The significance of a property’s guidance value

The city of Navi Mumbai is planning to lower the guidance value of homes all around the city. Soon after, the entire state of Maharashtra will follow suit and adjust the property guidance value. What does this signify for potential property buyers and sellers?

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It’s cause for celebration because the guideline value sets the property’s selling price. For the uninitiated, here’s everything you need to know about a property’s guideline value:


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What exactly do you mean when you say “guidance value”?

The minimal selling price set by the government is referred to as a property’s guideline value. It is determined by elements such as the structure’s type and location.

The guiding value is set by state governments across India. It’s also known as the circle rate in some states. Each state’s Department of Stamps and Registration keeps track of the records. The government’s guidance values have become a significant source of revenue. This is because it has a direct impact on a property’s stamp paper duty, registration fees, and property taxes.


Points to consider while determining the value of a property as a guide

Even if a property is purchased for less than the guidance value, it must be registered at the market value. They must also pay property taxes based on the neighborhood’s market value.

If a person pays more than the guidance value for a property, they can register it at the real value. They can pay taxes on the property’s purchasing price.

In India, guidance value can be applied to any type of property. It could be a piece of agricultural land, a home, or a business office. It is usually determined by the stage of development of the property. A property in a well-developed neighborhood, for example, will have a higher guideline value.

A buyer cannot compel a seller to sell their property at the government-set guiding value. The seller can establish a price that is higher than the guiding value. The guideline value is just the property’s minimal selling price.

significance of a property's guidance

What is the significance of guidance value?

The value of the guidance has a direct impact on the property’s market value. It has the potential to affect property prices and real estate investments. For example, if the property’s minimum selling price is higher, fewer people will be able to purchase it. Simultaneously, lowering the price will allow more individuals to purchase.

Property sellers are also affected by the guidance value. If the guideline value is raised, sellers will be able to sell their property for a profit. The value of a property’s guideline value usually rises. However, a property’s guideline value does not have to be increased all of the time.

The Department of Stamps and Registration makes every effort to keep the guiding value in line with market value. They are attempting to prevent fraudulent actions such as the use of black money by doing so.


In Navi Mumbai, the recommendation value has been revised.

Every year, the guidance value should be adjusted. In Bangalore, however, the advisory value has remained unchanged since January 2019. In Navi Mumbai, the rates were raised from 2% to 20% in 2019.

In January 2022, the government plans to adjust guideline values in Navi Mumbai and Mumbai. The government’s action may increase the number of people looking to buy homes. Because property prices in Navi Mumbai are so high, purchasers will benefit greatly from this change.

Property prices in rural areas may be raised by the government. If this occurs, it will be beneficial to both property buyers and sellers. Additionally, it will result in a fall in pricing in certain urban areas.

For quite some time, there has been a demand for Cheap Housing Flats in Kharghar Navi Mumbai. Affordable housing is harder to come by because of rising property prices. It also serves as a deterrent to individuals looking to purchase real estate in Navi Mumbai. Real estate investments in Navi Mumbai may grow as a result of this change.



The property’s guideline value aids in determining the property’s worth. It can have a direct impact on the property’s value. As a result, it has an impact on property taxes, as well as the buying and selling of homes.



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