Wulu Feng Shui : Meaning, Advantages & Location

You’ve probably heard of Wulu if you practise or believe in Feng Shui as a way to create balance and harmony in your life. In ancient China, Taoist monks employed the fruit known as wulu, also known as a calabash, for both food and medicinal. The fruit’s tough shell was utilised as a bottle to hold water or medication.

Since then, Wulu has served as a potent traditional representation of well-being, wealth, longevity, and blessings. Wulu feng shui is seen as fortunate since it is linked to the God of Longevity (Sau).

Asia is home to several houses and offices that display Wu Lou. People nowadays often use it as a necklace, bracelet, or earring.

Discover Wulu Feng Shui’s significance, advantages, and more as you read on:

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Wu Lou Feng Shui – what is it?

  • When dried, the original Wulu or Wu Lou was a bottle gourd or calabash that Taoist monks and Chinese people used to store food or medications.
  • The fruit is known as a bottle gourd because of its bottle-like form, which has a small top and a larger bottom. Wu Lou means “provider of life” in the translation.
  • In feng shui, “Wulu” is pronounced as “Hulu.” Currently, it comes in a variety of colours, including red, pink, green, black, and gold, and can be made of metal, jade, or brass.


Wulu Feng Shui: Meaning, Advantages & Location

Wulu Feng Shui Meaning

Wulu Feng Shui Meaning In Chinese culture, wulu stands for plenty, money, success, good health, and a long life. It is also known as the “gourd of longevity,” because it is thought to purge the body of the evil energy that causes disease and misfortune. It is one of the eight feng shui jewels that attracts luck.

According to legend, this pumpkin gourd contains the extract of life. A mystical cure frequently shown in images of Sau, the Chinese deity of longevity.

Before setting out on lengthy treks, Taoist monks and local Chinese people utilised this fruit to replenish their water or rice wine stocks. The fruit’s bottle form symbolises an ideal union of heaven and earth, with the top portion standing in for heaven and the lower portion for earth.

To attract certain beneficial energy to your house or place of business, apply the Wulu feng shui. For certain reasons, some Wu Lou feng shui goods feature various Chinese symbols or pictures. Therefore, before making a purchase, it is crucial to comprehend its significance.


What are the benefits of Wulu Feng Shui?

Discover the following advantages of Wulu Feng Shui:


Wulu Feng Shui: Meaning, Advantages & Location

Wulu Feng Shui aids in reducing disease and early mortality.

Wulu feng shui is said to be a cure for illnesses and a safeguard against dying too soon. The bottle gourd is a remedy in feng shui. The Illness Star is Flying Star No. 2. The star is notorious for bringing on sickness, disease, and early demise. The placing of a wulu in your house might aid in removing these bad vibes.

It is advised to place a brass Wulu on your bedside table to attract healing chi energy while you are unwell. In the medical field, a jade Wulu hanging may save lives. It may be carried in a handbag, worn as a charm on a bracelet or necklace, or attached to a keychain.


Wulu Feng Shui helps improve health and well-being

Aids in enhancing physical and mental wellness. Wulu feng shui also aids in sickness prevention. If someone is ill, place a Wulu over their bed’s headboard to promote a quick recovery and shield them from being sick again.

For those who are susceptible to disease or have a weak constitution, Wu Lou feng shui is a fantastic treatment.


Wulu Feng Shui aids in avoiding mishaps and ill luck.

The sacred gourd, or wulu feng shui, is a treatment for Flying Star #5. Also known as the star of disaster and unluck in all spheres. It is claimed to stop mishaps, aggression, and accidents. Put it somewhere in your house to foster a tranquil, secure atmosphere.



Wulu Feng Shui aids in attracting riches, prosperity, and good fortune.

Another name for the Wulu is “fortune-bringing gourd.” It is also believed that the gourd’s bottle form will bring abundance. The Wulu’s mouth, or thin top, is ideal for accumulating riches, and its larger bottom, for retaining it. The Wulu’s top and bottom halves also show heaven and earth. Different Wulu artefacts have tops that open and may be filled with wealth symbols like money and ingots thanks to the manner they are made.


Wulu Feng Shui aids in thwarting malicious intent.

In feng shui, the Wulu is seen as a potent weapon against evil spirits and malicious individuals. This holy bottle supposedly has the power to absorb bad energy, especially if it’s made of metal.


Wulu Positioning for various directions

The Wulu constructed of other elements. Such as rose quartz, jade, and wood, can also be employed, according to the Wu Lou Feng Shui Five Element Theory. The Wu Lou gourd may be positioned in different parts of the house depending on the set element since it symbolises wealth and good fortune.


Metal element on the northwest corner.

The metal element is in charge of the northwest, which is regarded as your mentor’s lucky area. Add a brass or other metal Wulu to the northwest of your house or place of business to draw good fortune in abundance.



Water element in the north-corner

The water element rules the north, which is said to be the area for career luck. A Wulu made of brass or another metal is perfect for putting in the northeast corner of your home or place of business since metal draws water. It will assist in attracting lots of career luck.


Earth element in the northeast

The northeast is regarded as the educational luck sector and is controlled by the earth element. A Wulu composed of jade or another stone encourages plenty of luck while igniting the earth element in the northwest corner of a home or business. A stone Wulu can be carried by students to class and for study purposes. Wu Lou gourds can be purchased as an amulet, charms, jewellery, and portable key chain fobs.


Wood element at the east corner.

Your health luck is determined by the east sector, which is governed by the wood element. A real Wulu gourd or a wooden replica should be placed in the east corner of your residence or place of business to bring luck for good health. Additionally, you may carry a wooden Wulu keychain fob or wear a wooden charm to bring good luck with you everywhere you go.



Fire Element at the southwest corner

The fire element rules the south, which signifies your luck with fame and notoriety. The south area of your house or workplace is said to be the best location for a wood Wulu Feng Shui. Since wood is thought to feed the fire element. To guarantee that the riches continues to flourish, put it at the southeast corner of your workplace.


Summing Up: Wulu Feng Shui

We have discovered that Wulu is an extremely strong feng shui lucky charm with several different meanings. This sacred gourd works its magic in your home, workplace or any place you spend the most time. You can introduce this powerful feng shui symbol to your home to improve your health. Invite good luck and banish negative energies, and bring balance and harmony into your life.





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