Tips for Vastu in the Bedroom

The tiniest things can sometimes change your fortunes around. Vastu Shastra Bedroom explains how changing the layout of your bedroom may boost positive energy and even bring couples closer together.

Tips for Vastu in the Bedroom

You’ve probably met a number of folks that adhere to Vastu Shastra’s ideas. Vastu, they claim, may help you optimize your living space and life while also keeping you positive. Even those who are not staunch believers in Vastu Shastra’s principles tend to follow it once they see the kind of organization and utility of space that Vastu Shastra may help them achieve.

Your bedroom is one of the most significant personal places in your home. Let’s look at how Vastu may transform it into a restful, relaxing, and rejuvenating environment.


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Vastu recommends that the bedroom be oriented in a certain way.

The southwest bedroom, in theory, gives good health and prosperity to the property owner, as well as increasing longevity. A bedroom in the house’s northeast or southeast zone should be avoided. It may lead to quarrels between the pair in the south-east. The bedroom in the northeast could be hazardous to one’s health. The optimal location for the children’s bedroom is in the house’s east or northwest zone.

A bedroom in the north is also thought to be lucky for everyone. It is especially advantageous for young students seeking employment or entrepreneurial prospects. A bedroom in the east, on the other hand, will offer them a sharp brain and help them flourish in school.


According to Vastu, who should sleep in the master bedroom?

If a family comprises of married couples and other unmarried individuals, according to Vastu, only married couples should inhabit the master bedroom. A regular-shaped bedroom is preferable to one with cuts and shapes added to enhance the room’s appearance.


Vastu-compliant bed positioning

Your bed should be placed with the head towards the east or south, according to Vastu.

The Vastu bed located in the master bedroom is significant since it affects the family’s sleep quality and health. According to Vastu experts, the master bedroom’s sleeping position should be either south or west. When you lie down, the bed should be set against the wall in the south or west, with your legs pointing north or east.

The head of the bed in the guest room can face west. It is also preferable if your bed is built of wood. Negative vibrations can be produced by metal. A couple should sleep on one mattress rather than two separate mattresses to promote intimacy.

Avoid placing your bed in the corner of the room, since this will impede positive energy from easily flowing. The bed should be placed towards the center section of the wall, according to Vastu, so that there is adequate room to walk around.


Vastu recommends sleeping in a certain direction.

According to Vastu, the optimum sleeping direction is south, which is regarded as the perfect sleep posture if you want to get a good night’s sleep. Sleeping with your feet to the north also brings good fortune and luck. Alternatively, you might choose to sleep with your feet pointing east, which will boost your fortune and recognition. People who sleep with their heads turned north are unlikely to get a restful night’s sleep.

Sleeping with your legs in a southerly orientation will prohibit you from receiving a good night’s sleep. The Lord of Death can be found in the southern direction, which should be avoided. It may also result in mental diseases.


Vastu dictates that mirrors be placed in the bedroom.

Mirrors are supposed to reflect energy back into space, causing restlessness and amplifying anxiety. It is especially crucial not to hang a mirror opposite your bed on the wall. If your dressing table has a mirror, be careful where you place it.

Avoid putting a mirror in front of your bed, according to Vastu, because the reflection of one’s sleeping body in a mirror is unlucky. The dressing table must be positioned against one of the north or east walls.

You can just drape a towel over the mirror facing your bed to prevent it from reflecting you and your bed.


Pregnancy and Vastu

A couple who sleeps in the northeast bedroom may have trouble conceiving, or if they do, it may result in a miscarriage. The couple should avoid sleeping in the southeast Facing bedroom since the temperature is hot.


Remove all electronic gadgets from the bedroom.

Anything that detracts from the tranquility of the bedroom has no place in this space. As a result, there is no television. If you really must have one, make sure it is kept at a safe distance from your bed. The TV screen opposite the bed should not be used as a mirror.

Avoid using a computer in your bedroom, or at the very least keep it separated with a partition. Computers and cell phones are high-electro-stress instruments, and the frequencies emitted by cell phones, computers, and televisions are dangerous.


What color should I paint my bedroom?

Colours affect our mood, health, and happiness in addition to brightening our reality.

Paint your bedroom off-white, baby pink, or cream if possible. Dark colors should be avoided. According to Vastu, a newlywed couple’s bedroom should be decorated in colors like pink, soft blue, or relaxing yellow. Add a tiny tint of red since it symbolizes passion, but avoid overdoing it because it symbolizes fire and can lead to temperament difficulties.

Green (which indicates growth) or yellow might be used in the children’s bedroom (for happiness and aiding studies). In the kid’s room, stay away from gloomy colors like black, dark blue, and grey. Bright colors such as light blue, yellow, orange, and even purple and green hues are available. In general, avoid using too many colors because they might cause confusion and attention.


Make your bedroom clutter-free.

Also, do not keep in your bedroom anything that hasn’t been utilized in years, such as clocks, watches, electronic equipment, broken relics, or machinery. Clutter disrupts the flow of energy in the home and causes discord. Avoid water fountains, aquariums, and paintings of war scenes or single ladies in the bedroom.



