Tourist Attractions & Activities in Siliguri

 Attractions & Activities in Siliguri: The majority of travelers who pass through Siliguri are headed for Darjeeling, Sikkim, or Bhutan. Nevertheless, if you have the courage to visit Siliguri, you can have a very amazing experience. Parks, monasteries, shrines, tea gardens, and the renowned Darjeeling Himalayan Railway may all be found here, offering fantastic opportunities to enjoy the city’s varied features.

By Air: The closest airport to Siliguri is in Bagdogra. From the airport, it takes about 15 minutes to get to Siliguri. To go to Siliguri, one can rent a cab or an automobile.

By Train: New Jalpaiguri has the closest rail. The majority of India’s largest cities are easily accessible from this.

By Road: Through well-maintained highways, Siliguri is well connected to all of its surrounding West Bengal locations. Darjeeling, located 67 kilometers from Siliguri, is also linked to it. Visitors can ride public and private buses with reasonable service.

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15 Top Tourist Attractions & Activities in Siliguri

Here is a list of the top attractions in Siliguri, along with pictures.

Mahananda Weir Wildlife Sanctuary

 Tourist Attractions & Activities in Siliguri

One of West Bengal’s most magnificent animal sanctuaries, Mahananda Wildlife Sanctuary, is just 9 km from Siliguri. This reserve forest is home to a variety of plants and animals, including orchids, jarul, elephants, serow, and even a few Bengal tigers.

Because it is a well-known tourist attraction in Siliguri, you must not miss it. Birdwatchers will enjoy seeing flycatchers, Himalayan pied hornbills, and migratory species that are native to central Asia.

The refuge has a government-run woods cabin and a museum with preserved animals if you want to spend the night there.


 Tourist Attractions & Activities in Siliguri

Dudhia is a popular tourist destination in Siliguri. It is a charming little community next to the banks of the Balason River. It is surrounded by tea gardens, which serve as a lovely backdrop for all of the photographs. A picnic might be a great idea there as well.

Due to the winter’s low water levels, Dudhia sees a lot of tourists. On the other hand, go there on a weekday if you want to avoid the throngs.

Chilapata Forest

 Tourist Attractions & Activities in Siliguri

An exceptionally diverse collection of plants and animals may be found in the rainforest, which is bordered by the banks of the Torsha and Bania rivers. This forest is home to a variety of wildlife, occasionally including newly developing species. It forms an elephant corridor between Jaldapara National Park and Buxa Tiger Reserve.

The endangered one-horned rhinoceros, bison, leopards, and wild pigs are all found in the Chilapata forest, which also has more than 20 distinct kinds of snakes.

The lookout along the River Torsa is the best site to view wildlife and enjoy the area’s unparalleled natural beauty. You can also tour the historic Nalraja Garh ruins, which date back to the 5th century AD and are surrounded by the legendary Ram Guna Trees, also referred to as “the bleeding trees.”


 Tourist Attractions & Activities in Siliguri

The ISKCON temple in Siliguri is the biggest Krishna Consciousness centre in northeast India. It is one of the most significant religious sites for devotees and pilgrims as well as a well-known centre for the study of Vedic culture. The main structure of the temple has a calm, clean vibe and is located in the middle of a vast, well-kept garden.

You are welcome to take a peaceful boat ride on the made-up green lake after engaging in the mystical worship service. There is Thai, Chinese, Italian, Chinese, and Indian food available nearby at a restaurant. For as little as Rs 800 per day, you can stay in a cozy hotel suite at the nearby temple guest house.

Savin Kingdom

 Tourist Attractions & Activities in Siliguri

The Savin Kingdom is a 10-acre tourist attraction with a castle-themed design that is situated near Siliguri. It offers a variety of attractions such rides, play spaces, a big pool, banquets, a hotel, and restaurants. This makes it a popular option for families looking for a vacation, among both locals and tourists.

People of all ages are attracted to the water park’s huge pool because it features a wave pool, water slides, and other fun activities even though the amusement park is packed with thrilling attractions.

The exciting adventure rides and sports will be a hit with kids. Additionally, a variety of fascinating activities are offered, like henna painting, pottery making, magic shows, and fortune telling.

The on-site Savin Plaza has dining establishments and a movie theatre. Savin Retreat is a three-star resort with upscale guestrooms and banquet space for events and gatherings.

Salugara Monastery

 Tourist Attractions & Activities in Siliguri

About 6 km outside of the city is the Salugara Monastery, a Buddhist holy place and one of Siliguri’s most popular tourist destinations. It is as peaceful as you would imagine a monastery to be, making it perfect for meditation or if you just need some alone time.

The monk and educator Kalu Rinpoche constructed a stupa that is 100 feet tall. There are five relics there that are highly revere by devotees; as a result, Siliguri is a popular tourist attraction.

