What Is Stilt Car Parking?

Stilt Car Parking : Stilt parking is an option to open parking that some residential neighbourhoods in major sections of the metropolises of Delhi, Mumbai, and other cities provide. Due to the limited space in these places, slit parking has become a necessity. The semi-open area set aside for parking on the ground level is known as a stilt vehicle parking in a building. navimumbaihouses.com explores it and

A stilt parking space is a ground-floor parking space that is only partially covered. The building’s layout is shown by property descriptions like G+3 or G+4, where G refers for the ground level, which is designated as a stilt. The figure denotes how many floors were constructed above the stilt. It differs from an open parking place. Which is a location that is supplied on the property of the building and is not covered. Only the parking requirements can be satisfied by using stilt parking or automobile parking slots; other commercial or unconventional uses are not permitted.


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Stilt Car Parking : What is the legal position on parking on stilts?

The developer or builder must offer parking spots during the building or rehabilitation of a property in compliance with the standards outlined in the Development Control Regulations (DCR). According to Regulation 36 of the Development Control Regulations (1991) for Greater Bombay. The builder must submit the building plan to the relevant authorities in order to receive development approval and a Commencement Certificate (CC) prior to starting the construction or renovation of a project. The builder may not receive approval to develop the property if the plan does not include information about the parking spots offered in accordance with the DCR.


What parking rules does the Apartment Act outline?

Car parking is considered to be a part of the society’s common amenities and is not included in the FSI (Floor Space Index) allotted to the developer. According to the Apartment Act in the majority of States. However, a developer may sell it if they can show that they used the FSI allowed to them to build the parking.



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Stilt Car Parking : How is parking spot allocation chosen in a society?

A housing society instantly acquires ownership of all the areas and parking spaces in the society when it registers. Since most housing societies have a limited number of parking spaces. The governing committee/RWA establishes the basis of the distribution after consulting with other society members. Some societies reshuffle parking spaces on a quarterly basis and adhere to the first-come, first-served principle. On the other hand, some apartment buildings’ occupants assert ownership of the parking space.

According to Section 84 of the Maharashtra Ownership Flats Act (MOFA). Each and every resident of the housing complex who has been given a stilt or other parking space is required.  To pay parking fees as determined by the General Body/RWA of the society at its meeting. Whether or not they actually use it.




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