Vastu Remidies Important Area of Kitchen in Your Home

The cooking area in a residence, Property in Kharghar is the resource where food that nourishes the inhabitants of the home, is prepared. We take a look at some Vastu dos and don’ts for this vital area of the house

The kitchen, today, is the center of the task in a modern residence. Kitchen areas are properly designed areas with the latest gizmos, where members of the family are seen cooking, bonding together as well as even socializing with loved ones. Vastu Shastra, which advocates the style and building of buildings attuned to the natural laws of deep space, has a number of standards for the open as well as the closed kitchen area, to ensure that the house has the ideal kind of power as well as positivity. Property in Navi Mumbai Kharghar the environment in the kitchen area is really crucial, for the owner’s health and various other benefits, states Vastu Shastra and astrology specialist, Jayshree Dhamani.

kitchen area Vastu Shastra ideas

” Health is wide range as well as the appropriate position and also placement of points, in the appropriate instructions, matters according to Vastu Shastra. It is the fireplace which purifies the energy of your home as well as therefore, the food cooked there is stated to sustain as well as nurture the body. Thus the fire needs to be put in the ideal instructions. Kitchens need to not be in the north-east and also south-west,” clarifies Dhamani.

Kitchen area direction based on Vastu

According to Vastu, one’s residence needs to have an appropriate balance of the aspects of earth, sky, air, fire, and water. “Fire or ‘Agni devta’, is related to the Sun, which symbolizes power as well as toughness. According to Vastu, the placement of fire sources must be in the south-east instructions. So, the cooking area must remain in the south-east corner of your home as well as one ought to face east while cooking. West is an alternating neutral instruction to face, while food preparation. flats in Kharghar Navi Mumbai the sink needs to preferably be placed in the north-west zone of the kitchen area. Place the water pots as well as a water purifier in the north-east side,” states Mumbai-based Nitin Parmar of VastuPlus.

A clean, large as well as clutter-free cooking area is a must for ever wellness as well as prosperity. The kitchen area has to have windows as well as be airy and have sufficient light. In order to avoid mess and also have enough room while food preparation, the layout of the cooking area need to be marginal, with tidy, basic lines. Storage area, as for possible, need to be on the west and south walls of the kitchen area.

” Water leaking from a tap or a leaking pipe in the kitchen area, represents that wealth is being drained from one’s life and ought to be instantly fixed. Always keep the rice jar in the house filled over half for prosperity. Prevent maintaining storage space jars on old papers. Do not maintain the dustbin in north-east of the kitchen and stay clear of cooking under an above beam of light,” includes Parmar.

kitchen Vastu Shastra

Dining-room Vastu

It is not the cooking area alone that issues; even the eating area must be done according to Vastu Shastra. “The dining table need to not be below a commode on the upper flooring. The table ought to preferably remain in the form of a square or a rectangular shape, as they stand for security. Avoid round or oblong dining tables. Lights produce favorable energy. flats for sale in Kharghar Navi Mumbai so, the dining location must not be dark. Maintain a mirror near the table wall surface, as a mirror reflects as well as consequently, doubles the food noticeable, which stands for wealth as well as wide range,” states Parmar.

Vastu colors for kitchen area

Ideal colors recommended for the kitchen area are eco-friendly, lemon yellow, and also orange as these represent beneficial colors and colors of fire. Prevent utilizing black, grey, and blue colors in the kitchen area. “In case one can not have a different pooja room, one can have a holy place in the kitchen area, in the north/east corner, provided one chefs vegan food. If non-vegetarian food is prepared, after that, it is much better not to keep a holy place in the cooking area,” ends Dhamani.

Vastu for kitchen area: Dos and also don’ts

  1. Do not maintain medicines in the cooking area.
  2. Frequently tidy the kitchen area. Mop the floor extensively and throw out all undesirable things. Never ever maintain damaged or broken mugs, meals, or frying pans.
  3. Avoid keeping waste material, like old newspaper cloths and also unwanted things, in the cooking area.
  4. Keep a tulsi, pudina, bamboo, or any organic plant in the kitchen window location. Prevent thorny plants, as these give rise to stress in the environment.
  5. A well-organized as well as neat cooking area, not only helps one to prepare effortlessly, yet also creates a favorable vibe.
  6. Maintain the burners of the kitchen stove tidy, as this guarantees a smooth flow of cash in a home.


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