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In this article, we will address in-depth what constitutes household income, how it is measured & what deductions you can make on this income:

You thought you just had to think about the financial preparation before you bought the property? Any longer than you get the Under Construction property in Navi Mumbai keys than you know it was just the beginning of a new period of rigorous financial preparation and sticking to it with absolute commitment. Under India’s income tax rules, your property has the ability to earn a certain amount in a year, and you will pay tax on that money. This revenue is paid by the income tax department under the heading “Income from House Properties.” Within this post, we will address within depth what constitutes household property income, how it is measured and what deductions you can assert from this income.


Real Estate Invesment

img1: constitutes household income


How is Property income?

According to the income tax act, a property’s rental revenue — which may be a dwelling and the land next to it — is paid in the possession of the landlord under the head revenue from house property under section 24. It is important to remember here that the rennet created by letting out vacant land is taxable not under this segment, but other sources of income. Profit from house ownership is paid only on land that is part of a building — for example, a parking lot.

Although the legislation clarifies that rent produced from shops is often taxable under the same name, whether the property is used for commercial purposes or the owner provides professional services it will not be taxable under this name.


The owner of the Real Estate property?

The person in whose name the property is licensed is the beneficiary in the eyes of the statute, who is liable to pay tax on his earnings under household taxes. When the occupant has sub-let the apartment and receives rentals from doing so, his income will be paid under the head ‘ revenue from other sources ‘ or ‘ company profits ‘ and not as household income. In the event that a person moves his land in the name of his partner or minor child without appropriate compensation, he will continue to be recognized as the person (known in legal terminology as the designated owner) and pay tax. Likewise, land held for more than 12 years on a lease-hold basis always makes the holder its owner.


The self-occupied Real Estate property?

When the owner used the house during the year as his home it will come into the self-occupied category. This property would come into the same category if, due to his job or business, the owner has to stay on rent in another city and his property is either empty for the whole year or occupied by his spouse & children.


The tax liability of the self-occupied real estate property fixed?

Notwithstanding the income-earning ability of the house, in the case of a self-occupied home, you do not receive any rent. The annual value of such a property is called “zero” based on this assumption In fact, due to the debt interest & property tax payment the owner will incur a loss on his house properties. The law requires them to set aside Rs 2 lakh in one year in separate headings in which revenue is paid against this expenditure.


real estate Properties

img2: Tax calculation of the self-occupied  property


The Tax calculation of the self-occupied real estate property


1) Gross annual value (GAV)  |  Nil

2) Deduct from GAV the municipal tax to arrive at the net annual value (NAV) | Nil

3) NAV | Nil

Exemptions available

1) Standard deduction of 30% on NAV under Section 24(a) | Nil

2) Deduction of up to Rs 2 lakh on home loan interest paid | Rs 2 lakh

3) Loss from house property | Rs 2 lakh


Too many self-occupied properties can be declared?

The Interim Budget-2019 suggested that every two of its various properties may be considered self-occupied by an individual. The property manager is given the option of naming two of his various properties as self-occupied. In this way, a property owner, who has, say, three properties that are not allowed out of, can list any two as self-occupied when filing taxes. The owner may, however, assert only Rs 2 lakh as a tax deduction under Section 24(b) against interest paid for each of these properties. The same refers to the incentives paid for under Section 80C.


Why does a rental property determine income?

1) Calculate the gross annual value (GAV) of the Property.

2) Deduct property tax paid during the year. The remaining amount will be the property’s net annual value (NAV).

3) Deduct 30% of the amount from the NAV as provided under Section 24(a)

4) Deduct home loan interest paid during the year as provided under section 24(b).


When does a real estate property measure its gross annual value?

The GAV of an estate is assessed on the basis of two factors:

  • The true rent: This is the money currently received by the landlord in one year.
  • The estimated rent: One property’s projected rent could be assessed in two ways:

The local value of the property: Local bodies annually assess and grant an annual interest to the buildings under their authority.

The fair value of the property: Fair value is the rent that is supposed to produce comparable properties in a location.

The patented GAV will be rated the best of the three qualities.



img3: does a real estate property measure its gross annual value


When to measure a property’s annual net worth?

Your household income is assessed at the net annual valuation of your land. Upon deduction of property tax, you arrive at the NAV of your land. Note here that you can’t take this deduction for delinquent taxes or late payments. This ensures that exemptions on city taxes can only be asserted on the basis of payments.

From here you will find two extra exemptions to determine the profits that will actually be paid.

* Standard deduction under section 24(a): 30 percent of NAV


Tax-loss on income on a home loan:

The lender may claim different deductions on home loan principal and home loan interest paid in some Provisions of the income tax legislation.

This is important to remember here that, unlike city taxation, where deductions may only be asserted on the basis of payment, deductions that be asserted on an accrual basis against home loan interest payment.


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