How do I safely sell a home during the COVID-19 crisis?

Can you sell a home when the Coronavirus crisis hits? You can take a few steps here to keep your property business running during the pandemic

There is no room for buyers to move out of their homes, 1 BHK Flat in navi mumbai for site visits, or review before the lockdown is over. With several districts declared to be containment zones and tight supervision everywhere, the only alternative is social distancing. So, in that case, how do you sell a home?

How do I safely sell a home during the COVID-19 crisis_

img1: Safely Sell a Home during the COVID-19 Crisis

Although most buyers and investors are reluctant to hold back their money, builders are also providing refundable reservation deposits and other bargains at the same time. Sellers should have a full strategy and a list of steps to take to ensure a trouble-free experience for buyers to attract those fence-sitters.

Here’s the step-by-step guide for selling your inventory without any hassle for News.

Prepare Online Experiences

You increasing not have a ready Digi-tour of the device as the lockdown was declared without any prior notice. For this case, whether it is an under-construction project, you might ask the contractor to supply the necessary materials, including the brochure and photographs of the sample apartment, or photos of the actual apartment if it is a ready project. Flats in Kharghar to illustrate the layout to your customer, you can also carry 3D floor plans handy.

If you pitch a resale device the owner can have some pictures. You may also invite the owner to enter the call and help the purchaser make a better decision.

Make sure you have a secure internet connection and a professional-looking history to hold the meetings to do all this.

Discuss the location and surrounding area

Another thing you should keep handy is locality information. You can also use Google Earth and Google Maps to illustrate the neighborhood’s nitty-gritty. It will help the buyer understand the project’s exact position and what is next door.

You may also search on the internet for locality videos to support the increase in property prices in navi mumbai in the coming years. If you know someone who lives in the same area, you can ask them for help and get to know some advantages of the place. If you know a current investor, try to get a short video of them, describing how they feel about the project/location investment.

Property in navi mumbai

img2: Property in Navi Mumbai

Negotiation & final discussion on Apartment price

You should have anyone from the developer’s team as the buyer would be searching for deals and let them do the negotiating. When moderating the debate, make sure the agreement does not go wrong, due to small differences in costs. Explain the advantages of investing right now and how prices may rise once things return to normal. The buyer will come to you with everyone looking for cost savings, for a lucrative offer.

Keep documents on the sale agreement ready

Although the documents can’t be physically checked right now, you can scan the important documents and send them to the buyer for inspection. If they want to include a lawyer by video conferencing, you may also ask the buyer. Often provide a representative from the developer’s company, so that any question posed about the project’s legality can be easily resolved. When that is completed, you will have another meeting with the borrower, where the home loan company will be involved to process their loan application. In the meantime, you should ask the investor for the token money too.

Once the token money is received and realized by the developer’s company, you can send a confirmation of the same to your investor from your official ID and clearly indicate the terms and conditions of any reimbursement, if possible, and other details that you discussed earlier.


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