Tips For Communicating The Overall Cost Of Your House Purchase

When selling your House Purchase, you must not only tell the buyer about the property’s amenities and qualities. But also about any outstanding mortgages or other obligations. 


Tips For Communicating The Overall Cost Of Your House Purchase


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House Purchase This will assist the potential buyer in determining the true cost of property ownership and planning their investment accordingly. Purchasing a home is a major and long-term financial commitment, and not everyone has the financial means to make an outright purchase. Many individuals rely on house loans to purchase House Purchase their future residence. And they plan ahead of time to determine their affordability and budget in order to avoid future problems. As a result, any hidden costs can be a significant financial blow to the buyer. And may even cause the purchase to go through if it does not fit within their pre-determined budget.

As a result, it is your obligation as a seller to declare all liabilities or outstanding debts associated with the property. House Purchase This will assist the consumer in determining their budget and making informed judgments. Remember that the foundation of the house selling process is trust. If the customer detects insincerity or suspects that you are concealing information.  Purchase They may become suspicious of the transaction and cancel it.

House Purchase Charges for preferential location 

The Preferential Location Charge (PLC) is a fee per square foot imposed on a property based on its location and floor level in a building. This takes into consideration the property’s preferred location. Such as along a busy road or next to a park. PLC may also be required to pay for a privileged floor, which varies per city. People prefer higher levels,  which cost a premium over lower floors.  In a city like Mumbai, which is prone to floods during the rainy season. Lower floors, on the other hand, are in more demand in Delhi hence the PLC is higher for ground and first-floor flats. In general.  Various PLC are attracted to residences on different floors. In most cases, however, a homebuyer is unaware of such fees. If you want to include this in the overall cost of selling a house.  You must notify the purchasers ahead of time. 

House Purchase Charges for maintenance

“It is crucial to convey to the buyer about the maintenance charges charged by the society for the care of communal areas. Such as the lobby, lifts, parks, lightings, security, and other services. ”  The cost of maintenance varies from project to project, depending on the location and facilities included. Also, Maintenance fees are recurring costs that can add up quickly if they are not budgeted for. House Purchase As a result, a customer must be aware of the amount and frequency of this expenditure ahead of time.” You must also advise the purchasers of any outstanding debts and whether you intend to pay them immediately or include them in the sale price.


Fees for parking

House Purchase  The cost of parking varies based on the land value and the kind of parking, such as stilt or open parking. Parking fees often range from Rs 2 lakh to Rs 5 lakh, which is a significant sum that, if not mentioned to the buyer in advance, might be a deal-breaker.


House Purchase Charges for NOC

House Purchase It is critical to get a No-Objection Certificate (NOC) from the society before selling a society unit. The procedure implies expenses of up to Rs 25,000. The expense is usually split evenly between the seller and the buyer. If the buyer is caught off guard, it may irritate them much because the loan to value ratio is often 80:20 percent, and the down payment may have already depleted their resources. As a result, even the slightest expenditure may put them in a lot of difficulty.


House Purchase- Defaulted mortgages

If you have previously mortgaged your property and have an ongoing or existing home loan, you must tell the buyer, since he will need the NOC from your bank in order to proceed with the home loan. House Purchase Clear any outstanding EMIs or other liabilities on your property, as they may obstruct the property transfer procedure. Alternatively, you can utilise a portion of the sale proceeds to pay straight to the bank, satisfy your debts, House and have the remaining funds deposited to your account.


Pending bills

House Purchase Nothing frustrates a buyer more than unpaid utility bills, such as electricity, water, and gas bills. Before you place the house on the market, be sure the debts are paid off. This is particularly significant since many banks want power bills and gas bills as proof of debt-free status before giving loans. Any unpaid charge might draw the lender’s attention and cause the buyer’s loan application to be delayed. Even if no institutional lenders are involved, as a property owner, you must either clear the dues or notify the buyer and cover the sum in the selling consideration.


Tips For Communicating The Overall Cost Of Your House Purchase


Expenses for home repairs

If there are evident structural issues, such as seepages in walls, damaged tiles, defective electricity, gas, or water pipeline connections, or any other repair work required, you must have an open and honest conversation with the buyer. House Purchase Give them an idea of the cost consequences of having the repairs done. If you take on any obligation in order to sell your house. Be sure you keep your commitments and only pass on the expenditures that have been agreed upon.


Charges for stamp duty and registration

When you sell a home, you’re transferring ownership rights, which must be recorded with the Stamp Duty and Registration Department. However, the procedure necessitates the payment of stamp duty and registration fees. Which can range from 6 to 12 percent of the Ready Reckoner Rate (RRR). Or the property’s agreed value, depending on the locality. While the buyer usually suffers this cost, the dynamics of the market may alter. In a buyer’s market, for example. House Purchase Sellers frequently agree to share the financial burden in order to speed up the sale. And attract a buyer. To avoid future problems. The percentage of the expenditure shared by both parties should be properly conveyed to the buyer in advance.


Goods and Services Tax (GST)

Without Input Tax Credit, all under-construction. House Purchase Residential properties costing more than Rs 45 lakh are subject to a 5% effective GST (ITC). The effective GST charged on affordable houses, i.e. dwellings costing less Rs 45 lakh, is one percent. In terms of carpet area, cheap residences are those with a carpet. Area of up to 90 square metres in non-metropolitan cities or villages. And up to 60 square metres in metropolitan areas. It is important to communicate the taxes imposed since they are a significant financial burden. And if the amount is not disclosed until later, the buyer may find it difficult to arrange payment.

In addition, GST is paid on auxiliary services provided by a society. PLC, Internal Development Charges (IDC), External Development Charges (EDC), and Document Charges are examples of these services. However, instead of 18 percent, the GST on extra services included in affordable houses is now five percent. House Purchase And eight percent on units costing more than Rs 45 lakh.


The charge given to the real estate agent for aiding in the closure of the deal is known as brokerage. House Purchase The costs are determined by the property’s worth. Many vendors, on the other hand, pass the brokerage fee on to the buyer. Keep the buyer informed if you plan to do the same. As the brokerage cost might be 1-2 percent of the property worth.

Although there is no way to alleviate a homebuyer’s financial load. Informing them of the aforementioned expenditures. Ahead of time can assist them in planning their budget and making the best option possible. House Purchase Furthermore, this will avoid financial roadblocks and speed up the sale procedure.



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