Bengal Safari Park

Tourist Attractions & Activities in Siliguri

Bengal Safari Park is the ideal place to take the whole family on an outdoor adventure. The park showcases the diversity and abundance of North Bengal’s fauna. It was also the first park in the region to offer animal safari excursions, which increased tourism in the region. The park, which covers 700 acres, is a portion of the densely forest area of the Mahananda Wildlife Sanctuary.

Nevertheless, despite assertions to the contrary, the elephant rides and animal safaris are what draw the majority of visitors to the park.

Visitors have a variety of options, including the Mixed Herbivore Safari, Royal Bengal Tiger Safari, Asiatic Black Bear Safari, Leopard Safari, Aviary Foot Trail, and Lesser Cat Enclosure Trail.

Sepoy Dhura Tea Garden

Tourist Attractions & Activities in Siliguri

The Sepoy Dhura Tea Garden, which is located in the Shivkhola Hills close to the more well-known Tindharia Tea Garden, is one of Siliguri’s less well-known attractions. You can get a taste of the region’s pristine natural beauty in this tea garden.

This tea farm is the ideal day trip from Siliguri because it is close to a nearby village. If you want to see surrounding sites, book a room at one of the neighborhood Homestays.

Enjoy the amazing views while taking a stroll through the garden and breathing in the fresh air. You may also see the tea harvesting procedure firsthand and, if you choose, even become involved.

Coronation Bridge

 Tourist Attractions & Activities in Siliguri

The Coronation Bridge in Siliguri is one of the most well-liked tourist destinations in the city. It is located about 25 km from Siliguri in the small settlement of Sevoke. The Teesta River’s depth present a problem that had to be overcome, and John Chambers, the penultimate British executive engineer employee by the PWD’s Darjeeling division, construct the bridge to honor the coronation of Queen Elizabeth and King George VI.

North Bengal Science Center

 Tourist Attractions & Activities in Siliguri

One of the city’s most intriguing attractions is the North Bengal Science Centre. One of the most well-liked tourist attractions in Siliguri, its goal is to teach science through imaginative science presentations, dioramas, a 3D theatre, and a digital projector.

The main attraction is without a doubt the T-Rex statue that greets you as you approach the gate. Because there are only small entrance fees, both adults and children will enjoy the site, which is quite accessible.

Sevoke Kali Mandir

Tourist Attractions & Activities in Siliguri

The Sevokeshwari Kali Mandir, also known as Sevoke Kali Mandir, is located close to Coronation Bridge on the banks of the potent Teesta River. The remoteness of this Kali temple, which is surround by forests, attracts both pilgrims and tourists.

Steps that have been paint in bright colors lead up to the main temple. Due to the stunning view of Mount Kanchenjunga looming over the Teesta, this temple is one of Siliguri’s most popular tourist destinations. Visitors can always access the Mandir. During festivals, the tranquilly of the temple is replace by the jingling of prayer bells.

Hong Kong Market

 Tourist Attractions & Activities in Siliguri

Siliguri shopping is incomplete without a visit to the Hong Kong Market. You should visit the Siliguri Hong Kong Market if you enjoy shopping and believe that a trip wouldn’t be complete without doing so. Your itinerary should surely include a visit to Hong Kong Market, one of Siliguri’s most well-liked tourist attractions for all types of customers. You may shop for local goods like apparel, jewellery, accessories, and handicrafts.

Kanchenjunga Stadium

 Tourist Attractions & Activities in Siliguri

The multipurpose Kanchenjunga Stadium was construct in 1969 and is primarily use for cricket and football matches. The stadium can accommodate 45,000 spectators and may be use for both daytime and evening events. Numerous Federation Cup and Ranji Trophy games are usually play here.

Lokenath Temple

 Tourist Attractions & Activities in Siliguri

A masterpiece of construction, the Lokenath Baba Mandir features excellent artwork in the form of statues of numerous deities. The most adored deity in this place is perhaps the split image of Lokenath Baba and Lord Shiva. Devotees may also see a designated puja area, a big Ganesha statue, and a representation of the goddess Lakshmi in this location.

Darjeeling Himalayan Railway

 Tourist Attractions & Activities in Siliguri

New Jalpaiguri and Darjeeling are connect by the Darjeeling Himalayan Railway, which has a two-foot narrow gauge. The well-known toy railroad connects Darjeeling and Siliguri by taking a lovely route via Kurseong.

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, this toy train ride offers a singular experience. In addition to the toy railway, the vintage coaches and the luxurious Vista Dome coaches that were recently introduce are the main tourist attractions.

A hiker will delight in the trail’s meandering curves, loops, Zs, and steep inclines, and the mesmerizing mountain in the background makes for a magnificent backdrop. In addition, visitors can visit the photo gallery at Sukna Railway Station as well as the DHR archives at Kurseong Station, Elysia Place, and Ghum Station.







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