Tips From Vastu Shastra For Children’s Education And Development

Vastu Shastra For Children’s : How should parents set up their children’s study areas to guarantee that they can focus and perform well in school? Based on Vastu Shastra, we provide some recommendations.


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Some parents assume that their children are able to excel in tests without exerting excessive effort. Others, on the other hand, may believe that their children study all the time yet do poorly in tests. According to Vastu Shastra specialists, the energy balance of your home has a significant impact on your child’s education and growth. While this affects people of all ages, it has a greater impact on youngsters.

The Vastu of the house has an important role in determining their destiny as kids grow and prosper in the home, acquiring habits and attitudes. If the Vastu and energy flow are correct, they will be able to focus on their academics.


Tips from Vastu Shastra for children's education and development


Vastu Shastra For Children’s: According to Vastu Shastra, where should you study at home?

The best place to learn depends on the child’s age. “If your child is in secondary school, the optimum area for them to study is in the north-east corner of the home, facing east.” If your child is studying for a competitive test or taking a professional degree, the best location for them to study is in the north-west, facing north,”  Electronic gadgets should be kept in a separate place since they may be very distracting and inhibit positive and beneficial energy.


Vastu Shastra For Children’s: Colors from the Vastu Shastra for children’s overall development

“The colours green and blue are linke with freshness and optimism. Another important consideration is lighting, which should be neither too bright nor too dim. Lighting oriented north-east has been shown to produce the best outcomes. “As far as possible, avoid storing electronics in your child’s room,” 


Vastu guidelines for children who live in a dormitory, PG, or are away from home for school.

Make certain that the room door is not facing south. The study table should be positione in the north-east corner of the room. The room should be green in colour, and the youngster should study with his or her back to the east or north.

“Simple changes to your hostel room that will have a great impact.” Sleeping in a south-north or east-west orientation is recommended (keeping the head due south or due east). Keep the entryway as open and uncluttered as possible.”

On the eastern side, try to have as many windows as possible, since this will guarantee that your room is well-lit in the mornings. Additionally, any beams or beam-shape items should be avoided in the room. If this isn’t possible, don’t sit or sleep below it.

Negative energy is represente by cluttere and dusty rooms, and your child will pick it up from their environment. Above all, keep in mind that a clean and organised space translates into a clean and organised mind.

Tips from Vastu Shastra for children's education and development

Vastu Shastra For Children’s: Vastu guidelines for a child’s study space

  • The north-east is the best direction to study in.
  • A window right in front of the study table should be avoided.
  • Avoid placing the study table or study space beneath a beam that runs straight overhead.
  • Children will benefit from a study table that is square or rectangular in design. Round study tables should be avoided.
  • Keep the number of devices in the child’s room to a minimum.
  • Red should not be use in a child’s room or furnishings.


The advantages of a favourable Vastu layout in a child’s room

  • It will assist them in concentrating – your child will be less distracted and able to focus more effectively.
  • Your child will be a better family member, friend, and student as a result of your efforts.
  • They can achieve excellent exam results, which would help them gain admission to top universities.
  • They have the ability to filter out bad energy.
  • It enhances a child’s learning capacity.




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