Social Media Marketing Guidelines for Real Estate

If used properly, social media might be a real estate agent’s finest marketing tool. If you’re just getting started with real estate social media, or if your previous attempts have failed, you might need some help. To get the most out of your social media marketing efforts this year, follow the seven guidelines listed below.


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Make a plan

Make a plan if you don’t already have one. It’s probably time to rethink your plan if you have one. Take some time to create a real estate social media strategy. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Which platforms am I already quite familiar with? It will be simpler to work with a platform on which you are already familiar.
  • Which platform would be best for me to study on? Where would you wish to expand your social media presence if you already have one? Take some time to become acquainted with the new platforms.
  • ” How much time do you have to spend on social media??” Because consistency over time is what delivers results, it’s vital to set time in your day to publish, monitor, and generate advertisements.Social Media Marketing Guidelines for Real Estate

Concentrate on developing relationships

You will quickly lose fans if you are just focused on selling. Use your real estate social media profiles for more than just sharing homes and bragging about your achievements. Follow the 80/20 rule, which states that no more than 20% of your material should be about your services. At least 80% of your content should be useful to your audience.

Make content that is meaningful.

Don’t make the mistake of just reblogging or republishing information from other blogs or websites.

On your blog, provide your own perspective on the neighborhoods, businesses, people, and your success stories.

People are drawn to and engaged by high-quality content. It also allows you to increase your reputation and thought leadership. Followers will come to trust you as a reliable source of information, increasing their chance of using or recommending your services in the future.

Social Media Marketing Guidelines for Real Estate

Use pictures and videos to their full potential.

It’s critical to post videos on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Use video to address hot questions about your local real estate market or the most commonly asked questions by your consumers, and disseminate it everywhere,  Videos are more memorable, and they are more likely to be shared repeatedly.

When you routinely publish videos, photographs, and other content that resonates with my target market, Instagram drives a lot of traffic to my website. On Facebook page you can always promote new listings with a link to my website or a request to share the post. People are more inclined to pay attention to images and videos than they are to text in our image-centric environment.

Consider your surroundings

Consider how you can provide a more customized, personalized service.

A worldwide group with 3,700 members, a local group with 15,000 members, and a hyperlocal group with 400 members are the three private Facebook groups. We use constant and actual value to our firm Facebook page—not just dull real estate centered stats—and then distribute it to the three groups. Be proud of hyperlocal content and community involvement.

Create several accounts—and content—for distinct sectors of your client base, focusing on the communities or niches you service.

Social Media Marketing Guidelines for Real Estate

Being “in the now” is important.

Instead of information that is shared after the event or arranged weeks in advance, social media users will demand more on-the-go updates that are happening right now.

Take advantage of the trend by posting real-time updates and videos on Instagram, Twitter.

Interact with your audience.

Thanks, your followers when they leave comments on your articles, retweet your messages, or share your information. Also, if their content is relevant, share it.

While it may be tempting, do not remove nasty comments or reply with bad remarks of your own. You will just make yourself appear horrible if you do so. Instead, encourage the person to call you so you can learn more about their dissatisfaction and attempt to resolve the matter. If someone makes a threat or uses bad language in a remark, you should block them and report them to the social network.

Social Media Marketing Guidelines for Real Estate



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