Vastu Shastra Recommendations For The Dining And Living Rooms

Dining And Living Rooms: We look at certain Vastu Shastra principles to improve the pleasant feelings in this region of the house because the living room and dining room are locations where the entire family spends time together, relaxes, and also shares meals.

According to Vastu Shastra principles, it is critical to balance man-made settings with natural forces for health and success. As a result, Vastu guidelines may be use to arrange rooms and furniture placement to ensure a smooth flow of energy throughout the house. The living and dining rooms, which serve as meeting places for the family, should be welcoming, comfortable, and welcoming.  By following these helpful Vastu recommendations, you may create a Vastu-friendly space that will assist you in achieving your goal.

Vastu Shastra Recommendations For The Dining And Living Rooms

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Directions and décor for the living room

“In flats, the living room is normally closest to the main door or foyer leading into the house.” The main entranceway should be immaculately clean and well-lit.  Place a Buddha picture distributing blessings at the entrance or a pair of elephant figurines above the door to bring riches. The numerous orientations have an impact on the location of your living room in your home. “The drawing room should be located in the east, north-east, west, or north.”

The entrance leading to the living room should be large enough to allow for easy access into the area. Heavy furnishings should be avoided. “Vastu Shastra is all about energy balance. The main door is where good fortune enters the house, and it should be attractively built. So you may keep some green plants, a tiny fountain, or even an aquarium.”  

Living room Vastu tips: Furniture placement

The appropriate furniture is an important component of any relaxing living environment. According to Vastu Shastra, heavy furniture, such as couches, should be place towards the room’s west or south-west direction.  Items like television sets and electronic equipment, on the other hand, should be maintain in the southeast.

If your home is create with a combined dining and living room, the dining area should be on the east or south-east side of the room.


Dining And Living Rooms: Vastu suggestions for arranging furniture in the living room

Any peaceful living space requires the right furnishings. According to Vastu Shastra, heavy furniture, such as couches, should face west or south-west. In the southeast, however, items such as television sets and electrical equipment should be kept.

The eating area should be on the east or south-east side of the room if your home has a combined dining and living room.


Living room and dining room Vastu colours

Colors have an effect on our mood, and when utilised tastefully and in the appropriate mix, they may create a welcoming environment. For living rooms and dining rooms, off-white, pink, light yellow, and other soothing colours are preferre. If the dining room faces east, choose yellow, saffron, or peach for the walls. Light green and blue are wonderful selections if you live in the north. Open all the windows and make sure the room is sufficiently aired in the morning, since sunshine promotes purification. While eating, avoid watching television. 


Vastu Shastra Recommendations For The Dining And Living Rooms


Vastu for the dining room: Directions and furnishings

The dining room is where the entire family gathers for meals on a regular basis, as well as on special occasions when others are invited. “The dining room is a holy location, and the dining table is a sign of health, food, and togetherness,” Meals should ideally be eaten towards east, west, or north. Eating meals regularly while facing south will cause health problems. “The dining table should be square or rectangular, not circular or uneven,”     

The eating room should be well-lit and not too dark. To make mealtime more pleasurable, try to establish a warm and appealing eating room. To create a relaxing atmosphere, use elegant pendant focus lights or a chandelier over the table. Simple wooden chairs, leather upholstered chairs, and fabric upholstered chairs are all options. Use patterned alternatives against plain walls or vice versa for furniture. Excessive use of design and colours, on the other hand, might be distracting.

“Bright paintings near the eating area are recommend. Avoid paintings that depict violence or negative elements of life.  Fruits, vegetables, farms, calm nature scenes, or Annapurna are ideal portrayals (goddess of food). Decorate the table with fresh flowers and bright tablecloths. Make sure the table, including the tableware and cutlery, is visually pleasing. Never use tableware that is crack or damage. Keep as few unnecessary items on the table as possible. Clutter produces sluggish energy and obstructs beneficial energy flow.”


According to Vastu, which image is appropriate for the living room?

Brightly coloured paintings may transform your living area. Paintings of landscapes, flowers, waterfalls, flowing rivers, and mountains can be display. Negative abstract paintings or photos should be avoide.


Dining And Living Rooms: Is it possible to put a mandir in the living room?

Yes, a mandir or puja area can be set up in the living room. This area can be form in the north-east direction, according to Vastu. 


Dining And Living Rooms: What should go in front of the main entrance?

Sacred symbols like the om, cross, and swastika can be retaine as decorative items to encourage the free flow of positive energy into the living environment. Broken furniture, dustbins, and other objects should not be kept.


Vastu Shastra Recommendations For The Dining And Living Rooms


What are the Vastu regulations for the form of a dining table?

Choose a dining table that is not round or uneven in shape. Choose a square or rectangular-shaped dining table to provide stability and a consistent flow of good energy.


Dining And Living Rooms: On a dining table, what should be kept?

The dining room, which is where a family consumes dinner, has an impact on the members and guarantees that the food ingested has favourable consequences. The eating table should not be left empty, according to Vastu Shastra. Always have a bowl of fruits, a jug of water, or other food items on the dinner table to attract positive energy and success.



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