Road Between Katraj And Kondhwa Is Now 50 Metres To 84 Metres

One of PMC’s most expensive road designs, the 3.5 km Katraj-Kondhwa road’s widening received a Rs 215 crore funding authorization to proceed with the work. According to a report from HT, the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) has lowered the intended Katraj-Kondhwa road’s width from 84 metres to 50 metres due to issues with land acquisition. One of the most expensive road designs, the 3.5 km Katraj-Kondhwa road widening had a sanction of Rs 215 crore (allocated in 2018) to carry out the work.

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 Details about Katraj And Kondhwa road

In a review meeting preside over by municipal commissioner Vikram Kumar, it was determine that the present road will be develop with a 50 metre width because land acquisition issues put a stop to the road expanding construction. Road enlargement and land acquisition issues will finally be resolve.

Getting land for the road presents many challenges, chief of the PMC road department. By easing traffic congestion, developing the current 50-meter section will assist commuters. In parallel, PMC will work to secure land for its proposal to widen roads.

As a result of this decision, new bids for the project are anticipate to be release soon. This is because the project cost would now be lower than the authorized Rs 215 crore due to the narrowing of the road. The plan to enlarge the Katraj-Kondhwa route was originally put forth in 2013. Only 25% of the work has been accomplish so far on the road development project to reach 84 metres, which was intend to be conclude by December 2021.


Road between Katraj and Kondhwa is now 50 metres to 84 metres

Given that it connects Satara Road to Solapur Road & can handle significant traffic, the Katraj-Kondhwa Road is crucial. Currently, there are significant traffic bottlenecks on the Katraj–Kondhwa road, which is only 15–20 metres wide.

Under the condition of anonymity, a senior PMC official stated that the decision of whether to use the current contractor or hire a new one is still being consider. “The cost will decrease as the proposed plan’s road width & other elements are decreased or eliminated.

Prior to now, PMC made the decision to carry out the road-widening project with a deferred payment option. Which is a temporary suspension of the payment of an unpaid bill or debt that often entails repayment by installments. However, PMC realized that choosing the deferred payment mode would need them to give the contractor an extra 100 crore. Therefore, the PMC standing committee decided against the proposal.


The distance to completion

  • The plan to enlarge the Katraj-Kondhwa route was originally put forth in 2013.
  • 2017: PMC creates a proposal and budgetary allocation
  • Due to claims of exaggerated costs, PMC cancels three bids in 2018 before awarding the contract for 215 crore.
  • Devendra Fadnavis laid the foundation stone on November 2, 2018.
  • December 2021 is when the road project must be finish.
  • July 2022: Project stalled by acquisition concerns; only a small amount of stretch has been dug up





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