The Benefits Of Purchasing Property During Its “New-Launch” Phase!

New-Launch” Phase : Will Rogers once said, “Purchase real estate now and wait; don’t wait to buy real estate.”

One of life’s most thrilling and hard experiences is purchasing a house. You finally receive a place you can call your own after a drawn-out process of choosing that dream property, legal verification, and setting up the finances to buy it. Terms like new-launch, pre-launch, early bird deal, etc. would appear on newspaper & online adverts, billboards, and websites as you started your property search. The offers definitely appear to be quite alluring to potential purchasers.

The project’s price is, of course, the main benefit. If you are one of the early investors, you may be eligible for appealing perks. The developer could give the first 100 customers cash discounts and other goodies if the complex has a thousand apartments. However, there are additional benefits for homebuyers. The main justifications for thinking about making an investment in a recently launched real estate project are listed in this article.



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#1: Best Pricing For Pre-Launch Investors

The builder just unveiled the project, and building is about to be started. The project may not be widely known. The builder offers alluring discounts at this pre-construction stage to encourage customers to make a decision right away. You will see that you are getting a great deal if you compare the pricing with those of a comparable project that is either under development or is already ready for occupancy nearby. In reality, the costs might be 20–25 percent cheaper, which would mean enormous savings for first-time homeowners. The pre-launch period is the only time you can obtain this discount, so once building begins, you won’t be able to. You no longer have to be concerned about the safety element with the passage of the RERA law.



#2: Price Lock Kiya Jaaye!

Once construction starts and the word gets around, more and more people evince interest in the project. The higher the demand, the higher the probability of price hikes by the builder. The price would be much higher in the latter phases as the project draws to a close and early buyers begin residing in the apartment units. Other developments starting up in the area, infrastructure improvements, connectivity, and general inflation also help to drive higher prices over time.

In order to make up for the early reductions, builders also raise their pricing in the future. Therefore, if you can get the early bird discount provided during the new launch phase, you may benefit significantly from lower costs.


#3: Pick the Best and Create Your Nest

When you are one of the first purchasers, you have the exceptional opportunity of selecting the apartment unit that best meets your needs and financial situation.

You may choose whether you want a flat with a garden view or one with a sea view, a 2-BHK or a luxurious penthouse, a unit on the second story or one on the twentieth. When you arrive early, you actually have an abundance of options, and the price reduction is the cherry on top.

The ability to construct and personalise the dwelling unit to suit your own needs and preferences is another advantage. The cooking area, woodwork, flooring, and bathroom fixtures may all be customised to the family’s desires. Some house builders also provide the purchasers the assistance of an interior designer to help them furnish their ideal homes in accordance with their sense of style.



New-Launch” Phase:  #4: Simple and Economical

Every property buyer receives benefits in addition to those related to taxes and interest rate subsidies. The builders save their greatest offers for their initial group of clients. If you reserve a home during the new-launch phase, you may also take advantage of various exclusive programmes that can drastically lessen the cost. The builders may forgo the loan EMI payment under the Zero EMI option up to the time the unit is delivered to the buyer. Only the initial few consumers may be given special interest rates.

The developers often provide early purchasers with extra bonuses like gold, a vehicle, a free parking place, or a paid family vacation. Typically, a small fee is required to reserve an apartment during the pre-launch stage.


New-Launch” Phase: #5: Earn the Best Return on Investment (ROI)

Most people’s largest financial investment in their lifetime is often real estate. Being able to maximise the returns on his capital commitment makes an early investor a wise investor. The buyer’s different advantages and price breaks lower the actual cost of buying a home.

The recipe for creating riches is straightforward. You must pick the ideal house in the ideal location from the ideal builder at the ideal cost. When the project is finished or after a few years of holding, the property can be sold to generate a profit. So choosing the correct pricing point for your investment is essential for wise investing.



New-Launch” Phase: Important Things To Remember

  • Dealing with reputable contractors is usually advise since they have a history of completing jobs on schedule without sacrificing quality.
  • When investing in real estate, location is crucial. Select a property in a location with excellent infrastructure and strong growth potential.
  • The property records should never be compromised. Make certain that a lawyer with experience in real estate law reviews all the necessary paperwork. Verify the project’s RERA registration status and local government permission.
  • You can choose the ideal house within your budget if you are focuse on the final goal.


New-Launch” Phase: Conclusion

One of the finest asset classes for long-term investing is real estate. In addition to price appreciation, owning a home gives your family a strong sense of security and can help you save money on rent and taxes.

The phrase “the best time to invest was ten years ago; the second best moment is now” comes to mind. So don’t wait to purchase a house at the ideal time. When you buy, the moment is right. It’s possible that the fresh launch you wanted simply went live today!





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