The 7 Best Areas For Indian Families To Reside In The UK

Indian immigrants, in particular, find it appealing to settle in the United Kingdom. The UK has a lot more to offer than only language proficiency, a wealth of educational and employment options, and a sophisticated infrastructure. Therefore, provides a list of the top seven locations in the UK for Indian families to reside if you intend to relocate there and establish a permanent home.

Indians frequently purchase homes in the United Kingdom (UK). According to data from the Ministry of External Affairs, there are presently 16.64 lakh Indians living in the UK, and many more intend to go.

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The UK real estate market is expanding quickly. By March 2022, the UK housing market had grown by almost 10% YoY, according to the Office for National Statistics. As of March 2022, the average price of a home in the UK was Rs 2.7 crore, which is Rs 23 lakh higher than March 2021.


Indian Families To Reside In The UK

A new migration partnership, which strengthens bilateral ties between India and the UK, was just inked. Youth from both nations, ages 18 to 30, are allowed to work and reside in India or the UK for up to two years under the terms of this agreement. Recent statistics show a 90 percent surge in Indian immigration to the UK over the previous year.

Indians go to the UK for employment possibilities and healthcare facilities in addition to the challenging contract. In spite of the epidemic, the UK gave Indians more competent and well-paying employment than any other nation, according to the 2020 statistics. Indians are the second-largest foreign national group employed in healthcare after British nationals.

It is clear that there are many chances in the island country. Therefore, the popular locations listed below are ones you may think about if you intend to relocate to the UK and are looking for a place that meets your quest.



Indian Families To Reside In The UK: London

England’s main city, London, has grown to become one of the major cities in Europe. There are several museums, historical sites, and art galleries in the city. The amusement of the locals is also ensured by famous monuments including Westminster Abbey, Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, and Tower Bridge.

East London Tech City, a collection of IT businesses that offers several work possibilities, is also located in London.

The city’s residential inventory includes large flats and standalone homes priced between Rs 60 crore and Rs 150 crore. The prices change depending on the size, the surrounding infrastructure, and how close the property is to IT centres.


Why live in London?

  • Endless job opportunities
  • Home to East London Tech City
  • Exceptional transportation network
  • Excellent finance options
  • Many green spaces


Indian Families To Reside In The UK: Reading

Reading is located on the west side of London, 65 kilometres away. If you want to be close to the city but yet being out of the crazy crowds, this is the perfect place to be. The capital is about a one-hour journey from Reading. People who work in London frequently choose to live in the city. In addition, it is the location of several businesses, such as Cisco, Microsoft, and Oracle. It is well known for its nightlife and festivals and is home to the prestigious University of Reading.

Residential inventory: The price range for homes and flats in Reading is between 50 and 100 crore rupees. The majority of housing options in this area are 1 and 3 bedroom homes, ranging in size from 419 to 13713 square feet.



Why live in Reading?

  • Proximity to London- 30 minutes by train
  • Presence of a globally recognized university
  • Excellent nightlife
  • Home to ample companies
  • Admirable schools


Indian Families To Reside In The UK: Cambridge

Cambridge is another well-known city in the UK and is home to renowned institutions and sizable technological companies. It crosses the River Cam and is renowne for its lush landscaping. The city’s colleges, vibrant nightlife, and career possibilities have all contributed to its growth.

Due to the presence of businesses like Microsoft Research and Huawei in Cambridge, the city is often referred to as Silicon Fen.

Cambridge’s location, which makes it easy to reach London and East Anglian cities like Norwich in under half an hour, is another feature that encourages immigration. Despite being in a contemporary area, the countryside of Cambridgeshire is far away.

Residential inventory: Independent homes predominate in the city, followed by flats with average prices between Rs 20 and Rs 75 crore. The majority of the properties in this area are 1 BHK configurations, with monthly rents for these homes being approximately Rs 1 lakh.


Why live in Cambridge?

  • The surrounding countryside and beautiful landscaping
  • Short distance to London via trains
  • Sufficient employment opportunities and a booming economy
  • Home to prominent universities



Oxford is a traditional English city with charming alleyways and exquisite architecture. Here is where Oxford University, one of the oldest and most prestigious institutions in the world, is situated. Students, as well as their families, frequent the city frequently. The demography is dominated by young people, who take advantage of a thriving nightlife and recreation sector.

Residential inventory: The residential stock in Oxford is made up of a variety of expensive mansions and apartments, priced from Rs 4 crore to Rs 100 crore.



Why live in Oxford?

  • Quality educational options
  • Proximity to Oxford shire countryside
  • Picturesque architecture
  • Many employment opportunities



For individuals who want to live someplace more reasonably priced without sacrificing the city life but still work in London, Brighton is the finest location. Brighton, which lies on the South East Coast, has a lot to offer. Indian families like the area because to the low cost of living that is roughly half that of London and the great public transportation options, including railways.

Not only that, but Brighton’s attractiveness is heightened by its magnificent homes, distinctive architecture, and gorgeous coastal settings.

Residential inventory: Prices for Victorian-style contemporary homes, mansions, and flats range from Rs 2 crore to Rs 60 crore in Brighton. Rental prices begin at 80,000 per month.


Why live in Brighton?

  • Exemplary Victorian architecture
  • Presence of many brilliant primary and secondary schools
  • Offers all- culture, nightlife and shopping options
  • Presence of big employers such as American Express



Indian Families To Reside In The UK: Southampton

Southampton, which lies on the English South Coast, has a rich maritime and military history. One of the oldest regattas in the world, Cowes Week, is held in the city. Given its proximity to the ocean, Southampton is a good place for anyone who enjoys sailing and water sports or who wants to live a straightforward but exciting life by the coast.

Two prestigious institutions with more than 30,000 students from all over the world are also located in the city. For Indian families, Southampton is a desirable city to live and work due to its maritime heritage and multiculturalism.

Independent villas predominate in Southampton’s housing stock. Which is then follow by flats value at between Rs 50 and Rs 100 crore.


Why live in Southampton?

  • Home to two renowned universities – the University of Southampton and Solent University
  • Scenic view of the coastline
  • Boasts a solid maritime culture
  • Only an hour away from London
  • A slow-paced life



Indian Families To Reside In The UK: Manchester

On the list of the top locations in the UK, Manchester is a well-known name. The city’s abundance of eateries, retail areas, and nightlife adds to its energy. Indian families and students find it to be the ideal destination because of its reputation for affordability and a joyful way of life.

Manchester’s economy has expanded thanks to the industrial and media sectors, making it one of the largest employers. It is a considerably more employe city with a far cheaper cost of living.

Residential inventory: There are several completely furnish homes and serviced flats in the city’s housing sector. With prices ranging from Rs 50 lakh to Rs 2 crore. Most of the apartments in this area are 1 BHK apartments.


Indian Families To Reside In The UK: Why live in Manchester?

  • A relaxed pace of life
  • Low cost of living with high employment opportunities
  • Renowned universities
  • Popular student hub

Even though the areas mentioned above are some of the finest for Indian families to reside in the UK, specific preferences and needs may differ. As a result, it is advise to speak with a nearby brokerage company and conduct sufficient market research before making a choice.






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