What Is Better, Renting Or Purchasing Office Space?

Renting Or Purchasing: One of the most difficult decisions that most entrepreneurs must make is whether to lease or buy office space. While both have advantages and disadvantages, the selection demands careful consideration and sound financial planning in the best interests of the company.


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Several factors influence whether you should lease or buy a business property. While the type of property, location, and cost are the most important considerations, the financial health of the company, the local economy, and future growth plans should also be considered. For example, leasing an office space is a good option for new businesses; however, owning an office space is better for established businesses because it requires a large capital investment and a long-term commitment to the site.

The decision of whether to lease or buy a commercial property is governed by multiple factors. While the type of the property, location and cost are the prime factors, ample heed should also be given to the financial standing of the business, local economy and expansion needs in the future. For instance, leasing an office space would be an ideal option for budding entrepreneurs; whereas, buying would be more appropriate for established players since it entails substantial capital investment and long-term commitment to the location.


What is better, renting or purchasing office space?


Consider the following advantages and disadvantages of leasing vs purchasing office space:

Renting Or Purchasing: The advantages of renting office space

Renting Or Purchasing 1) Obtaining excellent real estate

Budding firms now have access to expensive assets as shared offices become the norm. Start-ups may now simply rent out space in famous locations and enjoy all of the benefits of cutting-edge infrastructure.


Renting Or Purchasing 2) Adaptability

Leasing an office space gives you the flexibility to relocate whenever you choose. Growing businesses will benefit from this arrangement, especially if they have plans to expand in the near future.


3) A small investment

“As a refundable deposit, leasing draws a little investment. While the security deposit may range from three to six months depending on the landlord, the sum is still quite low when compared to the down payment on a home. Furthermore, if the Draft Model Tenancy Act of 2019 is passed, the security deposit would be reduced to two months’ rent,”


4) Minimal accountability

A rented office relieves you of various concerns about repairs and damages. For example, you would only be responsible for keeping the interior space clean and well-maintained, but the landlord would be liable for all damages and repairs caused by structural faults, water leakages, plumbing, and other issues.

The degree of your culpability, however, is largely determined by how skillfully you negotiated the lease. Because you leased rather than owned the facility, the whole objective is to lower your duties. To keep at ease during the tenancy, discuss all things ahead of time, bargain effectively, and only sign the contract if you are completely happy.


What is better, renting or purchasing office space?


Renting Or Purchasing: The disadvantages of renting office space

1) Representation

If you rented the property through a real estate agent, you must pay a brokerage charge that might range from one month to six months. The cost is usually a tiny percentage of the annual rent and should be discussed before to signing the contract.


2) No asset accumulation

You do not build equity since you are leasing a property. You must quit the property after your lease expires, and you have no further rights to the property.


3) Rental comebacks

Rent is subject to change. When it comes to renewing a lease, landlords frequently raise the rate. This might be a significant strain, especially if your company is experiencing difficulties.


Advantages of Purchasing Office Space

1) A long-term investment

When you buy commercial real estate, you’re creating an asset that may be use as collateral for future loans. However, the decision to acquire should be weighed against the company’s current state, earnings, and long-term objectives.


2) Deductions for taxes

If you buy a house with a loan, you may deduct the monthly interest payment as an expense on your taxes. This translates to significant savings because property investment is costly.


3) Rent the house out.

If your home is large enough, you may rent out extra room to supplement your monthly income. In addition, the rent received is tax deductible.


4) Modification flexibility

You may customise the interiors to your liking and comfort because you own the property. Unlike leasing, where landlords typically impose numerous laws and regulations regarding property alterations, you have complete freedom to customise a unit you own to meet your individual needs.


Renting Or Purchasing: The disadvantages of purchasing office space


1) Initial expenses

Purchasing an office space, on the other hand, demands a significant amount of money. Aside from the monthly Equated Monthly Instalments (EMIs), you must additionally pay a down payment of around 20-30% of the property cost.


2) Commitment to the location

“When purchasing office space, you should make a long-term commitment to the area. Before making an investment, identify your company needs, research the local economy. And clarify your long-term ambitions, as buying a property will trump moving,” 

Analysis of space is also necessary. Purchase an office large enough to accommodate your complete team since if you outgrow the space, you’ll have to either lease another office or resell the current one. Both alternatives are not only time-consuming but also expensive.


3) Higher liability

You would be responsible for all damages and repairs as the property owner. You are responsible for all upkeep and property insurance, from the interiors to structural faults.

In the end, choosing to lease or purchase an office space boils down to personal taste. While purchasing makes sense if your company is huge and you want to maximise tax deductions, leasing is a good option if you need flexibility. Cost control, and opportunity for adjustment.



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