Roadpali Kalamboli is the node in Navi Mumbai under the Raigad district. It falls closer to Khandeshwar and Kamothe. It is a well-developed node and overcrowded with traffic and public today. Being the transportation hub it is located abutting Sion – Panvel expressway. As such commuters find it difficult to reach the station from either side.


img1: Kalamboli location map



Kalamboli is divided into sectors and recognized with the same. The roads starting from Roadpali Kalamboli junction up to D Mart are quite congested and heavily trafficked during peak hours which makes the commuters lose their time and makes the area quite polluted with noise and fuel. Roadpali Kalamboli also the Navi Mumbai police headquarters. There is also a sewage water treatment plan by CIDCO. Kalamboli comes under Panvel municipal corporation. It has the largest marble manufacturers abutting the Sion – Panvel Expressway. Kalamboli is mostly dominated by CIDCO housing apartments and is generally observed under congested housing areas. There are all facilities of local markets like fruits, vegetables, fish and meat, flower and fashion accessories in Kalamboli.  Platform vendors contribute to a large crowd during peak hours.



Roadpali Kalamboli has a railway station that connects no local trains but makes way for passenger express. Mainly it connects to Vasai road and Diva via the Panvel route. Trains are also not frequently available. they are available on a timely basis like morning or evening each. The lack of a local station for Kalamboli makes it a place aloof from the other neighboring townships. The nearest stations they can access to connect the city is Mansarovar and Khandeshwar both being approx.. 3.5 to 4.0 kms respectively.


Kalmaboli offers share rickshaws that is connective from khandeshwar station and kamothe station mainly up till highways. Further one has to take buses from highway or share cars that run up –down between Vashi –Panvel. Roads are quite congested leading to heavy traffic during peak hours. NMMT,BEST and MSRTC buses are available that connects to Ghatkopar, Vashi , Panvel, Thane and Uran. The bus depo is located right at the center of kalamboli roadpali node making people easier to reach. And there are very frequently bus facility available here upto 12 am till night.


Kalamboli will be connected to metro station on Phase II, that joins MIDC Taloja – kalamboli roadpali- Khandeshwar line of Navi Mumbai.


img2: A view from sector 16, Kalmboli, Roadpali, newly developing node


No sightseeing facilities area available in Kalamboli Roadpali. One has to travel towards Panvel, Kharghar, or Vashi for entertainment purposes. Otherwise, there are lots of market and shopping facilities available here.


Kalamboli is well developed residential node that offers a varied range of shops and utilities. One may find these as a budget-friendly house investing option. Modern construction are less and are just under development also closer to Sion – Panvel highway and far from Kalamboli Roadpali junction. It has got a good amount of landscape areas like gardens and parks for children and seniors to spend time.

Real Estate Market Trend in Roadpali Kalamboli

Property Rates in Roadpali Kalamboli ranges in between Rs. 6000/- to Rs. 7500/- per sq.ft.

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