Mumbai’s Top Slum Redevelopment Initiatives

The Maharashtra government has undertaken a number of steps to address to address the problem of the growing number of slums in the city. From appointing a Slum Rehabilitation Authority (SRA) to announcing multiple slum redevelopment projects. Here is a description of the government incentives given to the slum residents and the involved developers.

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The ever-increasing number of slums has been a source of concern for the government in a metropolis like Mumbai. Which is already experiencing a space shortage. One of the main causes of the space shortage is rising urbanization. But another is the illegal encroachments of numerous slum inhabitants. While having a negative effect on the urban environment, this has also hampered the city’s ability to grow sustainably. The Maharashtra government has been attempting to transform the horizontal slums into vertical development for a while now. Slum Rehabilitation Authority (SRA) establishment has been a significant step in this approach.

The SRA turned out to be beneficial not only for the city’s slum residents, but also for contractors and developers. The majority of the slums that will be renovated as part of the SRA are found in desirable areas of the city. And benefit from features like good connection and a developed infrastructure in the surrounding areas. Furthermore, Transferable Development Rights are advantageous to both the project’s beneficiaries as well as the real estate developers that undertake it (TDR).

The Maharashtra government has proposed many initiatives to rehabilitate these slums into suitable housing complexes in light of the city’s steadily growing slum population. Let’s look at some of the significant renovation initiatives taking place in Mumbai:


Project for Redevelopment of Dharavi

Dharavi, one of Asia’s largest slums that spans 600 acres, is home to 60,000 families. The State government has been working on a plan to transform the slum into an integrated township since February 2004. The project hasn’t advanced much despite multiple proposals put forth by the various governments to turn the slum into large residential buildings. On 104 hectares of land, Dharavi now includes 59,000 homes in addition to 12,000 commercial buildings. The government intends to provide housing units measuring 350-405 square feet to three lakh slum inhabitants as part of the Dharavi reconstruction project, depending on the size of their tenements.

Seclink Technology Corporation (STC), based in Dubai. Won the contract in February 2019 to transform Dharavi into an opulent township with an estimated price of Rs 28,500 crore. The STC, which is also the project’s Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV), would use 200 acres of land for slum dweller rehabilitation and the construction of commercial buildings. And it will use another 100 acres for a sizable garden. The other 300 acres will be used by the corporation to create shopping centers and office buildings. While sites along the Sion-Mahim side would be used for rehabilitation. Those along the Bandra-Kurla Complex (BKC) length would be used for the construction of commercial establishments.


Project for Redevelopment of Bandra Slums

As part of the Bandra Slum Redevelopment project, slums close to the Bandra (West) railway station will be transformed into residential towers and commercial buildings. There are 2,000 slum residents living in the slums, which are constructed on a 4.5-acre premium tract. Another big slum redevelopment project in Mumbai, with an estimated cost of more than Rs 5,000 crore.

According to reports, negotiations are already under way for L&T Realty and Omkar Realtors, a company that specializes in slum restoration, to work together in a 40:60 ratio to complete the rehabilitation project. L&T Realty will build the project’s saleable portion, with Omkar Realtors handling the project’s redevelopment. Members of around 2,000 hutments in these slums will receive free dwellings following renovation under the State government’s slum rehabilitation strategy. If the current agreement between the two real estate enterprises succeeds. Housing professionals think the project has the ability to transform the Bandra (West) area.


Project to Redevelop the Slums in Ramabai Nagar

Ramabai Nagar, which has almost 27,000 slum clusters and is the second-largest slum redevelopment project in Mumbai after Dharavi, is spread across 151 acres of valuable land in Ghatkopar (East). The redevelopment project was first suggested in 2005. But it was never fully carried out since only 12 of the entire number of slum clusters. Which house 3,000 slum inhabitants, were prepared for redevelopment. Only four slum clusters have, to now, been renovated, with residents living in a single structure.

The Slum Redevelopment Authority (SRA) is now debating whether to take on this project. As part of the cluster redevelopment scheme and is offering a Floor Space Index (FSI) of four to any developers who are interested. Additionally, it is thinking about redeveloping the entirety of Ramabai Nagar in a joint venture with the government. Following the model of the Dharavi rehabilitation project. The State’s Housing Ministry will receive the SRA’s rehabilitation plan for the qualified slum inhabitants after which bids will be requested for the project.

A new policy known as “One slum, one rehabilitation apartment” has recently been introduced by the State government. In addition to slum redevelopment projects. Under this policy, eligible slum dwellers will only be offered one housing unit in the redevelopment project. Even if they own multiple tenements in various slums throughout the city. While these initiatives will help Mumbai become slum-free. The government must act quickly to ensure that slum people have a higher level of living.




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