunal approved copy, title deed and copy of the Mutation Record (MR).

It is always advisable to get proper legal advice, document scrutiny and information verification about the property you want to buy, the buyer can enjoy a smooth process while buying a property that eventually brings peace of mind and a sense of security.


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