The Impact Of Technology On India’s Growing Real Estate Sector

We investigate the significant technological developments that are generating positive transformation in India’s real estate industry.

Growing Real Estate : To suggest that technology advancement has streamlined how we do things is an understatement. Technology is increasingly fueling every facet of human behaviour, and with it comes a rising role in the real estate market.

Technology in real estate, which began as a necessity because to the COVID-19 epidemic, is now here to stay. The demand on real estate to provide an adaptable manner for clients to acquire houses is causing this industry to develop dramatically. Meanwhile, clients are enjoying the convenience of several technology elements that make the home-buying process easier than ever before. Keeping this in mind, let us look at the current Indian real estate technical scene.


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Automation in the home

Home automation is becoming more popular as people demand greater convenience and knowledge at their fingertips. Smart features in new houses include automatic video doorbells, remote-controlled drapes, and even automated temperature and lighting controls. Demand for digital sensors to monitor variables such as occupancy, air quality, and natural light levels is increasing in smart homes. Residents want LED lighting, sensor-based streetlights, and touch-free doors in building common spaces.

The impact of technology on India's growing real estate sector


Growing Real Estate :  Security and safety

Safety and security are also prioritise, with gas-leak alarms, access to cutting-edge security systems, and home monitoring through cellphones.


Growing Real Estate : Green building ideas

Millennial house buyers are increasingly interested in green building concepts. In this context, some technological fittings include air purification, illumination, temperature control, greenhouse monitoring systems, and humidity control sensors. Modern homes are also outfitted with energy-saving devices, as well as rainwater collecting and management procedures, and they promise decrease greenhouse gas emissions.


Growing Real Estate : Blockchain innovation

What function does technology play in the purchase process? This is where blockchain technology comes into play, particularly in commercial real estate. Investors are increasingly interested in blockchain-base listing services. This upgraded technology provides extensive property information while also boosting the efficiency and dependability of the whole property search process.

Blockchain technology’s future will only open up more opportunities. Smart contracts will enable property to be sold like bitcoin or equities on a stock market, providing buyers and sellers with a new method to engage. This has the potential to increase fractional real estate ownership, decreasing obstacles to real estate investing and allowing a group of individuals to participate in a larger-sized property. People may save a lot of money and time by combining services like maintenance, renting, and leasing on a single platform and eliminating intermediaries like brokers and attorneys.

Virtual property tours, drone views, conversational AI, VR interior design, digital staging, and better property management software are all gaining popularity as more home buyers begin their search online. These characteristics must be include by developers to make the whole house-hunting process more engaging and pleasurable. This also makes house searching more accessible to everyone, since customers can view properties and areas from the comfort of their own homes.


The impact of technology on India's growing real estate sector


Growing Real Estate : PropTech

PropTech is getting a lot of attention. However, early investors may suffer both financial and legal dangers, as with any new invention. Data security has been a major worry in recent years. And this concern is only growing due to greater transactions and easily accessible personal data. Another issue is the customer and seller’s absence of face-to-face interaction. Furthermore, the internet is essential for this technology to work.

While diverse software solutions provide enormous potential, they can result in an excessive number of touchpoints and difficulty in picking the proper technology. While there are many technological solutions motivate by the desire for efficiency. The industry currently lacks one that can foster transparency and confidence. Although more effort is require to develop a legal organisation, there is enormous possibility for businesses and investors alike.



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