Vastu Tips : Home Decor That Will Make Your Home Peaceful & Happy

Vastu Tips Home Decor : Vastu Shastra literally means the science of organising the five elements of nature, namely earth, water, fire, air, and sky, in total harmony within the house. People may disagree, but every thing in Vastu advice for house has scientific basis behind it. Vastu for house décor may offer you good fortune and peace in your life. These goods will also improve your Vastu for house.

The simplest method to add calm, happiness, and optimism to your home is to include objects that add beauty and luck. Every home décor suggestion in Vastu has a scientific basis. A tastefully designed home not only makes a pleasant first impression, but it also attracts positive energy. Certain home décor objects, according to Vastu, bring favourable energy into the home.

Vastu for the home entails maintaining a good environment within the home, reducing stress and boosting interpersonal relationships among family members.


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Vastu Tips Home Decor  : Vastu Tips For Your Home

Continue reading to learn more about the top 15 Vastu techniques that are simple to implement and very effective.


Vastu Tips Home Decor : Having a tortoise in the house is basic Vastu.

Tortoises have a tough shell that protects them from the elements. Tortoise has a lengthy lifespan and hence a large family. The tortoise stacked on top of each other represents a growth in dynasty, prosperous living, and excellent health. This Vastu shastra item is a must-have for every home.


Vastu Tips : Home Decor That Will Make Your Home Peaceful And Happy


Vastu Tips Home Decor : Use Vastu to protect positive energy in your home.

The peacock feather is a spiritual sign that will offer you peace and joy. The colourful feathers will remind you of the celebration of life. Keep peacock feathers in a tidy spot at home, according to Vastu Shastra, to attract negative energy.


Vastu Tips : Home Decor That Will Make Your Home Peaceful And Happy


Inviting Good Fortune With Vastu For Home 

Crystal Shree Yantra aids in the attainment of happiness, money, success, good fortune, and renown. It is a well-known Vastu Shastra object utilise by monarchs, leaders, and merchants to achieve financial prosperity and recognition. Place it in the east, facing the west.


Vastu Tips Home Decor : Crystal Tortoise for Good Luck 

Tortoise outcomes improve job luck, longevity and health luck, financial luck, family luck, and education luck. Place the object in the north of your house, in the living room or dining room, as well as in your company premises, to activate the career corner for a long and prosperous work life with unending support from your employer and a harmonious atmosphere with your counterparts. Try this Vastu technique for your home and you will notice a difference.

Vastu Tips : Home Decor That Will Make Your Home Peaceful And Happy

Use This Vastu Tip to Increase Your Wealth

Flower and water are the most basic and least expensive Vastu items for good luck. Fill a crystal basin halfway with water and rose petals. That creates a lovely decoration while also promoting happiness. It provides richness to the home, according to Vastu Shastra suggestions for home.


Vastu Tips : Home Decor That Will Make Your Home Peaceful And Happy


Vastu Tips Home Decor : Happiness Wind Chimes

Wind chimes are an excellent method to enhance the aesthetics of your house while also bringing optimism, tranquilly, and pleasure. Metal wind chimes are ideal for the north, west, and northwest sections of the home, whilst wooden wind chimes are ideal for the southeast, east, and south. This is also beneficial to design and décor.

Vastu Tips : Home Decor That Will Make Your Home Peaceful And Happy

Vastu Tips Home Decor : Buddha Will Bring Wealth

Placing a Buddha statue at the front entrance is a common Vastu for house tip since it protects you from negativity. Keep the statue facing east. The smiling Buddha statue is the most important in both Feng Shui and Vastu. While it creates a serene environment, it also eliminates bad influences and promotes wealth.


Vastu Tips : Home Decor That Will Make Your Home Peaceful And Happy


Home Arowana Fish Statue

The Arowana fish statue is thought to be ideal for attracting prosperity since the Arowana fish is considered as the emperor in the fish world for the powerful stimulant to build authority and wealth. It can also be utilised if you have a rental agreement.


Vastu Tips : Home Decor That Will Make Your Home Peaceful And Happy


Vastu Shastra Fish Aquarium

Aquariums may be used to add life into your living area. According to Vastu Shastra, keeping a fish aquarium at home might help to balance various doshas (flaws). Furthermore, several studies have found that aquariums alleviate stress, high blood pressure, and anxiety.


Vastu Tips : Home Decor That Will Make Your Home Peaceful And Happy


Elephant and Frog Feng Shui

Elephants are a well-known emblem of power. Wealth Frog is a well-known symbol of good fortune. When these two fortunate animals come together, they represent stability and triumph. This is an excellent Vastu for house advice.


