Vastu Shastra ideas and also guidelines for designing bathrooms washrooms as well as toilets

If you are redesigning or constructing a shower room(bathroom) in your home, here are some Vastu Shastra guidelines, to guarantee that it aids develop a generally positive atmosphere at home for all family members

A bulk of Indian homeowners favour Vastu-compliant houses, due to the belief that it will certainly ensure favourable energy within the residence. 1 BHK Flats in Navi Mumbai Even those that are not really specific regarding adhering to Vastu Shastra standards, agree that it might be much easier to sell a home in the secondary market if it is Vastu-compliant and also devoid of any kind of doshas. Vastu Shastra has guidelines for each space in your home– the instructions of the spaces, colours that can be made use of, means to remedy issues, if any, etc. In this short article, we check out just how to make your bath and laundry area Vastu compliant.

Vastu Shastra ideas  for designing bathrooms washroom toilets

Most households put a lot of energy and also effort, in creating and renovating their space. The thinking behind this is that the attracting room and hall are the areas that your guests see and thus, it should be nice. However, homeowners need to offer equivalent significance to every room, since every area can be moulded to produce favourable energy. Under Construction projects in Navi Mumbai bathrooms, as well as toilets, are commonly one of the most ignored spaces. It is risky to leave a much-frequented area neglected. If you are looking to construct or redesign your washroom or remedy the Vastu of the washroom, here are some tips to start with:

Bathroom instructions based on Vastu

The shower room needs to be in the north or north-west section of your house. Do not construct the bathroom located in the south direction or perhaps in the south-east or south-west instructions, as it is claimed to have an adverse influence on the health of the people in your house.

Bathroom doors need to be in the north or eastern instructions. Use a wood door and also avoid steel doors. Restroom doors must be hugged in any way times, as it is claimed that leaving it open could let negative power pervade right into your individual connections.

Guarantee that the washroom does not share its wall with your bedroom or your cooking area or sanctified areas like the pooja area. Beds need to not be positioned near the restroom or commode room.

If the bathroom remains in the bathroom, its placement must remain in the west or the north-west instructions.

Vastu Shastra ideas and also guidelines for designing bathrooms

Vastu for restroom fixtures

Water electrical outlets and also drainage have to be in the north, east or north-east and the slope of the restroom need to be in the exact same direction.

Washbasins should be in the east, north or north-east part of the restroom

The shower must additionally be found in the eastern, north or north-east component.

Mirrors in the washroom must be set up on the north or eastern wall of the shower room.

Electric installations, such as geysers, can be put in the south-east side.

Exhaust fans, or if you have a home window for ventilation, need to deal with the east or north-east instructions.

Vastu colours for the shower room(bathroom).

Opt for light colours for the shower room, such as beige as well as lotion. Avoid black and also dark blue.

If you go through the regulations for building of a bathroom and commode space within your residence, you will recognize that the Vastu Shastra is not almost making sure favourable energy within your household however following these regulations will also assist you to maintain your room sanitary as well as practical whatsoever times.


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