Tips for Buying Plots from Vastu Shastra

Here are some Vastu Shastra recommendations for plot purchases as well as treatments for problems.Purchasing a plot necessitates extensive legal documents, verification, and consultation with a variety of professionals.

Tips for Buying Plots from Vastu Shastra


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Vastu experts, for example, recommend that buyers follow Vastu Shastra principles to guarantee that their new acquisition offers them good fortune and luck. It’s true that not every narrative has ideal Vastu. Simple treatments can, however, eliminate some Vastu doshas.

Vastu advice regarding plot shape:-

Land parcels of unusual shapes, such as L-shaped, triangular, circular, semi-circular, or oval, should be avoided. Rectangular or square-shaped plots are always preferred. Prosperity and happiness are considered to be attracted to such lands.

Pot-shaped plots should only be purchased after consulting with Vastu professionals who can examine the directions and provide you with the most accurate advice.

Gaumukhi plots, also known as cow-faced plots, are said to be highly lucky for building a home. The front of such plots is narrow, while the back is wider. However, make sure the roads are on the plots’ south and west sides.

Purchasing a Shermukhi plot or a lion-faced plot for the purpose of developing commercial structures is regarded very lucky. These plots are wider in front and narrower in back. The roads should run along the plot’s northern and eastern edges.


Road arrangement around plots according to Vastu norms

Excellent Side 

Side is average  

This is a bad side


From the east, a road leads to the plot’s north-east corner.

west, a road enters the plot and runs through the north-west corner.

The west, a road enters the property and runs through the south-west corner.

The plot’s north-east corner is damaged by a road coming from the north.

The plot’s south-east corner is damaged by a road coming from the south.

The land is bordered on the east by a road that runs through it.




From the north, a road enters the plot and runs through the north-west corner.




The plot’s south-west corner is damaged by a road coming from the south.



Vastu advice for plots’ surrounds:-

People (followers and guests) bring in a lot of negative energies, which can flow into your property. Plots should not be adjacent to temples.

There should not be a large tree around your plot since removing it would be extremely unlucky, and you would have to seek permission from the government to do so.

The electricity pole should not be located in the plot’s north-east corner, as this is where the water is stored.

The entrance to the plot should be in the north or east. Consult your local priest if the plot’s entrance is on the southern side.

Treatments for Vastu flaws:-

If you purchase an irregularly shaped plot, you can divide it into two regular plots by dividing it with compound walls.

plot has a long stretch of land to the south-west, build a shop or garage there. If the plot has an expansion on the north-east side, build a small temple and plan a garden. If the addition is on the north, east, or north-east side, build a small temple and plan a garden.

Vastu pyramids can also be used to mitigate the effects of plot extensions in multiple directions. For example, in the south-west addition, a lead pyramid may be utilised, whereas in the north-west extension, a brass pyramid could be used. Copper strips, on the other hand, are perfect for the south-east extension.

Buying a plot of land with Vastu advice:-

Tips for Buying Plots from Vastu Shastra

If the earth smells like decomposing materials, don’t buy such a plot. In addition, if the plot contains rocks, worms, thorns, bones, or other unlucky materials, it is best to avoid it.

It is considered exceedingly lucky if items such as cow horns, conch, turtles, copper, gravel, bricks, and so on are discovered when excavating. Cowries, tiles, ragged garments, coal, iron, lead, gold, jewels, and crude oil, on the other hand, are unlucky.

The plot should not be close to a cemetery or a hospital. There should also be no industrial structures near the land.

Stay away from plots that are situated between two massive structures.

A river runs through the plot to the south, and mountains run through it to the north.

Corner plots and plots with lush plants are said to be fortunate.

Commercial plots encircled by running highways in all directions are desirable.



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