Vastu Tips : Home Decor That Will Make Your Home Peaceful And Happy


Vastu Tips Home Decor : Vastu Home Decor with Gomati Chakra

The Gomati chakra tree is an important Vastu item for your home. It is said to be the home of Goddess Lakshmi. It is suppose to be related to Lord Vishnu since it resembles Sudarshan Chakra. Keep it in your house for good luck and success. Place this tree in the south-east corner of your house or business to eradicate Vastu doshas. Keep it in your business, workplace, and retail locations, among other places.


Vastu Tips Home Decor : Horseshoe Amulet 

Please, Lord. Shani, and carry good fortune home with a horse shoe. Display it at your front door. Malevolent eyes and evil spirits will never enter your sphere of influence.


The elephant and tortoise provide an important role

Vastu Shastra holds enormous importance for a tortoise riding on the back of an elephant. It represents dignity, knowledge, and achievement. Fix it to the front door.


Vastu Tips : Home Decor That Will Make Your Home Peaceful And Happy


Flowing water fountain for your homes flowing good luck

An indoor fountain is very auspicious for Vastu Shastra for home. Place it on the north, east or northeast corner of your home. The water should always be flowing.


Vastu Tips : Home Decor That Will Make Your Home Peaceful And Happy


Other suggestions for furniture, wall paint, drapes, and other modest but readily changed home design elements include:

Furniture is the simplest way to improve the look of your home’s interior design. Furniture not only makes the house interiors seem stylish and gives comfort to the occupants, but it also contributes to the house’s tranquilly and success. The furniture design is determine by the orientation of the house, therefore there is no one-size-fits-all solution. However, the most prevalent home decorating guideline is that furniture in the living room should be square or rectangular in shape.

According to Vastu Shastra, the home is split into two zones: positive and negative energy. The positive zone is expected to be lighter than the negative zone.


Vastu Tips Home Decor : Room for Puja

Although Vastu is an old study of construction, some people believe it is also link to deities and gods. The Puja room must be located correctly according to Vaatu principles. According to experts, the Puja room should be located in the house’s north, northeastern, or eastern direction.

Curtains not only contribute to the attractiveness of the home, but they also protect against extreme heat and cold. It is vital to ensure that the correct curtains are in the correct zone, or else difficulties or diseases might afflict the family. Only dark and thick drapes should be use in the house’s negative zone.

Only dark coloure curtains should be use in the living room, while light coloure curtains should be hung in the bedroom, according to Vastu principles.

Consult a Vastu expert before purchasing curtains. To preserve optimum mental health and peace of mind, the colour and substance must be carefully chosen.


Vastu Tips Home Decor : Room colours 

While modern homeowners choose wall colours based on their personal preferences, the colours should ideally be chose in accordance with Vastu. The proper choice of wall colour will bring tranquilly and prosperity to the home.


Colors used in certain spaces

  • The walls of the bedroom should be painted in light blue, light green, and pink.
  • Blue, brown, beige, yellow, and green should be use to paint the walls of the living room.
  • Because the kitchen is the family’s source of energy, the walls should be painted with red, yellow, orange, white, chocolate, and rose pink.
  • Bathrooms should be painted in pastel colours, whites, and/or grey tones, according to Vastu for house décor.


Vastu Tips Home Decor : Mirrors

  • Mirrors According to Vastu principles, mirrors should be install with caution and attention, as they might induce sorrow. Because of its reflected quality, anything the mirror touches is instantaneously duplicated.
  • Mirrors should be kept in the house’s positive zone to draw positive energy. Mirrors should be oriented north or east in order to drain away bad energy.
  • Another Vastu suggestion is to cover the mirror at night to keep evil omens and negative energies at bay.




  • Dark dwellings are thought to be full of negativity, thus a house should be light. Bright lights are recommended by Vastu for house decor. All dim or broken lights should be thrown right away.
  • Soft lighting creates a peaceful and positive mood. Large shadows on the walls and tables should be avoide since they generate unbalance in the house.
  • Candles, lamps, and other natural fire sources should also be use to provide optimism and upliftment into the home.

Ceiling According to Vastu principles, the ceiling should always be flat and not curved. Depresse or collapsing ceilings should be avoided since they attract bad energy.


Vastu Tips Home Decor : Important takeaways

It is quite simple to shift the energy of the house and usher in positive energies by following these Vastu recommendations for home décor. It is simple to change the energy in your home and make it a joyful and profitable place to live without making any substantial adjustments.






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