Vastu Shastra suggestions for east-facing residences

Is east-facing residential property lucky according to Vastu? Let’s discover

Acquiring a residential property in India is a lengthy and also tiresome procedure, often accompanied by Vastu considerations. Flats in Navi Mumbai although Vastu Shastra specialists claim that all directions are equally good, several myths prevail on the topic. For example, a south or west-facing home is considered less good for proprietors, whereas an east-facing home is believed to be luckier for the citizens. Occasionally, individuals are ready to pay additional for Vastu-compliant houses. However, is it worth it? Allow us to find out.

Vastu Shastra suggestions for east-facing residences

What is an east-facing house?

If you are inside your house, before the entrance door, it is the instructions you encounter while coming out of your house. If you encounter east while leaving the house, you have an eastern- facing residence.

Are our eastern facing residences great?

It is often thought that the houses that are larger in the east, are blessed with even more lot of money as well as good luck. Residences that are wide and at a lower degree in the eastern than other instructions are thought about luckiest.

Vastu for east-facing building

According to Vastu Shastra guidelines, east-facing residential or commercial properties are thought to be great for structures as well as multi-storey houses. Nonetheless, for independent residences and bungalows, this instruction is not counted among the best choices. Likewise, there are certain Vastu rules, standards and also concepts that have to be complied with when it involves Vastu for an east-facing residential or commercial property in Navi Mumbai.

Vastu for east-facing main door

If you have an east-facing residence, take caution while placing the main door entry. Constantly guarantee that your entry is exactly in the centre as well as not in the south-east or north-east, as these two corners are thought about unfortunate for positioning the main door in the east-facing property, according to Vastu.

Vastu Shastra east-facing home

Dos and also don’ts for east-facing house

Walls in the north and east directions should be somewhat shorter and also thinner than those in the south and west.

The cooking area must be intended in the south-east or north-west instructions.

Plan your kitchen in a way that you deal with the east (in a south-east kitchen) or west (in a north-west cooking area), while food preparation.

The pooja space and also living room in the north-east direction, are considered very auspicious.

You can plan the guest room in the north-west instructions.

A plot that slopes from south to north is considered good.

A master bedroom in the south-west direction is considered the most effective.

There should be no room, commodes and also sewage-disposal tanks in the north-east corner.

There ought to be no kitchen in the north-east edge.

There need to be no big trees in the northern and also eastern side of your home

There should be no clutter, dirt, dustbins, and so on, in the north as well as north-east corner.

Leave much more open space in the eastern and also northern side of your home.

The border wall must be greater in the southern and also western side of the plot.

Stay clear of buying residential or commercial property, which is affixed to the land in the south or west instructions.

Think about a residential or commercial property which has a plot attached to it in the north direction, as it is taken into consideration lucky as well as brings prosperity as well as lot of money.

If there is any type of student in your house, keep a crystal globe in the north-east area.

Detoxify the house with hill salt two times a week, to enhance energised feelings.


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