Vastu Shastra Recommendations For A Rented Home

Vastu Shastra Rented Home: Vastu Shastra principles are important not only when purchasing a home, but also when moving into a rental property. We examine the key Vastu aspects that prospective tenants must consider before signing a lease.

Vastu Shastra, an ancient science of architecture, is concerned with increasing positive energy in a specific space. It applies equally to both private homes and rental properties. “When apply correctly in the living space, Vastu Shastra principles ensure physical, spiritual, and material well-being.” Vastu defects can be correcte by making changes to the rooms, using harmonious colours, changing the placement of objects, or using regulators and remedies,” 


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Vastu Shastra Rented Home: External Vastu factors to consider when renting a home

The external environment is important when renting a house or apartment, even if you are only going to be there for a few months. The property’s location, including the house/flat and street, is critical.

“External forces have a large influence on the internal forces in the house.” Bring your spouse/family members with you when you visit the rental property to gauge how you feel in the space. Check the ventilation, lighting, and air flow in the house in addition to the energy. Most urban areas have mobile or electricity towers. Places that are too close to these towers should be avoided. Avoid locations near hospitals, cemeteries, or heavy traffic – in other words, unsettling environments. “If the location makes you feel uncomfortable or uneasy, it may not suit your energy patterns.” 


Checklist of things to look for before buying a home

When renting a house, basic considerations must be made. “Most importantly, avoid a house with excessive Vastu negatives, such as a toilet in the north-east, a kitchen in the north-east or south-west zone, or a missing corner in the north-east or south-west zone.” “The master bedroom should face south-west.”

When renting a house or an apartment, try to learn about the property’s history. Including how prosperous the previous occupants were and why they left. “The direction of the main door is significant, as it is determine by the individual’s date of birth.” There are positive quadrants, and the main door should follow this principle.” Before entering the house, perform a small havan to purify the space and cleanse it of any negative forces. There should be a Ganesh puja, Navagraha Shanti (worship of the nine planets), and a Vastu puja performed.

Colors emit vibrations. As a result, choose lighter colours for the walls and avoid using too much grey or black. Before moving, have the house freshly painted and all leaking pipes, faucets, broken furniture, and shelves repaired.


Vastu Shastra Rented Home: Repairing Vastu flaws

“To bring tranquillity and success, Vastu harmony paintings, yantra. And crystals can be use to correct Vastu defects.” “Use auspicious symbols such as elephants, kuberan crystals, Buddhas, and paintings of water bodies, mountains, or the sun, “If you are already living in a rented house with Vastu flaws. Consult a Vastu practitioner who can advise you on remedies that do not necessitate changing the space.

There are a few other simple steps that can be taken to make the rental space more harmonious. Regular mopping of the floors, for example, with salt water, can help to cleanse the space. “Light incense, dhoop, or essential oils to cleanse and freshen the home.” Playing soothing music or chants can also help to create a relaxing atmosphere. Nurture a few plants or place flowers and pleasant pictures around the house to attract positive and cheerful energy. Keep clutter, dust, and cobwebs to a minimum because they attract negative energy. Also, make sure that all of the clocks in the house are in working order.”


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