Vastu solutions in the south-west direction for a cut

If your home or plot has a cut in the south-west direction, here are some remedies and suggestions.

According to Vastu Shastra, as per Vedic astrology, the south-west path, also known as the Nairutya corner, denotes the elements of the earth and is ruled by Rahu, one of the fiercest planets.

Vastu solutions in the south-west direction for a cut

The south-west corner also reflects your household’s harmony and, thus, it is important for you to align all the components in this area to ensure happiness and prosperity at home.

If there is a cut in this corner or some other big Vastu fault, however, it can cause your home to be disrupted.

It may also trigger unforeseen costs and trigger emotional tension. It is also important for you to keep this portion heavier than any other part of your home and position stuff that can carry the advantages of the elements of the earth.


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Vastu defects towards the south-west

  • South-west bathroom.
  • South-west kitchen.
  • A cut in the course of the South-West.
  • Cut/extension, wide western opening/windows.
  • House or front door entry in the south-west.
  • Borewell or reservoir of water underground in the south-west.
  • South-west living or sitting room.

Vastu South-West Corner Remedies

  • Place heavy furniture or objects in this corner if there is a cut in the southwest direction, as it will assist you in countering the negative effects.
  • Place lovely and fun paintings on the walls in the south-west corner with earthy elements.
  • Repaint the south-west wall in peach or light brown or other earthy colors, if you may.
  • A Rahu Yantra can also be put in the South-West corner.
  • Place Vastu pyramids in all ways as this will draw positive energy and, because of this Vastu defect, help to offset the negative energy produced.

Vastu defects in south-west direction

Vastu South-West Corner Tips

  • Place your jewellery, money and other valuable financial records in the south-west corner for financial security. Everything sustained in this direction appears to multiply, according to Vastu experts.
  • Ensure that the opening of the vault should not face the south or western direction for vaults located in this direction, since it could result in heavy expenses.
  • The primary safe and lockers should open in the north or north-east direction to avert financial difficulties and heavy expenditures.
  • Place a red cloth inside the safe together with a Citrine crystal for financial success as it absorbs riches and prosperity.
  • Never build a toilet in the south-west corner, as financial losses and monetary uncertainty will result.
  • Avoid a property facing the south-west with a fence, as it can attract struggles and misfortunes.
  • In the south-west corner of the building, put a glass filled with water and salt. Often, put a red-coloured bulb above it so that it shines on the glass while the bulb is switched on.
  • If your main house entry is in the south-west direction, ensure that the number of doors and windows from the inside house is even in number.
  • You can put a Ganesha idol near the entrance if you have a main door in the southwest direction.


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