What is Carpet Area, Built-Up Area & Super Built-Up Area?

Real Estate Information like Carpet Area, Built-Up Area & Super Built-Up Area

Let’s face it – the words and phrases that brokers and realtors throw at us leave us cluelessly looking at them much of the time. Flats for rent in Kharghar terms such as carpet area, built-up area, and superbly built-up mostly area bypass our realm of comprehension or at least create some misunderstanding when buying a home. These three ways of measuring the area, or the square footage, are present in each residential complex. Not all of them can sound very different, but there’s a major difference between carpet area and built-up area actually!

Carpet Area Calculation

img1: Carpet Area Calculation


Not understanding what each means actually is what could give Developers an opportunity to take you for a ride. It’s not rocket science though. Only a little reading and you’re going to be pretty detailed on the words. Here are some of the things you should learn about Real Estate.

About Carpet Area:

Carpet area is the area that may potentially be protected by a carpet or the apartment area that lacks the thickness of the interior walls. This area does not include specific areas such as a lobby, elevator, stairs, playroom, etc. Carpet area is the place you actually get in a housing unit for use. So when you’re looking for a home, take a look at the carpet area and then make your decision, because that’s the number that gives you an idea of the actual room available. Focusing on the carpet area can help you understand the accessible kitchen area, bedroom, living room, and so on. Rent Flats in Kharghar most builders nowadays don’t even consider carpet area at first and instead charge based on built-up area or super built-up area. Typically about 70 percent of the built-up area is carpet land.

About the Built-Up Area:

The region that comes after incorporating the carpet region and wall area is the built-up area. Now, the wall area does not mean the area of the floor, but the thickness of a unit’s internal walls. The area that forms the walls is about 20 percent of the built-up area and shifts the viewpoint entirely. The built-up area often consists of other authorities-mandated areas, such as a dry balcony, flower beds, etc., which add up to 10 percent of the built-up area. And if you think about it, just 70 percent of the built-up area is the accessible area. Therefore, if the built-up area says 1,200 sq ft, that means that 30 percent (360 sq ft) is not even available, so the actual area you’re going to use is only the 840 sq ft remaining.


Carpet Area, Built-Up Area & Super Built-Up Area

img2: Carpet Area, Built-Up Area & Super Built-Up Area


About Super Built-Up Area:

Ultra built-up area is BFF for a builder! This is the area measured by including the built-up area and community area that includes the corridor, elevator lobby, elevator, etc. In certain cases, the builders also have facilities in the community area such as a pool, garden, and clubhouse. Buy Flats in Kharghar you are paid by a developer/builder depending on the superbly built-up area, which is why it is often known as the ‘saleable’ area.

Now let’s consider this scenario-the rate is Rs 2,000 per square ft and the super built-up area is 1,200 square ft, so the base cost would cross 24 lakhs.

The super built-up area is measured differently when there’s more than one apartment on a building. Let’s take it that’s the case.

  • The area of Apartment 1 is 1,000 sq ft
  • The area of Apartment 2 is 2,000 sq ft
  • The total common area is 1,500 sq ft, of which the share of the common area of Apartment 1 is 500 sq ft, while the share of a common area of Apartment 2 is 1,000 sq ft.

Therefore, Apartment 1’s superbly built-up area is 1,500 sq ft and Apartment 2 is 3,000 sq ft. As seen in this example, the superbly built-up area is divided in the ratio of built-up areas of the apartments (in this case 1:2).

What area do Builders Consider?

Considering that builders and developers typically price their apartments on the basis of a super built-up or ‘saleable’ area, overlooking the fundamental distinction between carpet area and built-up area and other terms leaves one running blind. The real usable area is often much less than the superbly built-up area. Many builders take the carpet area into account before paying you but that is just in the rare cases. 90 percent of developers measure the cost base based on the super-built-up location; the higher the facilities the super-built-up location.

Real estate can be difficult and you can’t change the rules and procedures but you can certainly make an educated decision when you’re aware of the different types of square footage estimates, a relatively large but actually easy task!

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