What You Need To Know About Plywood

Because of its useful properties, plywood, a building material, has a wide range of applications. It is a low-cost, machine-made sheet of wood that is rolled out with precise dimensions and does not wrap or crack when moisture levels in the atmosphere change. Understanding the various types of plywood is critical because they can add a wow factor to your home or office.

Plywood, which is made as a flat sheet by bonding wood veneers, is an extremely versatile product. Because plywood can be tailored to meet these specific needs, it has a wide range of applications, from structural to interior and exterior. Although not every genre is suitable for all project needs, engineered wood has emerged as a go-to material for construction projects. Continue reading to learn about the various types, uses, and prices of plywood:

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What is the composition of plywood?

Plywood is a sheet material composed of many thin layers or piles of wood veneers that are glued together to form a flat sheet of wood. Cross-graining is a process in which adjacent layers with their wood grains are rotated up to 90 degrees to one another. This process increases the strength of plywood and makes it resistant to splitting and shrinking.


Plywood varieties

The manufacturing process of a plywood variety determines its type.


Plywood made of hardwood

Veneers are made from hardwoods such as oak, birch, and maple. These veneers are then stacked together with a strong glue. It can withstand a lot of weight and is used to make larger furniture pieces.


Plywood made of softwood

Softwood, such as cedar and pine, is used to make veneers, which are then glued together to make this type of plywood. It is used to construct structural parts of lighter furniture.


plywood sanded

To achieve a smoother appearance, the surface layers of this plywood type are sanded. It is used to construct shelves, bookshelves, and panels, among other things.


structural use

It has unfinished surfaces and is used to construct permanent structures like flooring, panels, beams, and framing.


Plywood types classified by grade

MR Grade

Moisture-resistant grade employs urea and formaldehyde resin.


BWR Grade 

  • Boiling water-resistant grade incorporates phenol and formaldehyde adhesives as well as synthetic plastic resin glues.
  • The glues used in BWP Grade Boiling water-proof grade are undiluted formaldehyde and phenol resin glues.


FR Classification

This is a commercial grade that is fire retardant.


Grade Variable

This plywood is rollable and flexible.



The price of plywood is determined by the quality and type of wood used to make veneers, as well as the seasoning process. When all factors are considered, the price of plywood ranges from Rs 50 to 300 per sq ft.


Where is plywood most commonly found?



Used for exterior and interior walls and partitions.


Roofing and floor coverings

Internal walls and subfloors are frequently made of hardwood plywood.



Used to make furniture such as bookcases, shelves, media centres, console tables, dressers, and tables.



Cabinets The cabinets in the kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom are made of MDF plywood.


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