Five steps to get duplicate documents in case lost

In the event that a document is misplaced, documents lost, follow these five procedures to obtain a replica.

documents lost

What would you do if your property papers are lost or misplaced? You have all the other necessary identification and paperwork, but you cannot prove that this is your home. This can be a nightmare for any homeowner to go through. Five steps will help you get duplicate documents in case of loss.

Property papers are the sole evidence that your home is legally yours. Imagine waking up one day to discover that you have misplaced your most essential paper!!

Selling a home with a missing document is, unfortunately, a difficult process. In the event of a lost document, you will be required to obtain a duplicate, which will be costly. Home loans are difficult to come by for such homes, but the bank may decide to give one after verifying all of the duplicate paperwork. The process of obtaining a legally certified duplicate copy for your property, on the other hand, is simple.


The methods of obtaining duplicate documents are as follows:

– File an FIR

The owner should submit a first information report (FIR) with the police as soon as feasible. It must indicate unequivocally that the property papers have been misplaced, stolen, or lost.


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– Advertise in a newspaper

Advertising stating the loss of property papers must be published in both an English daily newspaper and a vernacular media. The owner must wait 15 days to see if the documents are discovered and returned.


– Prepare an undertaking/ Register with a notary

The assurance must then be written on stamp paper, indicating the loss, as well as the text from the newspaper and the FIR number. The notary will register and certify the documents, making the commitment legally binding. The undertaking must also be registered, attested, and notarized.

documents lost

– Obtain a duplicate Sale Deed

The owner must travel to the registrar’s office where the property was registered at the time of purchase to acquire a duplicate copy of the selling deed. At the registrar’s office, the required fee must be paid, as well as the essential papers.


– Keep a record of the actions you’ve taken.

To trackback the lost property document, the owner must save a copy of the police complaint, the newspaper ad, the undertaking, and the duplicate sale deed for future reference.

If the property was mortgaged and the bank misplaced the property papers, the bank must first inform the owner and then take responsibility for acquiring and paying for the property documents.

Obtaining a duplicate set of papers may be costly, but it is necessary to incur these costs in order to obtain a duplicate copy of the property documents and to ensure that no problems arise in the future.



Q: I’ve misplaced my land’s ownership documents. How can I obtain duplicates of the same thing?

A: Simply submit an RTI request to the local government office (Tehsildar/Collector/Municipality, etc.) for ownership information on your land/property. Photocopies of the ownership records (Title deeds/7/12 excerpts, etc.) will be provided.

After then, file an FIR with a local police station claiming that you have misplaced the original paperwork of the property (if you haven’t already).

After that, armed with a copy of the FIR, go to the appropriate authorities (Tehsildar/Collector, etc.) and request duplicate ownership paperwork.



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