Real Estate in Navi Mumbai | Real Estate Market Trend in Navi Mumbai 2021

The real estate market has suffered a lot in this pandemic, but can we assume coming 2021 will be a silver lining on the dark cloud. Yes, it could. From the time the stamp duty and registration charges have been reduced by the government people in India are thinking about buying new properties by selling their old properties and investors are thinking about investing money in real estate.

People are thinking about investing in properties for one more reason that the bank loan interest rates have been reduced and there is no meaning in saving money in Fixed Deposite whoever has money with them, as the F.D. interest rate is reduced to vulnerable. After so much suffering in the Year 2020 due to a massive pandemic, this could be the year of prosperity for real estate. Here we are briefing you on the current market rate of real estate properties in Navi Mumbai. We will be briefing you about the per square feet price rate of each area of Navi Mumbai.

Real Estate Market Trend in Navi Mumbai 2021

Real Estate Navi Mumbai 2021

This is the property survey done by Navimumbaihouses a property portal to find the best property online in your preferred location in Navi Mumbai. The prices given below are tentative and may vary from owner to owner. The property rate is per square feet and it is low to high. The per square feet property prices vary in different locations of that specific area because of the location benefits of that specific area.

The key locations like the areas near railway stations or the main market have higher rates than the others. Property rates also go high in the high rise buildings and plush societies. 

So, here is the list of property prices for the Navi Mumbai areas.

Property rates in Vashi in 2021 – Rs. 8,814 to Rs. 17,000 per sq.ft. 

Property rates in Nerul in 2021 – Rs. 9,826 – Rs. 24,104 per sq.ft. 

Property rates in Seawoods in 2021 – Rs.8,262- Rs. 19,453 per sq.ft. 

Property rates in Belapur in 2021 – Rs. 6,500 – Rs. 14,120 per sq.ft. 

Property rates in Kharghar in 2021 – Rs. 5,000 – Rs. 13,120 per sq.ft. 

Property rates in Ulwe in 2021 – Rs.4,997- Rs. 8,990 per sq.ft. 

Property rates in Panvel in 2021 – Rs.3,535- Rs. 9,050 per sq.ft. 

Property rates in Kamothe in 2021 – Rs.5,189- Rs. 9,002 per sq.ft. 

These are the property prices in Navi Mumbai in the first quarter of this year, however, it may change in the next quarter by a specific amount.

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About Navi Mumbai City

About Navi Mumbai City

Navi Mumbai is the new smart city. The city is under development by CIDCO and from the beginning of its evolution, it has been well planned and maintained by CIDCO. The roads in Navi Mumbai are wide enough that they resemble like the national highways of India. Navi Mumbai is spread across a wide area and there is a good scope of urban planning and development. One of the examples of this good planning and management by CIDCO for traffic control is the upcoming metro train.

Taloja and Kharghar are the emerging cities of Navi Mumbai and those are going to be the commercial hub of Navi Mumbai in the coming year. For that reason, CIDCO has planned a metro train in advance to control the chaos. Many of the commercial projects like BKC-2 are going to attract many businessmen and industrialists to shift their offices to this new location. 

Why Navi Mumbai Is the Best For Real Estate Investment?

Navi Mumbai Real Estate Investment


The prices per square foot in Navi Mumbai are less compared to Mumbai which attracts investors from Mumbai to invest their hard-earned money to the Navi Mumbai real estate because real estate was and is evergreen in terms of investment. Buying and selling properties in Navi Mumbai is easy because this is the key location plus there are plenty of options available to buy properties. There are many residential and commercial properties available by the industry’s best developers and builders. You can also buy a property at different phases which give you extra flexibility for payments. 

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