Smells and scents have the ability to elevate one’s attitude and spirit. So make sure your bedroom smells good by using scented candles, diffusers, or potpourri. Use fragrant jasmine or lavender to create a relaxing atmosphere.

Keep two rose quartz hearts at the southwest corner of your bedroom if you’re in a relationship. It will bring positive energy into your life.


Tips for a Vastu-compliant home office/bookshelf in the bedroom

Bookshelves or office desks should be positioned in the west or south-west corner, according to Vastu principles. To divide professional and personal life, it’s a good idea to create zones or areas within the bedroom. The workstation should be set up so that the person sitting at the table is facing east, north, or northeast. A rectangle or square-shaped desk is recommended by Vastu. Make sure your home office is roomy, clutter-free, and well-ventilated. Working on the bed is not a good idea.


Bedroom lighting Vastu advice

According to Vastu, sunshine has a significant impact on the room’s positive. Allow for some natural light in the bedroom during the day. From a practical standpoint, fluorescent lighting and overhead spotlights are beneficial. Task lighting, on the other hand, causes your mind to go into task mode. For mood lighting in the bedroom, choose a few fixtures with warm lights. Dimmers are also available for adjusting the intensity. To create a romantic and calming ambience, experiment with light for illumination, reflection, and bling. Faulty lighting fixtures or blown bulbs should be replaced as soon as possible.

vastu tips for bedroom

Vastu-compliant bed and bedding

A headrest should always be included in your bed. A bed with an uneven shape, such as a circular or oval shape, should be avoided. In this case, a square or rectangular-shaped bed is ideal.


Vastu for married couples

Your master bedroom bed should be in the south or south-west, but never in the middle. Relationships fail as a result of this. The wife must sleep on her husband’s left side for a harmonious relationship. Also, keep in mind that the northeast corner of your room should be free of clutter.

If you want to maintain showpieces or art, avoid keeping solitary items like a single animal or a single bird. Keep them in pairs, such as a dove pair or even ideal couples like Goddess.

Avoid pictures of battle scenes, devils, owls, hawks, or vultures for a calm bedroom, according to Vastu. Keep photographs of deer, swans, or parrots instead. Display photos, posters, souvenirs, and knickknacks from fun outings and family vacations that bring back memories.


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Things to stay away from in your bedroom according to Vastu

– Photographs

Hanging images of deceased ancestors on the wall is not a good idea.

– Temple

The temple should not be kept in the bedroom.

– Broken items

Remove any objects that are cracked or chipped.

– Iron beds

Wooden beds are the best, while wrought-iron beds should be avoided at all costs.

– Overhead beams

Avoid sleeping under an overhead beam or a circular ceiling above the bed.


Follow these Vastu bedroom guidelines.

– Windows

When sleeping, never leave a window open behind your head.

– Doors

When not in use, close the door to the adjoining toilet. Doors that creak in bedrooms should be fixed as soon as possible.

– Let out negative energy

Mop the floor with sea salt mixed with the water at least once a week to eliminate bad energy.

– Kind of mattress

Even if you have a double bed in your bedroom, use a single mattress, especially if it is the couple’s bed.

– Almirah placement

If you have an almirah, put it against the south or west wall.

– Placement of the bed

The finest places to put your bed are along the south and west walls. If this isn’t possible, leave a four-inch gap between the wall and the bed.

– Bedroom for kids

According to Vastu, the child’s room should be built in the home’s west zone, with the door facing east, to welcome pleasant energy and happiness into the room. Keep in mind that the bedroom door should open clockwise. Hanging signs on the door should also be avoided since they encourage bad energy such as anger and conflicts between children and their parents.

– Colours for the bedroom

Walls in the bedroom should be painted in earthy colors like almond hues.


Tips from Vastu for a restful night’s sleep

  • If you sleep with your head towards the door, you may experience nightmares.
  • If your bed is under a beam, you may experience sleep disturbances.
  • Avoid placing the water jug in the southeast direction, since this may promote insomnia.
  • It is not advisable to have dark-coloured furniture in the bedroom.
  • Never leave a washroom/attached bathroom door open throughout the night.


Vastu-compliant plants for the bedroom

Vastu recommends the following plants for bringing some greenery into your bedroom:

Money plant: To create a stress-free environment, place the money plant near sharp edges. Make sure it receives some indirect sunshine, though. This creeper is one of the most effective air purifiers. As a result, make sure it has some help to grow.

Bamboo plant: According to Vastu Shastra and Feng Shui, bamboo plants are one of the lucky plants. It takes little maintenance and may be used in any area of the house. The southeast corner, on the other hand, is the most popular location.

Lily plant: The lily plant represents joy, serenity, and harmony. Lilies are also said to bring good luck and keep nightmares at bay.

Lavender plant: Lavender is recognized for its calming aroma, which is said to promote inner serenity. To get the most out of its scent, place it near your bedside table.


Is Vastu truly effective?

According to an interior designer from Navi Mumbai, using Vastu remedies has been useful. Mehta claims that for a long time, there were disputes at home about small matters, which frequently escalated into intense clashes. She rearranged their bedroom, tossing away a stack of damaged CDs and a DVD player she’d kept in the bed box. How quickly their marital happiness returned to their house.



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