RERA Act: Few Important Points to Take Note

The Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA) was introduced to solve existing inefficiencies and problems in the property sector.

RERA Act Important Points

The RERA Act passed by Government of india since May 2016 to improve transparency in the residential procedure. The main objective of all this act is to address the issues of homeowners, brokerage, developers, and some other property sector participants. RERA already has adopted a lot of changes, and more on the way. As a result, whether you’re a home buyer or a developer, knowing RERA rules and guidelines will help you manage the property market more easily.


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What really is RERA, so how does it perform?

The Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA) is a government agency that regulates the real estate industry. The aim of this act is to know this information in the property market, and it comes into place on May 1, 2017 across India with all 92 provisions. Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Bihar, Andhra Pradesh, Odisha, and Maharashtra are one of the 14 states / union territories which have announced their RERA regulations so far, with some more expected to obey following.

RERA has already been very beneficial to buyers because developers are now responsible on fast delivery of the project and for protecting buyers from dishonest sellers. The builders could profit from consumers’ increased confidence in a regulated system.


RERA is needed because the following reasons.

RERA committee have been formed around Order to promote consistency and openness in the real estate market, and to regulate it, according the RERA Act. Each builder or developer now is required by RERA to keep homebuyers informed about the construction process. It also includes delivering keys to their home by the dead line and following to all Real estate regulatory rules in order to keep responsibility.


What are the main advantages of RERA?

  • RERA has a beneficial impact on every aspect of the real estate industry. Here’s how it works:
  • RERA aims to cut down with delay factors and misinformation. To enforce consistency, regulators had made it important with all builders/developers to perform RERA-registered thorough research before starting this project.
  • RERA has been split into smaller regulatory authorities, each being responsible for the real estate development in a single Indian union territory.
  • Both residential and business establishments are subjected to RERA’s rules.
  • RERA’s standard is aimed to safeguard the rights of the both purchasers and developers.
  • The RERA Act has improved the real estate industry’s accountability and visibility.


What impact has RERA had it on home owners?

  • As according RERA rules, you must charge for the carpet area or the area contained by walls. You are not liable for the super built-up area, which includes stairway, elevator, balconies, and lobby.
  • Developer is required to transfer 70% of the money they are getting from customers into a separate account which can only be used for construction.
  • The successful implementation of works is emphasised by RERA. If there is a delay, the developer must pay his buyers 2% interest over SBI’s MCLR for the period of the delay.
  • Consumers have 5 years after getting a handover to identify construction faults and have the developer fix them. Builders need settle any issues with buyers before 120 days of the complaints being registered.
  • The developer is banned from making additional additions or revisions to the building plan before even notifying the two-thirds of the homeowners. It could only proceed forward when the majority of buyers approve.
  • The Act forbids house builders and builders from collecting more than just a 10% fee from buyers. If you discover a mistake in your titles deed after getting hold, you can seek immediate compensation from the developers.

RERA Act Important Points

Credits for RERA-compliant construction

It is essential that you choose an RERA-registered properties as a consumer in order to make a safe investment and prevent potential losses  In addition, to ease and to save cost on the household procedure, apply for a successful home loan. One may takes advantage of the huge loans with just a low interest, and also a variable duration as well as other benefits. You also can apply for a loan under PMAY and receive CLSS advantages of up to Rs.2.67 lakh. One greatest feature is that if this loans is simple to implement for, having easy eligibility criteria and minimum documentation.

The Real estate regulatory authority Act in India’s multiple states:

The RERA Act has been in existence for 4 years, and is now adopted by much more then 22 Indian states and eventually union territories. RERA has not only been adopted, but has also fought proactively to handle complaints and issues in each state.

Since about April 2019, MahaRERA, or RERA Maharashtra, had received 6,631 complaints and it had settled 64 percent of a issues. Other states are following suit, with Manipur, West Bengal, and Assam preparing to establish their RERA websites.



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