Some Thinks For You Live Life In Pandemic Time (Safe Raho Ghar me Raho)

The pandemic has had an effect on almost every part of our lives. With lockdowns in place at different points during the year, most of us have been expected to hide indoors. You’re probably working from home and have put a number of plans on hold for the time being.

Some Thinks For You Live Life In pandemic Time

Home quarantines can be stressful, but there have been some benefits of being limited to our houses for four months. Maybe we’ve picked up a few new skills, understood the value of some things in our lives, or simply started taking our lives for granted. One thing is certain: we have grown to be a lot more self-sufficient.


As India’s approaches, consider the following life lessons learned through home quarantine:

– Cooking Meals

Most of us are so used to the high demands of demanding work lives that we have probably never had the desire to cook for ourselves. However, the lockdown has caused many of us to cook at home because buying restaurant food is not a choice we want to take a chance on. Learning to prepare even simple meals has helped us become more self-sufficient while also strengthening our cooking skills.


– Doing Household Chores

Since being cut off from domestic support, it has become the duty of the family to split work between itself. As a result, we have become accustomed to doing domestic tasks such as sweeping, dishwashing, dusting, and so on. This has eventually accustomed us to our home duties, which we were not previously accustomed to.

Some Thinks For You Live Life In pandemic Time

– Indulging in Hobbies

The quarantine has proven to be an ideal opportunity to refocus on old interests that you didn’t have time for before or to begin a new one. We have begun a new vocational endeavor or resumed long-lost ones by finding time for ourselves, whether it is trying new cuisines, studying a new language, taking a course, or even dusting off old musical instruments.


– Learning Self-Discipline

Forcing yourself to sit at home every day for many weeks will lead to feelings of lethargy and boredom. The most difficult task has been continuing our regular routines while being at home. Working from home, exercising, and finding time for ourselves and our families are both examples of this. The lockdown taught us to create and adhere to a schedule.

The lockdown has been difficult, but it has also given us many lessons about democracy and liberty. And these lessons will remain with us even after the quarantine phase has ended. But one thing is certain: as learned during this period, living in a home that includes all facets of a holistic life is important.

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