Complete Information About Thane Municipal Corporation Property Taxes

According to the rules of the Maharashtra Municipal Corporation Act, property owners in Thane are require to pay the Thane property tax to the Thane Municipal Corporation (TMC) by April 1 and October 1 of each year. This is an exhaustive guide to paying property taxes to the Thane Municipal Corporation and other information.

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Online payment of Thane property taxes

The process of paying Thane property tax has been made simple, and tax payers can now pay the fee online by visiting the Thane Municipal Corporation’s official website ( Visit to access the website’s payment page for property taxes. Both Marathi and English are available on the website.

Complete information about Thane Municipal Corporation property taxes

Use the property number or owner name to find your property. To continue with the Thane Municipal Corporation property tax payment online, choose one of the two alternatives. It should be noted that you must register on the TMC website in order to pay your Thane property taxes online.


Provide the information and supporting documentation as displayed in the image below to register on the site.

Complete information about Thane Municipal Corporation property taxes

You will be able to see the property tax amount on your screen once registration is complete. You may now continue with paying your Thane property tax.


Online payment of Thane property taxes

To pay your property tax in person, you must go to a branch of the Thane Municipal Corporation (TMC). You have two options for payment: cash or check.


Online payment alternatives for Thane Municipal Corporation property taxes

You can choose from payment methods like internet banking, debit cards, credit cards, or UPI to pay Thane Municipal Corporation property taxes online.

Complete information about Thane Municipal Corporation property taxes

Information need to pay Thane property tax

  • Owner name
  • Property sector
  • Colony name
  • The Property ID
  • Property ward number
  • Property type


Penalty for late Thane property tax payments

Property owners in Thane are require to pay 2% of this tax as a penalty for late payment under the terms of the Maharashtra Municipal Corporation Act and the government’s Gazette Extraordinary Part Four No. 14-27 April 2010 publication. Such penalty shall be payable by the Taxpayer until the full amount thereof has been paid. The penalty interest as well as other legal consequences will increase if the property tax is not paid promptly (within 90 days).

The TMC will initially deduct the recovery costs at the time of payment if you have to pay a penalty for paying your Thane property tax late. The unpaid invoices will then be collect after this.

If the owners of a property fail to pay their property tax for an extended length of time, the TMC may, as a last resort, take the property. For instance, the TMC sealed a total of 4,312 properties in 2020 due to unpaid property taxes.


Discount on Thane property tax for timely payment

The Thane Municipal Corporation rewards early birds with refunds that range from 2% to 3% of their outstanding balance.


Update on Thane property tax news

May 12, 2022: The Maharashtra government would waive 31% of the property tax on flats up to 500 square feet in area inside the Thane Municipal Corporation borders in May 2022, providing a significant relief to Thane property owners.

This exemption relates to the “general tax component” of the total property tax assessment. All inhabitants are require to pay 92% of the total tax amount determine under 12 distinct tax categories under the TMC tax system. About 31% of this 92% is general tax. The remaining portion consists of taxes on solid waste, trees, state government cess, water, etc.



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