Zero-Rent Apartments Are Becoming Increasingly Popular In Mumbai

Zero-Rent Apartments: In Mumbai, heavy deposit or zero rental flats are becoming increasingly popular. The tendency that began in the Mira Road and Vasai-Virar extended suburbs has steadily spread to other sections of the city.

People looking for rental properties in Mumbai, especially millennials with transferable jobs, are increasingly drawn to the zero-rent option. To explain, the zero rental flat plan allows renters to live in a flat for the duration of their stay without having to pay rent.


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Zero-Rent Apartments: In most circumstances, a tenant pays both the monthly rent and the apartment’s security deposit. In contrast, the renter of a zero rental flat does not pay any monthly rent.  Instead, depending on the location of the property, the owner requires a large deposit. If the unit is in excellent condition after the tenancy time ends, this money is refunded to the renter. If the rental agreement allows it, the landlord can remove money in the event of property damage or unpaid utility bills.

“Nearly 30% of individuals seeking for rental properties in Mumbai are willing to pay a large deposit to save money on monthly rent,” according to Maharashtra Real Estate.  The amount of a large deposit require by landlords is determine by the current rental rate in a certain location. Typically, it is 100 times the monthly rent. The high deposit amount for a flat offered for Rs 20,000 per month, for example, would be Rs 20 lakh. Similarly, for a flat that is rented for Rs 30,000 per month, the sum would be Rs 30 lakh.”


Zero-rent apartments are becoming increasingly popular in Mumbai.

Advantages of zero-rent apartments

Both the renter and the landlord benefit from high deposit units. These provide a wonderful chance for renters to save money on their monthly rent, particularly in cities like Mumbai, where rents are excessive. Furthermore, if the unit is well-maintaine, the renter receives the entire deposit returned.

The owner, on the other hand, receives a substantial sum up front, which may be utilise and invested elsewhere. Paying for utilities, such as power and water bills, is a nuisance for the owner in the typical house renting procedure, especially in the last month of the lease. Furthermore, every time a tenant vacates the home, the landlord must spend a significant amount of money on repairs since new renters insist on basic house upkeep. A deposit of Rs 25,000-50,000 is ineffective during such situations. These regulations are unnecessary because the owner can deduct the costs from the deposit.


Zero-rent apartments are becoming increasingly popular in Mumbai.


Zero-Rent Apartments:

“The zero-rent or high-deposit trend has long been popular in Mumbai. However, it has been increasingly apparent in recent days as the market’s essential inventory continues to deplete. For both the apartment owner and the renter, the programme is a win-win situation. A large deposit relieves the renter of monthly rental payments and protects the owner against property damage. The money receive from such flats is usually re-investe by the owners in other assets or bank deposit programmes. Furthermore, because the owner already possesses the security deposit amount in bulk, it is easier to prolong the tenancy duration in large deposit flats. Mulund, Chandivali, Bandra, Goregaon, Malad, and Andheri East are among the Mumbai micro-markets where the tendency is most noticeable.”

While the concept of high deposit apartments helps both the landlord and the renter. The tenant is require to pay a substantial deposit up front. This might put a strain on finances. Especially at a time when layoffs and wage cuts are becoming more common as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak.



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