Best tips for home / Flat buyer, Verify documents without a lawyer

Without the lawyer of an expert, you can verify the validity of your purchase paperwork. However, home buyer there are a few things to consider before signing on the dotted line.

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Due investigation and understanding of your rights can surely protect you from developers’ unethical practices. In a sector where transparency is still lacking, despite the numerous rules enacted over the last half-decade, it is important to physically examine all paperwork before purchasing any property. It is also strongly advised that you retain the services of a lawyer to guide you through this difficult procedure. If it is not a realistic circumstance, a buyer can finalize the property purchase themselves by exercising extreme caution.


Without the help of a lawyer, how can you verify documents?

Buyers’ check list

– Personal details

The agreement must include all of the seller’s information. This contains information about the father’s name, residence, PAN number, Aadhaar number, and bank account. It must also include precise information about the property’s location, as well as the municipal, tehsil (administrative division), or collector’s land record number. The agreement should be witnessed by two persons, one from the buyer’s side and the other from the seller’s side.


– Property documents

The seller must attest to the validity of the title papers and the agreement’s ownership transfer. He must also explain unequivocally that the transfer and handing over of possession is legal and thoroughly documented. The agreement must state that all property-related debts have been paid in full up to the date of transfer. Furthermore, the agreement must completely protect the buyer in the event of a dispute over the property’s title or ownership.


– Date of possession

“For the purpose of transferring the apartment from the builder, the date of ownership of an unit is crucial to the purchaser. It is the date on which the purchaser will take ownership of the property, and it obligates the developer to provide possession by the agreed-upon date. The purchaser has the right to litigate if ownership is not delivered by that date.

A contract’s ‘time of essence’ provision establishes the contractual deadlines for the parties to fulfill their commitments.


– Payment schedule

“The provision that establishes the payment schedule specifies the total amount to be paid as well as the time range in which it must be paid. The payment schedule contains the specifics of each installment if the payment is done in installments. This helps to avoid any potential misunderstandings in the future. The agreement must include the buyer’s entire payment information, including any mortgage information.

Verify documents without a lawyer

– Termination

The termination clause outlines the consequences that will be placed on the parties if they fail to follow the required code of conduct. The contract may include a ‘termination for convenience’ clause, which allows any party to cancel the contract at any time.


– Dispute resolution

The process through which the parties can resolve their issues is outlined in the dispute resolution provision. This is an alternative to going to court to resolve the issue. Aside from that, adjudication and mediation are two more methods for resolving commercial contracts.


– Amenities

The amenities clause informs the buyer of the additional benefits to which he will be entitled, as well as the additional amount to be paid toward maintenance costs. The purchaser may regard any failure to supply the requested facilities to be a violation of contract.


– Penalty

A penalty provision should be included in the purchase agreement, explicitly stating milestones and the consequences of both the seller and the buyer failing to meet them.

Finally, the buyer benefits from filing a valid purchase agreement since it protects them from legal difficulties at any stage of ownership or potential selling. Once the purchase agreement has been prepared and registered, no changes may be made. If any changes are required, the buyer’s approval must be acquired, and the agreement will be amended with an amendment.


Verification of property papers

Before agreeing to any agreement, you must read and understand all of the terms and conditions and clauses specified in the property paperwork. You may also find the working hard to grasp due to the frequent use of legalese. Unless you check a legal dictionary, don’t presume a word has a precise meaning.



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