Calculate FSI for Pune Municipal Corporation in 2022

The word “FSI” is one that is frequently used in real estate to characterize a property. In Pune, the term “FSI” refers to the proportion between a plot’s total built-up area and its available plot area. The National Building Code is followed throughout the whole process for determining the FSI requirements for residential construction in Pune. Depending on the location of usage, FSI is also frequently referred to as Floor Size Ratio or Floor Area Ratio.

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Learn More About FSI in Pune

The Floor space index is changed in Pune every few years, thus it is crucial for property owners in Pune to be informed on the most recent standards and new FSI regulations. Index of Floor Space For the government to monitor the city’s ongoing development and reconstruction efforts, Pune is a crucial metric. Given that cities are constrained by space, the government must keep track of these facts. The government monitors the FSI value because to the limited area and expanding population.

How to Calculate Floor Space Index in Pune using the FSI Calculator?

If the building size varies visually, the floor space index values of several properties in Pune may be equivalent. It may be computed using the new floor space index guidelines in Pune as follows:

Floor Space Index = Gross Plot Area x Floor Area of the Building

Depending on a number of variables, a location’s FSI might vary dramatically. In general, variables like building exercises, population dynamics, growth models, and the character of the place are taken into account. Even the type of land—whether it is a residential, agricultural, commercial, or industrial plot—can have a big impact on FSI value.

Pune’s floor space index is regarded as one of the most important aspects for the growth of the city. A low barrier restricts real estate since it makes building more difficult. The real estate sector seeks a higher FSI for the lands so that the estate developer may receive immediate profits. As a consequence, the housing industry will be strengthened and more homes will be able to be built in the same area, increasing sales. A higher FSI also indicated more local demand. Pune now has a 1.10 floor space index for redevelopment.

What is the Pune Maximum FSI?

The Pune city council favors transit-oriented development. As a result, the Pune administration is able to maintain the city’s maximum floor space index at 4. In Pune, the floor space index for 2019 is 1.10. Pune’s neighborhoods’ FSI scores fall into the following categories:

Roadway width (in meters)

Size of the plot at a minimum (sq. m.)

Maximum FSI Allowed


Below 1000



Above  1000



Above 2000



Above 3000


30m & above

Above 4000


Pune FSI by region 2022

Here is the Floor Space Index for some of the most desirable locations in Pune:

Baner: 1.10

Kotrud: 1.10

Lohegaon: 1.10

Wagholi: 1.10

Hadapsar: 1.10

Hinjewadi: 1.10

What is the FSI’s Most Significant Aspect?

The FSI may be seen as a significant restriction on real estate, yet it offers numerous advantages for a growing city like Pune:

  • Maintaining an Ideal Balance between Open Space and Built Space.
  • Governing the Habitat and Area of the City.
  • Measure The Steady Progress Of A Project.
  • It’s Crucial To Strike The Correct Balance Between Developments And Supported, Planned Expansion.

The Municipal Corporation’s maximum permit area for development in Pune is known as FSI. These criteria are constantly being alter in accordance with the regulations establish by the government. Pune’s floor space index is 1.10 at the moment. The floor space index for redevelopment in Pune is the same as this. Pune has become one of the greatest and most popular places for young people to reside in due to the abundance of developing regions. 


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