What Is A Property’s CTS Number And Why Is It Important?

Property’s CTS Number : The CTS Number, also known as the City Title Survey Number, is an identifying number that all property owners, purchasers, and sellers in Mumbai must receive.


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The Superintendent of Property Records in Mumbai has established a system that assigns a unique number to each land parcel inside the municipal boundaries in order to manage land records. The number is also known as the CTS number, or the chain and triangulation survey number. To clarify, a CTS number is an important number that is notably needed when registering a property. as well as during the stamp duty payment The CTS number is also known as the Cadastral Survey Number in the Mumbai Division.


What is a property's CTS number and why is it important?


Property’s CTS Number – What is the purpose of the CTS Number?

A careful analysis of the ownership data of the land, including the CTS number, helps avoid fraudulent transactions and legal challenges in the future when investing in a property in the city’s rural or urban districts. Local governments, property developers, and financial organisations frequently request the CTS Number during litigation. To refresh your memory, a CTS number is used for the following purposes:

  • As a reference in several applications and for property registration
  • To acquire building permit quickly and easily, as well as to make essential repairs and alterations to the property • To determine the degree of stamp duty expenditure


A city survey number is assigned depending on numerous factors, including the property’s worth. This is why it is critical to get a CTS number in order to assess the amount of stamp duty you are likely to pay. The authorities will only connect you to power and water if you have a CTS number. Not only that, but a CTS number makes it simple for a buyer to learn about a property before investing in it.

“CTS number is needed for land parcels in Maharashtra.”   It does not, however, apply to residential units built on it. A land parcel in Mumbai, no matter how tiny or large, is solely recognised in government documents by the CTS number assigned to it. It is also useful in property disputes, particularly those involving the delineation and address of the property. If you forget the CTS number for your property, you can go to the local collector’s or municipal authority’s office.”


What is a property's CTS number and why is it important?


List of CTS offices and jurisdictions in Mumbai

In Mumbai, there are around ten CTS offices serving the three talukas of Kurla, Borivali, and Andheri. Andheri, Borivali, Chembur, Bandra, Goregaon, Ghatkopar, Malad, Kurla, Vile Parle, and Mulund are among them. These ten offices cover 86 villages in Mumbai’s suburbs area.




Andheri, Ismailia, Ambivali, Bandivali, Madh, Majas, Mogara, Versova, Oshivara


Bandra, Paris Ghakhar, Kole-Kalyan


Vile-Parle, Gundavali, Kondivita, Bapnala, Chakala, Juhu, Bramhanwada, Parjapur, Marol, Mulgaon, Vyarvali, Sahar


Borivali, Kandivali, Eksar, Dahisar, Gorai, Manori, Magathane, Mandpeshwar, Shimpoli, Charkop, Kanheri


Aksa, Akurli, Erangal, Daravali, Pahari-Eksar, Pahari-Goregaon, Poisar, Malavani, Marve, Valanai, Wadhavan


Aarey, Kurar, Klerabad, Goregaon, Gundgaon, Chichavali, Tulsi, Dindoshi, Sai, Malad


Kopari, Kanjur, Tirandaj, Nahur, Pawai, Paspoli, Bhandup, Mulund


Asalpha, Kirol, Ghatkopar, Ghatkopar-Kirol, Chandivali, Tungao, Deonar, Vikhroli, Hariyali


Anik, Chembur, Turbhe, Borla, Mankhurd, Maravali, Mandale, Vadhavali, Mahul


Kurla, Mohali, Saki


Property’s CTS Number-How is a CTS number assigned?

In Mumbai, you may obtain the CTS number of a property by visiting the municipal survey offices. If your property is in the taluka of Borivali, you may receive the CTS number at the CTSO offices in Borivali, Goregaon, and Malad. If the property is in Andheri, you must visit the offices in Bandra, Vile Parle, and Andheri. For properties in the Kurla taluka, you must go to one of the offices in Ghatkopar, Chembur, or Kurla.

To clarify, each CTSO office has its own set of rules. All of this, however, falls under the authority of the Superintendent of Land Records, who is also the taluka inspector of land records.

You may also obtain the CTS number from the Maharashtra Bhumi Abhilekh official website (mahabhulekh.maharashtra.gov.in). With the digitization of property records, applicants no longer need to visit a government office to learn about their property. A CTS number permits a person to get online access to all information.




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