What Exactly Is Manure? Types & Advantages

Manure: Manures are organic wastes from plants and animals that are use as fertiliser on crops.

What exactly is manure? Manures, on the other hand, are organic wastes from plants and animals that are use to fertilise crops. They provide useful nutrients as they degrade. Based on the density of the nutrients, manures are classified as either bulky organic manures or concentrated organic manures.

After the original plant or animal life has died, decomposing plant and animal matter is work into the soil to improve its fertility and increase crop yields. The decomposing remains are an inexpensive and effective source of fertiliser.

Farmers use human and animal excreta as manure in addition to cattle manure, which is rich in nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, and other critical elements that improve soil quality.

It’s a budget-friendly all-natural fertiliser. Animal waste is high in three essential nutrients for plant growth: nitrogen, phosphate, and potassium. Manure may increase soil fertility due to the organic chemicals and humus it contains.

These are more environmentally friendly and will save money in the long run. It is a natural material that can be replenish indefinitely. These organic materials do not harm natural resources and are beneficial to soil health.

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Types of Manure


Chicken faeces

Backyard hen keepers can provide free chicken manure, or it can be purchase from a specialty store. It is highly sought after as a fertiliser due to its high nitrogen and nutritional content. Poultry dung contains more phosphorus than other manures, which is required for flower and fruit growth.

Horse dung contains more nitrogen and nutrients than cow manure, but unlike chicken manure, it can be apply to a garden immediately after it has dried up due to its 20:1 carbon-to-nitrogen ratio.


Organic bulk manure

Large amounts of low-nutrient organic manure are frequently apply. Farmyard manure (FYM), compost, and green manure are the most important and widely used bulky organic manures.



Manure from the farm

Farmyard manure is a composted byproduct of feeding livestock roughages or fodder, as well as the animals’ faeces and urine. The majority of composted agricultural manure contains about 0.5 percent nitrogen, 0.2 percent phosphorus, and 0.5 percent potassium. Even in storage, nutrients are lost due to leaching and volatilisation. Losses cannot be completely avoided, but they can be reduce by improving farm manure preparation practises.



This practise helps to reduce weed growth and keep the ground from washing away by increasing the organic matter in the soil.



Compost manure improves water retention and strengthens the soil structure.




  • It improves educational elements (water-holding capacity).
  • It increases the permeability of the soil, allowing for gas exchange.
  • The texture of the soil improves. Organic fertilisers change the texture of the soil and reduce its ability to wash away.
  • Synthetic fertilisers have a devastating impact on our rivers, threatening aquatic life and lowering overall water quality. As a result, organic manure should be use.
  • These may contain a significant amount of macronutrients, which contribute to the soil’s richness.
  • It is inexpensive.
  • It improves the soil’s ability to hold water and nutrients.
  • It’s lightweight and easy to transport.
  • Methane gas, a byproduct of manure, is useful in the kitchen and around the house.
  • Fertilises the soil, which benefits the plants grown there.








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