Top 10 Factors to Consider When Choosing the Right Floor in a High-Rise -Tower

A buyer is frequently perplexed as to which floor is best for their home. The majority of India’s cities are now developing vertically, High Rise Tower, as the population of cities, grows and the area available to accommodate them grows. As a result, Indian real estate developers are building high-rise buildings in both the luxury and inexpensive categories in order to appeal to a diverse range of house purchasers.

Choosing the Right Floor in a High-Rise-Tower

So, whether you’re a house buyer looking for advice on which level to buy in a high-rise residential apartment project or which floor to live on, keep reading.

Each floor, whether high or low, has its own set of benefits and drawbacks. Before you make a decision, consider all of the factors and choose which option best suits your lifestyle.


navimumbaihouses has compiled a list of factors to help you in your home search:

– View: Obviously, higher floors provide a better view, particularly if the tower is near a gorgeous location. If this is a priority for you, choose a higher floor.

– Rental returns: According to property surveys, lower floors attract higher rental returns since Indians prefer to live closer to the ground. If you’re looking to buy a house as an investment, the ground level of a high-rise structure is the greatest option. People choose upper levels, particularly in Mumbai and Bengaluru, whereas buyers in the Delhi-National Capital Region (NCR) and Chennai favor bottom floors. Climate differences could be a factor in the disparity in preferences.

Living on the lower floors, on the other hand, may not provide much privacy in congested neighborhoods. A higher floor may be preferable if you value privacy and want to avoid any unwelcome interference.

– Noise: Many house buyers want higher floors to reduce street noise or avoid noise from other residents going through the common corridor. If, on the other hand, your ground-floor property is not in the common corridor and is not far away from the elevators, staircase, or clubhouse, the noise will not be an issue for you.

– Energy consumption: As you go higher, the amount of energy you use increases. Summers require you to run your air conditioners (ACs) for longer periods of time. Another operation that consumes a lot of energy is pulling water with motor pumps.

– Security: Because it is simpler for anti-social elements to break into lower or sub-level residences, ground floors provide a disproportionately higher crime risk. Overall, it is influenced by the structure of your high-rise and the security measures put in place by the management of your residential society.

Waiting for the elevator can be time-consuming for most of us. Choose to reside on the ground floor or on the sub-floors so that you may use the stairs with ease.

– Family consideration: If you have children or elderly parents, it is always preferable to live on a lower floor. It not only adds to the safety factor, but it also adds to the convenience factor. Furthermore, if you or a member of your family has mobility issues or is afraid of heights, you should choose to live closer to the ground.

– Light and ventilation: When compared to the upper floors, apartments on the ground floor have less light and ventilation. Not only that, but mosquitoes aren’t a problem on the top floors.

– Water seepage: It has been noticed that water seepage and drainage concerns are most prevalent on the top and ground floors. It also depends on the residential complex’s drainage and sanitary system.



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