Things you should know, before you cancel Property Booking

What happens after you decide to cancel the Booking of a level, Properties in Navi Mumbai will be dependent on the stipulations in the builder-buyer agreement and whether or not this arrangement has legal validity

Homebuyers may, occasionally, be forced to Finish their home-purchase journey suddenly, for reasons beyond their control. Flats in Navi Mumbai there have been several instances in the recent past, where buyers had to cancel the flats they had booked, due to the sudden loss of earnings due to the Coronavirus pandemic. In other instances, the buyer may have a change of mind, after discovering a problem with the property. In any event, they have to cancel the flat booking. This is a scenario that each and every buyer should consider before they begin their home purchase travel.

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What happens when you cancel a flat booking?

Booking of a level, will depend on the stipulations in the builder-buyer arrangement and whether this arrangement has legal validity — i.e., whether the builder-buyer agreement has been registered.

Cancellation of flat booking and booking of token money Usually, a buyer pays a certain Usually, at least 1% of the deal value is compensated as the token cash by the buyer to the seller or the builder, when both parties give an in-principle approval to the deal.

From the time the builder-buyer agreement is Created, the buyer must organize the advance money, which is typically 10% of the property value, after which the record is registered to attain a legal validity.

As long as the agreement is not registered, The seller cannot deduct any money from the advance amount. If the buyer can negotiate well, he might be able to get his entire money refunded.

Cancellation after the builder-buyer agreement is registered

From a buyer’s standpoint, cancellation At this stage is pricey. “Once the builder-buyer arrangement is registered, the seller is legally permitted to forfeit a certain part of this amount. flat in navi mumbai every builder-buyer arrangement is written differently and based on the terms and conditions mentioned in the agreement, the purchaser will have to forego a part of the full amount,” says Sanjor Kumar, a Delhi-based real estate broker.

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As this is a buyers’ market right now, real estate developers do not force the buyers to forfeit the entire reservation amount, adds Dheeraj Nigam, a Noida-based property broker. “This is done as part of their brand-building exercise and to acquire the consumers’ trust. Unless a buyer is willfully trying to undermine the deal, programmers are open to refunding the reservation amount, so long as the reason for the cancellation is real and valid,” maintains Nigam.

Legal treatment to claim a refund for flat cancellation

If the buyer is not happy with the Programmer’s conduct, vis-à-vis the refunding of money, they could approach the Real Estate Regulatory Authority in their state. This may be done, if the vendor is a programmer and the unit purchased is an under-construction property. property rates in navi mumbai if you purchased a resale home from a single vendor, you’ll have to approach the consumer court, to get your grievance addressed.

“These processes take time and it’s better For the buyer to peacefully negotiate with the vendor, to reach a satisfactory outcome for both the parties,” opines Kumar.

Things keep in mind

  1. The property, till the builder-buyer arrangement, is registered. This is why it’s necessary to keep everything recorded and registered.
  2. For every transaction, Have a receipt form The seller and maintain all such copies secure with you.
  3. Cancellation of booking and get it changed, if you find it is heavily in favor of the seller.
  4. Hire a legal adviser to carry out the Process, to decrease the odds of errors.


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