Understanding the Value of Walls for Load Bearing

Load-bearing walls are important components of concrete structures because they stabilize the whole structure and guide the weight to the base below it. Any essential aspects of the concrete structure should be known to those who have their house built or remodel their current home, which plays a tremendous role in maintaining the structural strength of the house. The load-bearing wall is one of these very significant components. 

Understanding the value of walls for load bearing

What are walls with load bearings?

A load-bearing wall is considered the wall that sustains the weight of a floor or a roof frame above. They are called as such since they carry the load and support the structure’s weight. A load-bearing wall conducts the weight beneath it to a foundation structure. If you are considering remodeling, to confirm whether a wall is a load-bearing or non-load bearing, you can work with an architect, structural engineer, or experts.

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How can a load-bearing wall be identified?

The following may help if you want to recognize load-bearing walls in your home:

Typically, external walls are load-bearing and they are almost certainly always load-bearing if there is any new addition involved, where some exterior walls appear like internal walls.

Finding the beams (this is most likely to be a metal I-beam or a multi-board wood beam) in a house with an unfinished basement or one where the walls are readily accessible will mean where the weight of the house is resting. It is possible that walls immediately above such beams and walls above such walls are load-bearing.

There will also be a load-bearing wall at a right angle to the floor joists. A wall that at some point seems to be holding up an intersection of joists is most potentially a load-bearing wall.

Understanding the value of walls for load bearing

Could you Cut Walls for Load-Bearing?

It is possible to detach load-bearing walls from the frame, but only under the supervision of experts. Removing a load-bearing wall on your own will considerably harm the foundation of your house.

It takes a lot of preparation to break down a load-bearing wall which is more complex than breaking down a partition wall. Apart from its structural value, load-bearing walls have essentials such as pipes and wires that hinder the task of removing the wall.

Consequently, you will even need to employ an electrician or a plumber, in addition to an engineer. You will need to make adjustments to the layout of the floor below it if you plan to drop a load-bearing wall on the upper floor to continue the load journey to the base.

If you live in a communal community, you will require explicit authorization to lift the load-bearing wall from various agencies, including the local municipal corporation. You will have to apply with your application the architectural plan, map and configuration for this. Your structure may be visited by a structural engineer to examine your submission.

Often, to protect the house from crumbling as the wall is demolished, it must be braced with temporary supports, such as columns or support frames, before knocking down the load-bearing wall.


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