Before you take home possession, check these 10 things.

Taking ownership of your newly built house is an unparalleled delight. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see your goals come true after years of preparing and saving. However, a word of warning: don’t allow your excitement overcome your sense of caution. Make a checklist to verify that the builder delivers what he or she promised on schedule.

 10 things before take home possession

You can start with the list below and add to it later if necessary.


Builders typically entice purchasers with a list of amenities in the project brochure. While not all builders will fail to deliver, make it a point to double-check that all of the advertised facilities are present. A project with ready-to-move-in apartments, for example, might not feature a gym, clubhouse, or swimming pool.

This means that while the apartment will be delivered on schedule, the advertised facilities may not be ready. There’s a risk that a builder will put off installing the pool and then demand that you pay a high fee for “swimming pool upkeep.” Knowing what was promised and asking the correct questions at the right time may help you save a lot of time and money.


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Elevators, lobby areas, and corridors

Are all essential in high-rise structures. Before you take ownership of your flat, make sure the building’s lift is operational. This is especially crucial if your apartment is on a higher floor or if your household includes older folks.

The appearance and feel of the common space are important since they can influence how your guests feel when they enter your apartment complex. Check to see if the flooring was placed as promised and if security features such as fire extinguishers were fitted.

Fixtures: Electrical and hardware fittings like switchboards, taps, and doorknobs are an important element of a well-built home. At the time of ownership, make sure that the fitted fixtures in your apartment are of a renowned brand or as promised at the time of booking.

Check to see if the specified quality and quantity of doors and windows have been fitted. Take the time to inspect the doors and windows to ensure that they open and close correctly and that the latches are in working order. It’s also a good idea to inspect the quality of the locking mechanisms that have been fitted.

Paint: When it comes to wall paint, a typical expectation is that all of the walls have been painted with two coats and no visible spots. Before the property is given over to you for ownership, all of the window and balcony grills, as well as the external walls, should be painted.

Cracks in the Wall: Finding cracks in the walls of your freshly constructed house may be quite distressing. As a result, do a round of checks to determine whether the foundation, walls, or ceiling have any cracks. The electrical sockets are the most common problem sites for wall cracking.

Clogged drainage outlets: Clogged drainage outlets in freshly built homes are far more prevalent than you would think. Even though they appear to be little issues, they can generate a lot of stress for your family. Before you take ownership of the house, make sure that all of the drainage outlets are operational.

Leaks: Branded fixtures are useless if the plumbing is inadequate. Before moving into the new house, check for leaks in the kitchen, bathrooms, and utility room and have them rectified.

Switchboards: Double-check that the sockets, plugs, and bulb holders are all connected to the main power source. The main fuse is in charge of the entire house’s current supply. If you’re going to utilize an inverter, make sure you have a strategy in place so that when there’s no power, the supply goes to the inverter.

Gather all of the keys: Before you move into your new home, get all of the keys from the builder.


Why you should never, ever let buyers take possession before closing

The buyer is going to have to pay for utilities until they move in. If your home has been empty for months or years, it may not even have electricity or water service. The seller can also charge them rent if they want to use the space as an office or storage unit while they wait for things like permits and inspections. And then there’s all those moving costs!


Legal, insurance and repair issues

The buyer is not legally entitled to make any repairs or improvements until after they have closed on the purchase. This means if there were major structural problems with the building it would need to be repaired by an expert contractor before the sale can go through. The same goes for electrical work, plumbing, roofing, etc. If these things aren’t done correctly, then your buyer may find themselves in legal trouble when they move into the home.



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