Five Suggestions For Transforming Your Property Into A Pleasant Homestay

Pleasant Homestay : The Indian hotel industry is highly fragmented, with many tiny and unorganised firms. Customers’ price sensitivity and low switching costs are encouraging rivalry among companies. Furthermore, the homestay sector in India is rapidly expanding as an increasing number of millennials and Gen Z tourists desire to live with locals and experience everything the country has to offer.


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Homestays not only provide guests with a true original flavour and feel of the place they are visiting, but they are also less expensive than five-star hotels. You may be scratching your head or raising an eyebrow, but renting out your property, whether it is your second home, a room in your own house, a small apartment, condo, a vacation villa, etc., can be a highly profitable investment if done correctly.

Furthermore, due to the increase in short-term rental properties in India, there has been an increase in rental property options. As a result, competition has become fierce, requiring every rental property owner to step up. You may wonder how it is done. Here are five suggestions for transforming your property into a friendly homestay:


Five suggestions for transforming your property into a pleasant homestay


Stay true:

We have worked with a number of homestay and villa owners, and we have discovered that one of the main reasons travellers choose homestays is because they are authentic, real, and give a true sense of the city or region they are visiting. How can a traveller truly embody the experience of an area they are visiting? Taste cuisine that grows exclusively in that area or simply be a part of a culture that is distinct from your own.


You may enjoy all of this by choosing a homestay rather a typical 5-star luxury hotel. To maximise the benefits of such visitors, as a homestay owner, furnish your property with authentic region artefacts and furniture; keep the menu as local and simple as possible, and ensure it is homemade; and, if you and your family are staying in the same property, encourage the guests to share meals with you for an evening filled with laughter and stories. Make them feel at ease when they are away from home (but do not forget that leisure is also important for them. Make sure their laundry and dirty plates are wash and cleane.


Integrate contemporary amenities:

While providing your guests with a true experience of your region’s unique authenticity, don’t forget to provide them with a pleasant tech-integrated stay. Furthermore, the Indian visitor has become more discriminating, with a higher Minimum Aspiration Threshold (MAT). Wi-Fi, coffee makers, air conditioners, and hair dryers, which were formerly considered premiums, are now considered necessities.

India is experiencing a metamorphosis; Indian culture is being hybridise. Indians are attempting to strike a balance between their cultural traditions and the changes brought about by the global economy. In reaction to globalisation, it appears that Indians have chosen the cultural hybridisation approach, with a balanced blend of tradition and modernity.

This phenomena results in a generation of Indians who are schoole in western management theories and practises while maintaining a strong set of traditional Indian values instill in them by their Indian upbringing. As a result, it is critical to provide your home with modern conveniences such as good sanitary ware, smart kitchen equipment, kettles, refrigerators, and high-speed Wi-Fi connectivity, among others.


Five suggestions for transforming your property into a pleasant homestay

Pleasant Homestay -Personalization:

One of a homestay’s biggest selling points is the customised services it can provide to its guests. As a homestay owner, you must guarantee that you can give your visitors with customised services such as less greasy cuisine or vegan alternatives, as well as other services based on their preferences. You may provide them with a menu for the day and let them choose. You may also hire local guides to show you around or assist you with local shopping, for example.

Furthermore, keep in mind that your guests’ experiences are made up of numerous crucial. Nuanced little micro-moments, none of which should be overlooked or overlooked. Use micro-moments to increase sales, loyalty, and favourable evaluations. Give it your all and strive to utilise the power of mobility, which will improve the guest’s entire travel experience. The bottom line is that if you don’t do it, your rivals will.


Pleasant Homestay – Maintain cleanliness and hygiene:

The standardised user experience has soothed fears and allowed for spontaneous travel. This makes cleanliness and Wi-Fi the most critical features of being at the top of the tourist list. A clean environment seals the deal. As a homestay owner, make sure you hire a permanent domestic helper who cleans the property on a regular basis. You may also outsource your property on a regular basis and give it a deep clean as needed.


Pleasant Homestay – Adopt digital:

The growth of mobility has substantially altered the way many companies, including the Indian hospitality industry, function today. The use of mobility in the hotel sector was first prevalent in Western nations. But has recently become increasingly noticeable in India as a result of reasons such as the introduction of Covid-19. Catering to the needs of tech-savvy millennial.

With everyone moving online, it’s time for you to get digital and increase the visibility of your property. The simplest method to accomplish this is to partner with a homestay enterprise that will renovate your house, take several photographs of the place. The view, and the facilities. Offer it online, and handle your visitors.

You can also do this yourself, but it is easier to outsource this job because established homestay ventures will take care of all the minute details, Such as uploading the right property images with an appealing property description. Sharing how far the property is from the nearest bus station, airport, and railway station. The closest tourist spots the guest must-visit, and so on.




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