7 Steps to a Better Real Estate Website

First impressions are crucial in real estate. According to the National Association of REALTORS, nine out of ten house buyers today use the internet as one of their key research tools, with 52 percent using it first. So, how can you make an impact on potential clients that are looking for a home online? There are a few basic things you can do every quarter to keep your real estate website in good shape. We’ve created a helpful checklist to help you analyze your current real estate website and make modifications that will transform it from “just OK” to “really great.”


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Examine your website critically

It’s all too easy to rationalize your choices or create explanations for why things are the way they are. However, if you want to improve, you should examine your real estate website from the perspective of a house buyer or seller who knows nothing about you. Examine the pages, read the material, and be truthful to yourself:

  • Is it a good fit for you? Do your appearance and tone reflect who you are as a person and as an agent? Is it clear that you are a licensed, competent, and informed real estate agent?
  • What kind of customer are you looking for? Are the communities you serve easily identifiable? Can you determine whether your main source of revenue is from customers buying second properties on the beach or first-time purchasers in the city? Make it clear if you specialize in a specific market.
  • Is your website able to answer the most fundamental inquiries that a potential client could have? Do you, for example, give information about the neighborhood? Do you disclose details about your home purchasing or selling process? Make sure you’re providing useful information and guidance to your visitors.

Reconsider your home page

Take a peek at the home page. What do you think you’re seeing? Make some alterations if you’re using premium webpage real estate to talk about yourself or share your headshot. Instead, promote standout homes and postings that will entice potential clients. Consider integrating a listing search as well. These elements quickly capture the attention of visitors and keep them exploring and interested.

You undoubtedly want to draw attention to yourself and your qualifications. However, put such information on a “About Me” page.

Examine the general appearance.

Is the design of your real estate website appealing? Make sure there’s enough of eye appeal. Beautiful high-resolution photos, interactive maps, slideshows, 360° video tours, and movies of the properties you represent and the community you serve should all be included.

Even apparently little errors, such as startling color choices and too-small typefaces, might give potential clients the wrong impression. Make sure your text and background colors contrast sharply select color combinations that suit your company emblem, and use no more than three colors to avoid a cluttered appearance. Also, avoid typefaces that are too cutesy or difficult to read.

Check the usability of your website

Now is the time to create a mobile-friendly real estate website if you don’t already have one. A large chunk of your potential clients, particularly the Millennials who are sweeping the market, study properties and agents using their smartphones and other mobile devices.

Furthermore, real estate prospects will quickly quit websites with inadequate navigation and functioning. So be particularly vigilant in tracking out any issues. Do all of the buttons and links function correctly? Is it simple to locate the information? Is the information given in a logical order?

Additionally, ensure that your website, all pages, and any downloads you provide load quickly. If your site is too sluggish to load, potential customers will leave immediately. Even on mobile devices, according to some experts, this should take less than a second.

Provide high-quality materials to prospective and current clients

Content reigns supreme. It’s one of the most effective strategies to establish reputation and keep past and future clients returning to your website. Begin by developing a “Community” page with information on the neighborhoods you serve. Include details on local schools, parks, yearly events and activities, social groups, and good local news, among other things.

Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram connection if you haven’t already, so that when you add stuff, it appears in a stream on your website. A blog on your real estate website as well. Finally, include a visitor registration form for customers to sign up for new listing notifications, property updates, white papers, and other downloads.

When you publish high-quality, often updated material, you give consumers a reason to return to your site and share it with others. That is a fantastic strategy to attract new business.

Focus more on SEO

Your real estate website must be search engine optimized for your town, area, specialized market, and target audience if you want people to discover you. Include Google Analytics to find competitive keywords and local citations that you may use in your material. To boost organic traffic to your website, post client reviews and testimonials, and write excellent, optimized material on a regular basis.

If you are unable to optimize your real estate website on your own, it is worthwhile to hire an SEO specialist to do it for you.

7 Steps to a Better Real Estate Website

Proofread and update your real estate website with care

Don’t let errors and obsolete information undermine your reputation. With a fine-toothed comb, go through each page of your real estate website. Replace your headshot and any photographs, update any obsolete materials, and add fresh client testimonials. Additionally, double-check that your contact information is correct and prominently displayed on every page. Finally, proofread each page to ensure that all data is correct, up to date, and free of grammatical errors.

Your real estate firm may be made or broken by a smart, professional website. Take measures right now to make sure you’re doing everything you can to acquire new real estate customers and earn their trust.

7 Steps to a Better Real Estate Website




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