Vastu Tips For Children’s Bedrooms

Children’s Bedrooms: It is critical for children to have a connection with their family and home in order to grow correctly. While everyone should have their own personal space, children require a more private environment filled with warmth, love, happy energies, and nice dreams. According to several Vastu experts, Vastu for child bedroom is crucial to create good thoughts in your child’s head.

A child’s room should be a pleasant and successful place since it is a hub of fun, amusement, and joy. While you ensure that your children receive sufficient nourishment and that you go above and beyond to protect their health, you should not overlook a few details while creating their bedroom. Everything counts to guarantee their growth, from the position of their bed to the positioning of their study table. This article discusses Vastu for child bedroom, which is essential to follow.


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Vastu for the Child’s Bedroom

With these Vastu guidelines for kids’ bedrooms that can help you reinforce great feelings in their chamber, you may feel confident about your child’s excellent health and creative thinking. Here are 11 Vastu guidelines for a child’s bedroom:


Vastu Tips for Children's Bedrooms | Vastu for Children's Bedrooms


Tip 1: West is the Best Direction for a Child’s Bedroom

The children’s bedroom should preferably be towards the west direction of your home. For a soothing and serene sleep, Vastu recommends that your kid sleep with their head towards the east or south direction. According to Vastu, the position of a child’s bedroom toward the south-west is also regarded auspicious.


Vastu Tips for Children's Bedrooms | Vastu for Children's Bedrooms


Children’s Bedrooms -: The Door Should Face East

The door to your child’s room should face east to attract pleasant and cheerful energies. It should open counter-clockwise. Vastu advises against hanging boards or placards on the door because they attract bad energy such as hostility or ego disputes.


Vastu for a Child’s Bedroom -: There should be no window, mirror, or door in front of the bed.

You should not set your child’s bed in front of a door, window, or mirror since it may cause sleep deprivation. Mirrors, it is thought, can generate weird illusions that bring in a sense of negativity and disrupt the tranquilly essential for proper sleep.


Vastu Tips for Children's Bedrooms | Vastu for Children's Bedrooms


Children’s Bedrooms –  Place the bed in the west or south-west corner.

The south-west is an excellent direction for keeping furnishings in a child’s bedroom, particularly the bed. A child’s bedroom in the southwest is considered lucky. You can also face the bed west to attract good health, prosperity, and riches. Invest in a bed that is made of wood and does not have a metal frame. Metal frames are believed to attract bad energy into the environment.


Avoid Gadgets in a Child’s Room in Vastu for Child Bedroom

A child’s room should not have too many electronics, according to Vastu Shastra. Electronic gadgets emit significant levels of electromagnetic stress and harmful radiation, which may impair your children’s focus.


Vastu Tips for Children's Bedrooms | Vastu for Children's Bedrooms


Children’s Bedrooms – In a child’s room, use light green or light yellow.

To lighten up the area and establish a balance of mood swings, Vastu Shastra proposes integrating energetic colours like light green and light yellow in a child’s bedroom. Avoid using black or blue for bed linens, wallpaper, or carpets since these colours might elicit negative feelings in children.


Vastu Tips for Children's Bedrooms | Vastu for Children's Bedrooms


Children’s Bedrooms – Position a Study Table in the West or South-West Corner

According to Vastu Shastra, the study table in a child’s room should be placed towards the west or south-west direction. In addition, for improved attention, the youngster should study with his or her back to the north or east.


Vastu Tips for Children's Bedrooms | Vastu for Children's Bedrooms


Children’s Bedrooms: Remove Unused Stationery from the Study Table

According to Vastu Shastra, unused stationery should be removed from a child’s study table. Unsharpened pencils, pens without refills, ripped books, and newspapers may attract bad energy into your child’s room. Keep the study table clean of clutter for a clear road to success, and avoid putting shoes or slippers under the table since it interferes with focus.


Vastu Tips for Children's Bedrooms | Vastu for Children's Bedrooms


Children’s Bedrooms- Position the Bookshelf in the North-East

Vastu Shastra principles recommend orienting the bookcase to the north-east. Furthermore, the bookshelf design should be built of wood rather than metal. Metal bookshelves have been shown to have a harmful influence on children. To prevent putting your youngster under undue stress, do not keep books on the study table.


Children’s Bedrooms –  Avoid Putting Wild Animal Toys in Your Child’s Room

Vastu Shastra advises against putting wild animal toys in your child’s room. These toys may cause your youngster to become aggressive.


Vastu Tips for Children's Bedrooms | Vastu for Children's Bedrooms


Vastu for Children’s Bedrooms – Do Not Allow Your Children to Sleep Under Direct Beams

Children should not sleep beneath direct lighting or in a built-in wardrobe, according to Vastu Shastra rules. It is possible that this will cause stress and terror in youngsters.


Vastu Tips for Children's Bedrooms | Vastu for Children's Bedrooms


5 Best Colors for Children’s Rooms

Children’s Bedrooms: Here is a list of Vastu-approved colours for children’s bedrooms:


  • Red is a bright and flashy colour that creates visual impact and tremendous energy. It is a unique and appealing colour for children’s bedroom that also serves to balance off the chilly tones of the house design.
  • Yellow: The colour of sunlight and sunflowers contributes to the brightness and cheerfulness of a child’s room. It has been shown to inspire and boost concentration in children.
  • Natural Green: Natural green is a colour that is comforting to youngsters. This colour denotes nature and is beneficial to the eyes, body, and mind.
  • Blue: Blue represents serenity and focus, making it an ideal colour for your child’s bedroom reading nook. This soothing colour is also good for blood pressure and heart rate.
  • Royal Purple: Because royal purple is connected with creativity, it is an excellent choice for children’s bedrooms. This colour also indicates confidence and ambition, and it is intended to improve your child’s behaviour.


Children’s Bedrooms: Vastu Compliant Kids’ Room Accessories


The following are some accessories that should be in a child’s bedroom:


  • Keep a globe at the north-east corner of your child’s room. This helps youngsters flourish in school.
  • Photo Frame: Place a photo frame in your child’s room towards west. According to Vastu, it is auspicious and keeps your children happy.
  • Mirrors on the wall allow you to reflect on and enjoy your children’s creations. On a side wall, hang one or two enormous wall mirrors.
  • Wooden Toys: Add a couple wooden animal bookends to your child’s room. While these toys are visually appealing, their rich wood structure offers a soothing environment.Cute Storage Bags:
  • Storage bags with cute patterns are a fun way to get your kids to do their laundry. This will assistyou in teaching your children to be responsible and organised.


Children’s Bedrooms: Vastu for Child Bedroom Conclusion

Every parent wants to monitor their children’s growth in all aspects of life. However, every house has certain bad aspects due to Vastu flaws that may impact your child’s behaviour and intellect. As a result, it is critical to construct your child’s bedroom according to Vastu Shastra principles. Follow these recommendations to make your child’s bedroom a joyful refuge where they may be discipline and progressive.



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